Spybubble Pro Review – The Most Advanced Tool on the Market

Spybubble Pro is an advanced spy app designed for instant monitoring. It offers its services to people who suspect their partners of cheating and want to find the reason. Spybubble Pro gives you all the necessary tools for remotely monitoring and tracking a target iPhone or Android device.[…]

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Relationships have always been complicated. Partners hide things from their spouses, for their own reasons. Humans don’t like being kept in the dark, so you bet the spouse will try to find out. 

Back in the day, they would be seeking the services of a private detective, or send an SOS to the famous cheaters crew. Thanks to technology, today all you need is a spy app.

If you have a gut feeling that your partner is cheating, you need to investigate. With a spy app installed on the target’s iPhone or Android device, getting the truth is only a matter of minutes.

In this article, we review the spy app Spybubble Pro. We will tell you what it is, how to install it, how to use it, the good and bad among other details. Our experts have tested this app work weeks on end, ensuring that you get all the important information.

Let’s dive in!

What Is Spybubble Pro?

spybubble pro

Spybubble Pro is an advanced spy app designed for instant monitoring. It offers its services to people who suspect their partners of cheating and want to find the reason.

The makers of the app say they are not there to judge. However, they believe you deserve the right to know the truth and they will help with the technicalities. Spybubble Pro gives you all the necessary tools for remotely monitoring and tracking a target iPhone or Android device.

With Spybubble Pro you can be up and running in no minutes. Their installation is a simple three-step process. Whether your partner is using an Android or iPhone, do not be worried. With Spybubble Pro, you can hack them all.

How Does Spybubble Work on Android?

Spybubble is installed on android devices just like an app. Once installed on the target device, it will begin collecting all the necessary information.

Spybubble has advanced monitoring features that you can use to monitor your cheating spouse. From an online web dashboard, you would be able to:

  • Read all incoming and outgoing texts
  • View deleted text messages they don’t want you to see
  • Restrict communication through apps, calls, and messages
  • View and recover deleted messages on Android
  • Spy photos and videos
  • Track phone locations secretly
  • Spy on their social status
  • Listen to audio and video streams or take snapshots

The above are just a few features you can expect from Spybubble. We will discuss them further in this Spybubble review.

On Android, you can get Spybubble up and running in three simple steps:

Step 1: Register and choose your subscription plan. Once you complete the purchase, further instructions will be sent to your email.

Step 2: Setup and install Spybubble Pro on the target Android device.

Step 3: Begin monitoring by going to your account. Once the target device starts to sync, you will be able to view all the data.

Depending on your subscription, you will have access to all the features mentioned above. What’s great is that once you are set up, you never need to access the target device. This avoids you getting caught. From the web dashboard, you can control the device, app settings, updates, and many more.

How Does Spybubble Work on iPhone?

Spybubble Pro is one of the simplest and most advanced iPhone monitoring tools. With Spybubble Pro, you can monitor any iPad or iPhone remotely.

To set it up on an iPhone, all you need is the user’s iCloud credentials (ID and Password). Once the setup process is complete, you can:

  • Detect secret apps
  • Disable incoming or outgoing messages
  • View key logs and browser history
  • Check Social media messages and SMS
  • View phone’s location secretly
  • View deleted calls and contacts
  • Spy for dating apps and secret messengers like signal
  • Block wifi or entire device access

All this can be done remotely via the web dashboard. With Spybubble Pro, you can even track their active location. Or set geofences and get notified when they leave certain places like work or home.

You can begin monitoring with Spybubble Pro on iPhone in three simple steps.

Step 1: Register on Spybubble’s website and pay for a subscription plan to get started. Further instructions on how to set it up will be sent to your email.

Step 2: Provide iCloud credentials for the target iPhone in your user account.

Step 3: Begin monitoring. Once the setup process is complete and successful, information should start updating on your web dashboard within minutes.

Spybubble Compatibility

Spybubble Pro is compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices. The current version supports Android OS 4+ devices, iPhones, and iPads. 

What’s more, you don’t have to guess if your device is supported. You can just head to their website, Tap on ‘Compatibility’, then proceed to enter the model of your device in the field. Tap “Check” to confirm if your device is supported.

Spybubble Features

Spybubble Pro Dashboard

Spying is all about the tools at your disposal. A bunch of random information from a target device that you cannot make sense of is ain’t meaningful.

Some spy apps we’ve tested have horrible remote interfaces. We are glad to report this is not the case for Spybubble Pro.

Spybubble Pro has a modern and simple-to-use dashboard that still manages to look stylish and sophisticated.

Activate the dark theme in your browser or system and you can’t help but feel like a hacker. The dashboard has a detailed summary page for all the relevant information.

Everything you need to look further can be accessed from the left-hand menu.

The Spybubble Pro dashboard can also be accessed anywhere in the world. All you need is a computing device, a web browser, your user name, and your password.

Spybubble Pro Whatsapp

Whatsapp today is the most popular messenger. Billions of people use it to send text messages, multimedia and make calls daily.

If you suspect your partner is cheating, chances are they use Whatsapp to communicate. It may be a treasure trove of information if you manage to hack it.

Luckily, Spybubble Pro can access and save all Whatsapp activity. The moment text messages, videos, or pictures are received, they are uploaded to your dashboard.

This means even if they are deleted, you still get access to them. If your partner thinks they are clever, this is the tool to have.

Spybubble Pro will also access group chats and communication. If your partner is part of something secret, you will know. For example, people now plan road trips in groups. If they are planning a getaway, you will be in the loop.

Spybubble Pro Web Browser

You can know if your partner is cheating based on their online activities. If all of a sudden they are shopping for sexy clothes and remote destinations, they may be preparing to surprise you.

Not really, if you are reading this, chances are this may not be the case. Shopping trends and life experiences can tell you about your partner’s plans.

Spybubble Pro will relay all web pages accessed on the suspect’s device. It will include the date and time stamps as well. You can click on the links to open on the web browser How cool is that!

With Spybubble Pro, all browsing data will be saved online. Even if they delete browser history, you can still access them on your web dashboard.

Spybubble Pro Text Messages

SMS is one of the commonly used mediums of communication. Back in the day, SMS was mostly between two individuals.

Today’s text messages are used everywhere. They have become very important especially for notifications and security.

Most secure platforms use two-factor authentication, which uses SMS to send the code. Text messages are also used to confirm hotel reservations, service receipts, and many more.

If you are looking to access more information, your spy app needs to be capable of accessing all SMS.

Spybubble Pro is equipped with one of the most advanced message tracking services. It can do all the usual stuff like viewing sent or received messages. It will also provide date and time stamps.

However, what impressed us is the “disable” feature. With Spybubble Pro, you can take control over the target device and dictate who the person is communicating with.

You can disable incoming or outgoing messages independently. You can also block certain contacts alone. This is important if you seek to interrupt communications with one person.

Spybubble Pro Snapchat 

We’ve seen Snapchat becoming one of the most popular media-sharing platforms. People can privately share pictures, videos, or voice messages.

It is also one of the most secure social media apps. They take privacy and security very seriously making it impossible to hack.

As such, cheating couples often prefer to use Snapchat for communication. They can share romantic text and erotic multimedia messages without getting caught.

Luckily, Spybubble Pro knows no such boundaries. Once installed or set up on the target device, you can access all Snapchat data. 

You can check all sent and received chats. You can also spy on their status as well as their friends’ list.

Spybubble Pro will also show the contact name, profile picture, or avatar. Included in every message are date and time stamps.

Spybubble Pro Location Tracking

There is nothing cheating partners lie about more than their location. People will often lie about their current address or pretend they are working late.

This has been easy because partners have no way to prove it. Matching down to the office over your suspicions may also be borderline crazy.

This is where Spybubble Pro comes in. with its advanced GPS location tracking feature, you can know the exact location of your partner.

Once you log into your web dashboard, you can view their current location. You can also trace their movement using location history. GPS coordinates are included as well as time and date stamps.

Spybubble Pro displays all the location data neatly on the dashboard. The map is huge and easy to view. You can zoom in and out for more accuracy.

Spybubble Pro also allows you to create and set Geofences. Geofences are virtual fences on maps surrounding a given location. This may be your house, place of work, school, or county. 

Once your target leaves or enters these specified zones, you will be notified. Therefore, if they say they are at work, but you see them headed to Vegas, you know they are lying.

Spybubble Pro Keylogger

Keyloggers are one of the oldest spy tricks in the spy books. While their popularity has soared recently, they remain one of the best tools to have.

Keyloggers will record every keystroke made on the target device. Everything they type on their keyboard, including messages is recorded.

Spybubble Pro keylogger function will record pins, passwords, usernames, and many more. All this can be accessed from the web dashboard.

Coupled with say the Spybubble Pro Web browser tracker, you can log into websites they visited. This is a level of spying you can only get with such an advanced app.

It might require a subscription, but it’s well worth it. You are only limited by your imagination when using Spybubble Pro to spy on a cheating spouse.

Spybubble Pro Instagram

If you want to know what is going down in your girlfriend’s DM, you need a powerful spy app. Instagram is the most popular picture and video sharing platform. It also has one of the most popular messengers.

Instagram can easily be another tinder. Except no swiping here, just double tapping and bolting to their DM. If you want to know what they are saying in their DM’s, you need Spybubble Pro.

With its social media spying tools, you can read and access Instagram messages, view their status and replies. You will also know who sent them and when they were sent.

Few spy apps allow users to read Instagram messages. Spybubble Pro is one of the few. With a premium subscription and a short setup process, you can begin monitoring in no time.

Spybubble Pro Facebook 

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. Many of us know of people who met on Facebook and are now married. Facebook has also been known to be a homewrecker.

If you suspect your partner of cheating, you need to access their Facebook. The problem is asking for their phone and casually going through it, is rarely a welcomed option.

With Spybubble Pro, you can access all social media activity on the target device. You can read Facebook messages, as well as access, shared pictures and videos.

If they delete the messages do not worry. Spybubble Pro keeps a log of all social media activity on the online dashboard. You can read all the sent and received messages, even if they have been deleted on the target device.

Spybubble Pro Call Logs

If you suspect your partner of cheating, a great place to start investigations is with their phonebook. You can tell a lot about people by how much time they spend talking. You can single out some individuals by checking call frequency and durations.

The more times or longer they spend talking, chances are that is the suspect. Spybubble Pro gives you access to all call logs including contact name and address, date and time stamps, call duration, and many more.

Spybubble Pro is also equipped with a slew of advanced features. If you seek to prevent a bad situation, you can restrict incoming or outgoing calls on the target device.

If someone is cheating, chances are they also delete call records. With Spybubble Pro, you don’t have to worry about this. Calls will be recorded and saved online as soon as they are made. 

Spybubble Installation

To start spying with Spybubble Pro, you need to set it up on the target device. If it’s an Android phone, you will need physical access for a few minutes to install the app.

You can look for an appropriate time to install Spybubble Pro. Say when your partner is showering, cooking, chatting with a neighbor, or whenever convenient.

To begin monitoring with Spybubble Pro, complete the steps below:

Step 1: Head to Spybubble’s website and register for an account.

Step 2: Choose a subscription plan and complete payment by pressing Buy Now. Once payment is complete, you will receive installation instructions.

Step 3: Use the provided instructions to install Spybubble pro on the target Android device.

Make sure to follow all prompts correctly. Grant access to all requested permissions during the installation process. Else it won’t work as expected.

Step 4: Choose to hide the app icon once the installation is complete. This allows you to monitor your spouse fully stealthily.

Step 5: Log in to your Spybubble Pro account and begin monitoring.

That’s it! It is very simple. Just a few minutes of your time, and you can begin to find out the truth.

If you have an iPhone, the process is much simpler. First, you need to register for an account and pay for the subscription.

Once complete all you need are the iCloud credentials of the target device, which most couples often share. Follow the provided instructions sent to your email to set up the target iPhone for monitoring.

Spybubble Price

Spybubble Pro has a 4 tier pricing system. Within the four tiers, there are two plans, having full or limited features.

The basic plan is only available for a month and does not have all the advanced features included. The full plan is available in 1,3 or 12-month subscriptions, with all features activated.

Their prices differ both for android and iOS. Below is a table of Spybubble Pro pricing for Android and iOS.


  • Basic 1 month – $25.49/month
  • Full 1 month – $50.00/month
  • Full 3 months – $28.33/month
  • Full 12 months – $12.74/month


  • Basic 1 month – $25.49/month
  • Full 1 month – $42.49/month
  • Full 3 months – $22.66/month
  • Full 12 months – $10.62/month

We should also mention that Spybubble free trial runs for 3 days, to test drive their application and web dashboard.

They also offer a money-back guarantee via their refund policy. These are policies we rarely see in the industry. They are great assurances for you, the customer.

Is Spybubble Detectable?

No. Spybubble Pro is not detectable by the user if you hide the icon after installation. If you forget to hide the icon, the user might find out you are monitoring them.

If the target device is iOS, it is not visible. There is no app to install on iOS, making it completely undetectable. Spybubble Pro allows you to stay in the loop of all your partner’s activities until you are satisfied with the truth.

Because you can monitor from the web dashboard, you can continue your investigation for as long as you wish.

Can I Install Spybubble Remotely?

Yes, you can install Spybubble remotely as long as your target owns a device that operates on iOS. Unfortunately, Android users can’t enjoy this benefit as this operating system requires physical access.

Does Spybubble Require Rooting or Jailbreaking?

Not really. Some features may function fully without rooting or jailbreaking. On Spybubble Android installation, all you need is to provide the requested permissions.

The same applies to iOS devices. Spybubble iPhone or iPad may only need to be jailbroken for advanced features like communication disable to function.

However, if this arsenal is not required for your spying needs, no jailbreaking or rooting is necessary.

Is It Legal to Use Spybubble?

The Spybubble Pro software is INTENDED FOR LEGAL USE ONLY. It has been designed for parents who wish to control their children’s online activities. 

Every other user of SpyBubble must adhere to the laws of their land while using the app. Users must seek formal consent from the persons they seek to monitor or consult legal services. 

In most cases, failure to adhere to this may lead to penalties on the violator. Consequences may be severe, depending on the rules of your land. 

Final Verdict

The Spybubble Pro software is one of the best all-rounded spouse monitoring tools. It is easy to register and set up, and you can begin monitoring in a few minutes.

We were impressed by the slew of advanced features like disabling communication, geofences, and Snapchat tracking. They also have an innovative dashboard from which all this can be managed.

The Spybubble Pro software is very competitively priced for its feature set. Relative to its competitors, Spybubble Pro offers a serious bang for your bucks.

The basic one-month plan is great for anyone seeking to test drive the app. You can explore its functions in detail before committing to an annual subscription.

Spybubble reviews online are very satisfactory. If you are looking for a robust iPhone or Android monitoring app, Spybubble Pro might be the one for you.

Expert’s verdict

Miloš Jovanović photo

Miloš Jovanović

Chief Technology Officer


Spybubble is an amazing app that offers more features than most its competitors. I highly recommend you check it out – it’s easy to use, affordable, and takes minutes to install.

Mark Harris photo

Mark Harris

Mark Harris


Spybubble has exceeded my expectations. The only minor downside is that sometimes, images from the target phone take a couple of minutes to update.

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