How Can I Read My Husband’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone?

Have you ever sat down to ponder: “how can I read my husband’s text messages without touching his phone?” You’re pacing the house, racking your brain, and thinking of possible ways to read your husband’s messages. You trust that man, but he’s always on his phone and won’t say what he’s doing. Curiosity gives you heartburn every day, and you won’t stop until you find out who is texting your husband and who your husband is texting. 

Several spy apps allow you to access your husband’s phone and monitor his activities without touching the phone. You get to see his text messages, online chats, call logs, etc., and these applications are compatible with any Apple or Android phone, tablet, and PC. This article introduces some of the best apps and their individual features.

Before you go further in this article, you must understand that reading your husband’s text messages without him knowing violates his privacy and could potentially be illegal. So before you use any of these apps, ensure that you are familiar with the legal implications. 

Is It Possible to Read My Husband’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone?

Reading your husband’s messages without physically accessing their phone is logically impossible. So if you’re curious about seeing who your spouse is texting here are three ways to go about it.  

Ask for Access

If you are concerned about how to read your husband’s messages because you suspect that he is cheating or engaging in other inappropriate behavior, the easiest option is to consider having an open and honest conversation with him about your concerns. This approach allows you to address any issues directly with your husband rather than secretly trying to access his phone or messages.

To do this, ask if you can see his text messages or if he will be willing to share them with you. You could also explain your reasons for wanting to see the messages – such as a lack of trust or a desire to understand his behavior better. This approach may not be foolproof, as your husband may still be hiding something or unwilling to share his messages with you.

If he does any of these, it will make you feel embarrassed and disappointed and even make you more curious to check his messages. However, asking for access is more ethical and less risky than using a spying app. Check the next option if you don’t want to ask for permission or if he’s been reluctant.

how to check your husband's phone

Access His Phone in His Absence

If he doesn’t permit you, you can check your husband’s phone when he’s not using it. You need to be aware of your husband’s whereabouts and consider time if you’re going to do this. You have to be specific about the contact you want to check because time will not allow you to check all the messages on his phone.

You do not need any software to read your husband’s messages if you are going to explore this option. However, it does come with its risks. For example, you may be caught in the act, or your husband may discover that you have been going through his messages without permission. Any of these instances could create trust issues and eventually damage your relationship.

It is important to consider the potential consequences of your actions before deciding to read your husband’s messages without his knowledge or consent. While trying to access his phone or messages secretly may be tempting, this approach can be unethical and may cause more harm than good in the long run.

Use a Spy App

The risk of reading your husband’s messages, you need to have access to his phone and know their passcode. However, there are alternative means to extract data from your husband’s phone without even being close to his phone. A spy app is a software that allows you to monitor someone’s phone activity, including their text messages, without their knowledge.

For most spy apps, installing software on the target’s phone requires you to gain access remotely using your device. Also, you’ll need to purchase a subscription to view the data it collects from your target’s phone. Many spy apps are available and vary in terms of features and cost. You can find spy apps for Android or spy software for iPhone.

Standard features of these apps include reading text messages, tracking phone location, listening to phone calls, monitoring social media apps, etc. After installing it on your target’s phone, you can modify its appearance, so your husband does not notice that he’s being spied on. Spy apps are the answer to the question, “how can I read my husband’s messages without touching his phone?” and they also reduce the risk of getting caught. 

use spy apps

eyeZy: Best Spy Apps to Read My Husband’s Text Messages Free

eyeZy was created to help parents and guardians monitor and control their children’s online activities. But if it works for the goose, it would certainly work for the gander. So you can explore eyeZy’s features to read your husband’s messages without him knowing.

How to Check My Spouse’s Text Messages for Free with eyeZy Spy App?

eyeZy allows you to track your target’s digital activities. The app collates data and presents salient information on the well-detailed dashboard with an excellent user interface. 

eyeZy app

The picture above shows the screenshot of eyeZy’s app’s dashboard from a computer. Right in the middle of the dashboard, you can see two windows showing you the status of your account and the details of your target phone. 

You can renew your subscription from the “Account” window; below it is another window that gives you the location of your target phone. That means you can do more than remotely spy on your husband’s messages; you can also know his precise location at any specific time. To the right of the location details is a map direction in case you want to give him a surprise visit. 

eyeZy tool

The eyeZy dashboard gets more interesting when you scroll below the location window. From left to right, the first window shows you all the sites your husband recently visited, so you can also see where he spends his online time. The second window shows the people he’s been talking to, so if you’ve been wondering if you’re really your husband’s favorite person, there goes your chance to find out. The third window shows the people he’s been texting. 

However, eyeZy’s dashboard only draws data from the information you’re after and presents them in statistics form. The dashboard answers questions like “who is my spouse texting or calling? or “where is my husband?” But you want to be reading your spouse’s text messages, don’t you? The eyeZy app has other fascinating features (seen on the left side of the dashboard), and the devil is in the detail. Let’s dive into some of these features. 

Keystroke Capture

eyeZy’s keystroke capture feature is divided into two features:


The Keylogger feature captures every tap on your target’s screen when the phone is unlocked. eyeZy also lets you see the specific software where the keystrokes were made and the exact time for each stroke. If you don’t know how to read your husband’s deleted text messages, you can cross-check the information in the Keylogger feature with the Text Messages feature (which will be discussed later). If he typed it and sent it, but it no longer exists in history, you know he deleted it!

eyeZy keylogger

Screen Recorder

If checking your husband’s messages doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, and you want to explore more of his activities, the screen recorder feature is your ally. It secretly captures your partner’s phone screen whenever apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are open. Now you are not just reading your spouse’s text messages; you also know the content he engages with – without touching his phone.

eyeZy screen recorder

Social Spotlight

The next major feature on eyeZy’s dashboard is the Social Spotlight. And as the name implies, it contains several sub-feature that allows you to focus on any, some, or all of your husband’s social media apps. Some of these sub-features include:

Text Messages

The Text Message feature will be the holy grail of eyeZy if your concern is solely how to see your husband’s message. It gives you direct access to your husband’s inbox and shows you all his texts (even the ones from random media houses.) You only need to tap if you see a specific contact and want to check what they’ve been saying. eyeZy will immediately reveal ALL of their conversations.

eyeZy text messages feature

WhatsApp Messages

Now that you have found an app to see who your spouse is texting, will you stop at only his text messages? You can find more messages on WhatsApp, and it’ll be nice to explore this feature. The WhatsApp Messages feature works just like Text Messages – you find a specific conversation you want to read and click on the contact to see their messages. 

Facebook Messenger

Maybe you didn’t find much information in his text messages, and WhatsApp also did not do much help, another option to explore that eyeZy lets you explore is his Facebook Messenger. You can read his conversations on Messenger, although the messages might appear together, making it difficult to determine who sent what. 

eyeZy Facebook messenger feature

eyeZy app can do much more besides the features that have already been highlighted. Other interesting features of the eyeZy app include:

Contact Details

This feature shows you a list of all the contacts saved on your target’s phone. 

Phone Call

The Phone Calls feature shows you all the incoming and outgoing call logs on your target’s phone. So if your husband wasn’t texting, he’s probably been calling, and here’s how you find out. 

GPS Location Tracker

Remember the location and Maps window on the dashboard? The GPS Location Tracker shows you a list of locations where your target has been. So you can know if he went straight to the office after leaving home or stopped anywhere other than the gas station on his way back.  You can see your target’s current location on the Maps at any given point. 

WiFi Network Tracker

If you can’t find your husband with the GPS Location Tracker, the WiFi Network Tracker allows you to find the location of the WiFi network they are connected to. If you can find their WiFi network, you can be sure they will be close to that environment. 

Magic Alerts

You can program eyeZy to send you alerts whenever your target is within a specific location or when a specific word comes up in their conversations. This feature saves you the time spent on constantly tracking their movement or reading through all their messages. 

eyeZy allows you to perform several other functions, but you must be a subscribed user first. To sign up as a registered user, visit eyeZy’s website and follow the necessary prompts to make your payment. You will receive your login information in your email after making the payment. You can follow the following steps to get eyeZy spy app all set on you and your target’s phone. 

eyeZy allows you to perform several other functions, but you must be a subscribed user first. To sign up as a registered user, visit eyeZy’s website and follow the necessary prompts to make your payment. You will receive your login information in your email after making the payment. You can follow the following steps to get eyeZy spy app all set on you and your target’s phone. 

1. Log into your account through eyeZy’s website using the provided details.

eyeZy log in

2. Follow the instructions and provide the required information to register your account. You will be given a link to download the spy app on your target phone. 

3. Before downloading the spying app on your target’s phone, you need to disable Play Protect to prevent your husband’s phone from installing untrusted software. 

eyeZy Play Protect

4. After disabling Play Protect, you can go ahead to input the download link into your browser to download and install the app

eyeZy Play Protect tool

5. eyeZy’s app will install under the false name Update Service. The fake name makes it difficult for your husband to notice the new app. 

eyeZy Update service

6. During the setup, you will need to grant eyeZy permission to access all apps and allow it to run all the time. 

7. Lastly, you will need to input your registration code (provided on your dashboard) to connect your target’s phone to your eyeZy account.

eyeZy installation

8. The last step is to erase every trace of downloading and installing eyeZy. The application will send you a prompt, and once you accept, all browsing history and downloaded files related to eyeZy will be cleared. 

9. Wait until you can see eyeZy’s logo in the middle of your screen to verify everything is set up

how to install eyeZy

10. Check your monitoring device to see if your target’s device information is reflected already.

how can I read my husband's text messages without touching his phone?

SpyBubble: Read Husband’s Text Messages on iPhone

SpyBubble is another efficient spy app that can help you see your husband’s messages without touching his phone. A major limitation of eyeZy is that it functions only on Android phones. However, SpyBubble offers more compatibility. So if you want to know how to read your husband’s messages on iPhone, SpyBubble is for you. 

SpyBubble, eyeZy, and other spy apps all have similar features, so we’ll just go straight to the process of installing. 

SpyBubble for Android Devices

1. You need to visit the SpyBubble official website and click on Try Now at the top right corner of the homepage. 

spy apps

2. Enter your email address on the account creation page and select a target device (Android).

SpyBubble app

3. Choose the plan you would like and proceed to initiate payment. 

SpyBubble description plan

4. Once the payment is successful, you’ll receive your login details

5. Once you log in, SpyBubble will take you on a step-by-step process to install and set up the app on your target’s phone.

SpyBubble installation

6. Lastly, you will need to use your target device to scan a download link from your monitoring device.

7. Once the download and installation is complete, you can get your spouse’s text messages – with ease!

SpyBubble for iOS Devices

SpyBubble has a special approach on how to spy on your spouse’s text messages. Rather than installing an app on the target’s phone, you can track and read your husband’s messages through his iCloud. If you want to learn how to read your husband’s text messages on iPhone with SpyBubble, follow these steps:

1. Visit the SpyBubble official website and click on Try Now.

SpyBubble for Android

2. On the account creation page, enter your email address and select a target device (iOS). 

SpyBubble for iOS

3. Choose the plan you would like and proceed to initiate payment. 

SpyBubble description plan for iOS

4. Once the payment is successful, you’ll receive your login details.

5. The next step is to get your target’s iCloud username and password. If you can successfully get these details, you will no longer need to ask yourself, “how can I track my husband’s text messages without touching his phone?”

It would interest you to know that with the SpyBubble app, you can record your husband’s physical conversations without his knowledge.

uMobix: Read Your Husband’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing

Why do you want to keep guessing who your spouse is texting when you can see your husband’s text messages with uMobix? uMobix allows you to see beyond his text messages. You can also access his call logs, location, browser history, contact details, social media chats, and other features. No matter how much he tries to hide, uMobix puts you two steps ahead.

uMobix, like other spy apps, has a dashboard that allows users to get real-time information about their target. This information is updated every 5 minutes, so you are always in touch with whatever is happening at any time. 

uMobix spy app works perfectly whether the target uses an Apple or Android device.

uMobix for Android Devices

1. Visit uMobix’s website and register with your email and password.

uMobix tool

2. You also need to disable Play Protect from your Google Play Store. Disable Play Protect prevents Google from scanning and flagging uMobix as a harmful app.

3. After disabling Play Protect, you can proceed to download the uMobix app from the website. You’ll be given a link to download the app.


4. After opening the app, click on Enable Keylogger Tracking so you can check locations your husband has visited and his current location at any point. 

uMobix app

5. You will be redirected to the Accessibility tab where you will enable the User Accounts by tapping the toggle button.

uMobix user account

6. Continue the installation process and give uMobix permission to access your husband’s apps and phone data. 

7. Lastly, you must input your registration code to connect your husband’s phone to your monitoring device. You can find this code on the uMobix portal. 

8. Once the code is confirmed, you have successfully learned how to check your husband’s text messages, and you can start monitoring.

uMobix for iOS devices

If you use an iOS device, you will need your husband’s iCloud username and password to set up the uMobix app. Once you register on uMobix’s website, you must input your husband’s login details. This process allows you to access your husband’s cell phone remotely and saves you the risk of accessing his phone physically. 

Is It Illegal To Read My Husband’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing?

It is generally not legal to read your spouse’s text messages without their knowledge. Plus, it may be considered a breach of trust and could damage your relationship. You can check your state and federal laws to confirm the legal punishments for reading your husband’s text messages without him knowing. If you still want to go ahead, you can use any software explained in this article.  

How Can I Find Out What My Husband Is Doing on His Phone?

Just as there are several ways to skin a cat, there are several ways to find out if your husband is cheating. You can have a spouse-to-spouse conversation and ask for access to his phone.

If he declines, you can access his phone when he’s absent. But you would only have a little time to explore as much as you want. The next best option is to use a spy app like eyeZy, SpyBubble, or uMobix.

how to use a spy app

How Can I Read My Husband’s Deleted Text Messages?

Spy apps allow you to recover deleted messages if they were deleted after the app has been installed on the target’s phone. SpyBubble is an ideal example of spy software that allows deleted messages in your husband’s text message. 

How Can I Tell if My Husband Is Texting Another Woman? 

If you suspect your husband is texting another woman and you want to confirm, you can discuss it with him. An open conversation is the best option, but if you are unsure of the answer you received from him, you can use a spy app to read his text messages. 


Reading your husband’s text messages without his consent violates his privacy and a hard smash that can create a crack in your walls. However, desperate times require desperate measures. So, if you still want to check his messages after giving it a second thought, go ahead and explore any of the apps discussed in this article.

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