mSpy Review – Is This the Best Spy App on the Market?

mSpy is one of the most popular phone trackers on the market with thousands of global users. It works on both Android and iOS devices and it lets you track all phone activity silently. […]

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Are you worried that your partner might be unfaithful? Have you noticed that your employees are slacking at work? Or has your kid been talking to strangers on social media? We all know that conflict grows out of ignorance and suspicion.

If you’re looking for a way to relieve your doubts, we’ve got you covered.

mSpy is one of the most popular phone trackers on the market with thousands of global users. It works on both Android and iOS devices and it lets you track all phone activity silently.

Since we’ve read a bunch of positive reviews online, we thought that testing this app for our readers to ensure that the hype isn’t fake. As always, we’ve had an expert purchase this app independently, install it on both Android and iOS devices, and test in a real-world situation.

How Does mSpy Work on Android?

Before you’ll be able to use mSpy on your Android device, you’ll have to complete a quick setup process. You may have to perform jailbreaking procedures for it to start working. The team at mSpy can help you with this process once you pick a subscription.

A few of the steps to expect when using this app on an android phone might include: 

1.  Choose a subscription plan from the mSpy website. Then choose your preferred payment option, and check the email for further information. 

2.  Next is for you to download the app and install it on the target phone. 

3.  Log in to your Control Panel and start keeping track of the cell information. These include information such as texts, calls, apps, and location data. 

How Does mSpy Work on an iPhone?

The same steps that apply to the android phones also apply to how mSpy will work on your iPhone. So, the following are some of the few key ways mSpy can work on your phone:

1.    Choose a Subscription Plan

Start by choosing a subscription plan that suits your spying needs. Then, fill out the mSpy free form. Once it’s complete, confirm the payment plan. You will then receive an automated response e-mail. The e-mail contains information on installation and a link to verify your user account.

2.    Download, Install and Customize mSpy

Download the software on the website, and ensure it’s for the iPhone. Then, install it on your phone. You may have to perform a jailbreak if you want to access advanced features. The team at mSpy can help you with this procedure. Then, proceed to customize the basic app settings to suit your tracking needs.

3.    Start Tracking

Once you have done the above right, you can start using the app to receive real-time data from the given phone. You can log in to the control panel of the app from any device. 

mSpy Compatibility

Since it’s a mobile software service, mSpy is pretty much compatible with the common operating systems. It works on both an iPhone and an Android phone.

Below are the specific details on each platform:

mSpy Premium Features

To help you keep track of unusual activity on the target phone, mSpy has a few features. While these features are many, we shall be taking a look at the following ones:

Photo Uploads

The app is exceptional at keeping track of any photos in the target phone. Once it detects a new image, it will automatically update the details in the dashboard. Plus, some of the screenshots we took during this process were uploaded to the server.

You will appreciate how the app classifies photos based on the dates they were uploaded to the service. It’s a convenient way to keep track of any new images.

Each photo the app uploads to the server maintains its original file name. So finding a specific image becomes a breeze.

Video Uploads

The app makes things convenient by featuring a video section with the same intuitive appeal as the photo section. That said, expect it to show a difference in the specific thumbnail for videos.

You can perform a few functions in this section. These include downloading or view the content. Since videos can take up lots of data, the app uploads them to the server through wifi.

Similar to the photos, expect to see videos organized in the same manner as photos.

Call Logging

mSpy also has an easy-to-use call logging feature, which you can use to capture various data types.

It’s one of the features you will find convenient on the control panel. Essentially, this feature lets you access incoming and outgoing calls from the given phone.

Aside from the direction of the call, you will access various other types of helpful information. These include information such as:

  • The specific number details on the phonecalls.
  • The caller’s name.
  • The timespan of the call.
  • The date and time of the call.

At this point, you should have various valuable metrics on the phonecall. You can use this information to determine any unusual interactions on the target phone.

While the app gives you lots of useful information on phone calls, you won’t record the calls. 

The app might also not have any helpful filter options, but the unique conversation view makes it easy to access the data. Thus, you will find it easy to access all the records until you come across the most suitable one for investigative needs.

Monitoring Contacts

Just as the name suggests, the contact monitoring feature has various aspects to it. Once you set up the phone, expect to get real-time updates on any details you save on the given phone.

On the last section of the screen, you will see the specific details of the given contact. Then, proceed to view the number by clicking on it.

Unfortunately, you might notice that the app fails to sort out the contacts in an alphabetic manner. So, you may have your work cut out in finding the specific details on the contact.

You have some respite if the given phone does not have many contacts.

Track Phone Media

The app does not necessarily have a “Media Tracking” feature that you can use to track phone details. The main reason for this is because the app combines Video and Photo details in a single section.

Expect to have to find each type of media in a specific category. For instance, you will only see photos in the “photos” category.

 SMS Monitoring

Perhaps the most notable feature of this spy app. The app gives you in-depth information about the text messages shared from the given phone.

The app makers have included an intuitive conversation view which you can use to access these message. Once you use it a few times, you will find it easy to use.

The goal of this view is to make things organized and easy to access. So, you can access details in the target phone within seconds.

You can expect various types of valuable metrics from this app on SMSs from the target phone. Expect the following:

  • The Name of the Contact
  • The date.
  • Any media sent through text.

You will find it easy to find out useful details about the given message and information such as the date.

That said, tracking down a particular phrase or message might not be easy as the app does not feature any filtering options.

mSpy Keylogger

Another notable feature of this app would be keeping track of any data the user inputs on the keyboard. Plus, many other features on the app rely on the functions of the Keylogger.

Through this app, you receive information such as e-mails, passwords, search queries, and more. The app is vicious in this process and will even track any simple data inputs.

The app also shows the information on the specific app used to input the data to make things convenient.

Keyword Tracking 

Backing the Keylogger up would be the equally convenient Keyword tracking function. You can calibrate the app to give notifications when it detects a particular or a set of phrases. 

The process of activating these features is simple:

  • Start by identifying the target keyword.
  • The app or platform should be monitored.
  • Whether you should get notifications when you detect the keyboard.

It’s a helpful feature in many instances, such as when you don’t have the time to track the various types of data on the given phone. 

Location Tracking

Capable of tracking the target phone’s specific movements, you will find it easy to know the places your child or partner visits. You will get real-time updates on the particular travel details from the target phone.

Through this feature, you will find it easy to access information such as

  • The specific GPS data and co-ordinates.
  • Details such as time and the date the information was captured.
  • The accuracy of the data in meters.

Furthermore, mSpy is available with a map view function. So, you get to view the locations in the same way you would on Google Maps.


The other notable feature of this app would be that it offers various ways to track location. In this case, you receive real-time information on when the target phone user passes a virtual border.

You can use the app to set up these virtual zones on the map provided. When the target visits or goes out of a particular virtual boundary on the map, you will receive a notification.

Even if setting up these virtual boundaries is a breeze, ensure you specify a few key details:

  • The circumference of the area.
  • The name details of the location.
  • Whether you want real-time updates.

It’s a much convenient measure for tracking the phone user movements without accessing the user dashboard. Most mSpy reviews speak highly of this feature, so you should have a look at it again.

Social Media Monitoring

According to a recent study, the average person spends up to 145 minutes a day on social media, up from 143 minutes the previous year. So, mSpy gives you the ability to keep track of various social media platforms:

  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Plus, the app also provides these details in the same highly intuitive and interactive user interface as the SMS section. So, you should have several details with just a single glance.

Taking things further, the app lets you view information on calls that occur through apps such as WhatsApp. 

Hold on one moment – there is a limitation to this!

You can only monitor social media apps on jailbroken or rooted devices.

App Blocking

The other notable feature of mSpy would be to be its ability to block apps. You can use it to restrict the apps that are not allowed to use on the given phone.

It’s like a “super bonus” feature for parents that want to keep track of their children. mSpy maintains a detailed roster on these apps and lets you block their functionality with a simple tap.

When a phone user tries to open the app, they will come across a blank screen. However, be careful with this function as some apps can easily bypass this function.

You will notice that it’s still possible to access the app you have blocked in some instances. So, consider testing out this feature first before setting it out for use. 

Wi-Fi Monitoring and Blocking

Remember that mSpy also helps you keep track of any user activity that occurs through Wi-Fi. For instance, you will receive real-time insight into the specific networks that the user connects to through the phone.

You can access this function by tapping on the “Wi-Fi Networks” or “Block Wi-Fi” through the left section on the sidebar.

Doing this right will provide the following details:

  • Wi-Fi SSID and BSSI.
  • Connection time.
  • GPS coordinates of the Wi-Fi access point.

Users also can adjust the map view to provide further details on the travel and location details. However, the list view is the only function that lets you block the Wi-Fi function. 

Even if this function is convenient, remember to use it with caution. It’s because mSpy requires a Wi-Fi connection for it to send the data collected.

Browser History

mSpy will also let you access various types of online details on the target phone. These include any websites that they visit on the phone browsers.

You won’t see any other detail apart from the specific URL and the time the user visited the site.

For instance, mSpy can detect URLs while using the Facebook app. Also, it will show the frequently visited sites too.

mSpy Price

The mSpy price boils down to two specific subscription plans. These include the basic and premium plans.

You can use either subscription on a single device. That said, the premium plan goes a step further in terms of spy functionality:

  • Social media tracking.
  • The Geo-Fence location monitoring.
  • App access and blocking.
  • Wi-fi monitoring.

For those who want to use the software on several devices, consider using the Family Plan Kit. The good thing is that you can get help with this process by clicking on the Spy Assistant function.

Furthermore, mSpy also provides a complimentary package that averages $53.99. It’s a suitable service package for novice spy app users.

Taking things further would be the Support Priority Line, which you can access at an average of $12.99.

mSpy Installation, mSpy Login, and Setup

Besides learning about the unique features and benefits of this app, it’s also good to get acquainted with the installation process. However, there might be a few variations in relation to the OS in the target phone.

Let us look at how to install mSpy on target phone.

How to Install mSpy on Android

Setting up mSpy on your phone might involve a few things you were not aware of before. However, they are simple to learn, and let’s take a look at them:

1.  Start with creating an account and verifying details.

2.  Download and set up the app.

3.  Customize the mSpy Wizard to suit your needs.

4.  Complete the setup and put the app in “stealth mode.”

5.  Start monitoring.

What is Required?

  • Verified and active mSpy app subscription.
  •  High-quality internet connection.
  • Access to the given device and up-to-date browser. 

Phase 1 – mSpy Registration and Setup

Ensure you have a verified mSpy account and active subscription before you can use this software. The steps in this process include:

#1. Go to the mSpy website, and then click on the “Try Now” section.

#2. Provide the required details such as your email, and then proceed to verify. Once it’s complete, choose your preferred spy package.

#3. Go to your e-mail inbox and check the mSpy verification e-mail for login information. Input these credentials on the mSpy app so you can access the control panel.

#4. Once you log in, choose the target device and input the phone owner’s details and the device type.

#5. Here is where you will need actual access to the target phone. Once you are successful, open the Play Store App – Play Protect Settings.

#6. De-activate both options existing under the Play Protect Setting. These include disabling the following: 

Phase 2 – mSpy Install and Download

Once you access the setup wizard on mSpy wizard, you should access a download link for the installation process. Remember that you have to download and customize the app on the target device. 

The steps to expect include:

#1: Open a browser and input the download link on the URL bar. Then hit enter on your keyboard.

#2: Click on the verification captcha that comes with the APK file.

#3: Once the download completes, open the mSpy APK file to start the installation process. Then, click on “Install from unknown sources” when the screen input comes about.

#4: Proceed to click on the “install” tab to help start the procedure.

#5: Tap on the “Don’t remind me again” button. Do this when the system security notification comes through, and then click on “ignore.”

#6: Click on “Open” so that you can start using the mSpy software.

Phase 3 – Complete the mSpy installation

At this point, mSpy should be ready to use on your phone. That said, you may have to get a few permissions for the app to function. These permissions will make it easy to collect information from your chosen device. Here are a few key steps to consider:

#1: Click on the tab that sits to “Enable mSpy monitoring. Doing this should provide full access to the app functions.

#2: Next, click on the screen that comes next, and then activate “Allow.” Doing so should provide all the necessary permissions for the app.

#3: Click on the “Enable messages tracker” function which is available on the main menu. Then, activate the toggle screen that comes up next. 

#4: Click “OK” on the next screen that comes up and activate the “Framework Update Feature.”

#5: Proceed to click on the “Framework Update Service,” which you shall find in the Downloaded Services section. Then, activate the toggle screen that comes up next and then click “OK” to complete this process.

#6: Click on “Enable Call Tracking” which is also the main menu. Once you do so, click on “OK,” and then activate the following popup menu.

#7: Click on “Update Service,” then ensure it allows usage access functions. Once you are through, you should be able to re-access the main menu.

#8: Once you are on the main wizard menu, click on “Enable Social Media Tracking,” and then click “OK.” Then, the update service menu will come up and ensure you click on the “Don’t show again” section. When it’s complete, click on the “Start Now” button.

#9: Click on the “Allow background data usage” function. Doing so will take you to the battery optimization section. Once you click on the “Locate Update Service,” and then proceed to the “Don’t Optimize” tab.

#10: Once you are back on the setup wizard, click on “Make the app undetectable.’ Then, deactivate mSpy notification on the “Update Service” section.

Phase 4 – Hiding mSpy Icon on Android

On the mSpy setup section, proceed to ensure the app stays discreet. To do this, ensure you activate the “Hide the app icon” checkbox.

Done right, you should run the app in stealth mode, and the target won’t notice.

The following steps involved in hiding this spy app will include:

#1: Input the registration code from the dashboard on the final steps of app installation.

#2: Ensure you click on “Complete Installation” and then on “OK” on the following notification section.

Phase 5 – Start Monitoring the Device

Once you install the app successfully and configure it on the device, move to the control panel.

If you are logged in, access the dashboard, and choose your preffered mSpy features on the menu.

Wait for a few minutes for the app to start installing and to customize its functions. After this, the app should upload the data automatically.

How to Install mSpy on iPhone

Just as previously mentioned, the installation process of this app is unique from the traditional apps. Unlike Android phones, the process involved here is impressive. The benefit of this is that you only need iCloud credentials to complete this process.


  • Physical access to the target phone.
  • A fully functional and updated browser.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • iCloud credentials.

Phase 1 – Create a Free mSpy Account

As usual, you need a user account and verified user subscription. The following are a few steps involved:

#1: Visit the site, and then click on the “Try Now” tab on the top navigation section.

#2: Input your e-mail address, and then complete the process by choosing the appropriate subscription plan.

#3: Get the mSpy login details from your e-mail, and input them on the app’s dashboard.

Phase 2 – Set up the Target Phone

You will need physical access to the phone and the proper iCloud credentials for you to access the dashboard.

Here is how you will do this:

#1: On the target iPhone, then move to “Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup.”

#2: Ensure you enable iCloud back up by clicking on the remaining slider.

#3: Once you are on the settings page, disable the two-factor authentication process.

Phase 3 – Finalize mSpy iPhone Installation

Once you are back on the dashboard, proceed to input the iCloud credentials to complete the process. A few steps involved include:

#1: Once you are on the dashboard, click on the Apple app icon on the mSpy control panel. Then begin setting up the mSpy features online.

#2: Provide the key details of the target phone such as the type and the name of the user. These can include details such as the name and age. Next is for you to input the iCloud credentials and press on “Enter.”

#3: If it’s correct, the app will instantly provide access to the list of devices in the account. You can move to choose the particular device you want to monitor.

Phase 4 – Start Spying on the Target iPhone with mSpy

Once you have set up everything, the app will start providing information on the dashboard. Then, you can choose from any of your preferred monitoring features.

Pros & Cons


  • Available with various tracking features.
  • Easy to set up and install on a given device.
  • Only a few features require a jailbreak or root.
  • It offers a highly intuitive and straightforward-to-use interface.


  • It takes time to install and customize the app.
  • Does not have reliable search features.

Is mSpy Detectable?

The app is entirely undetectable because it runs discreetly under the term “Update Service.” Thus, the target device owner can’t detect its presence.

That said, you can choose to hide the app in the control panel section. Plus, ensure you customize the app security and blocking functions the right way. Doing so will help make it difficult to detect your activities.

Is mSpy Detectable on iPhone?

Since you won’t have to download and install the app on an iOS device, the user won’t notice its presence. The main reason for this is because you will access the app through a web browser.

It’s way better than installing the app on the phone, as you would have done with an android device. Besides, you can also install the app using remote procedures. 

How to Install mSpy Remotely?

Installing the app remotely on iOS is a simple process. It’s because you only need iCloud credentials on the target device. Once you log in, customize the app functions and provide a few essential details for the spying process.

However, android devices might require the download and installation of an APK file. It may require a few minutes and some customization procedures.

Is It Legal to Use mSpy?

Yes, using this app to track the activities of your loved one or a business part is a simple procedure. However, proceed with caution to ensure that the target device owner does not notice your activities.

Can I Install mSpy Without Jailbreak or Rooting?

You won’t require to perform a rooting or a jail-breaking process to use the spy app. That said, you may have to do this to access some of the exclusive features on the phone.

The main reason for jailbreaking or rooting is to bypass some of the standard security features you find in phones.

Is There an mSpy Coupon Code?

We can’t confirm for sure whether there’s an mSpy discount code. However, you can try to Google ”mSpy coupon” and look through available resources. Another thing you can try is to visit their website during holidays. Most companies offer some sort of holiday discount, and we doubt that mSpy is an exception.

Does mSpy Have a Free Trial?

If you want to try out mSpy free, visit their main site, and register for an account. Without an active subscription, you can still be able to access a few key features of the app. 

Is mSpy Legit?

Yes, the app is entirely legit. You will get all the features and benefits they describe in their product packages. Plus, they have an active customer support team available to help address any questions about the product.

They have a refund policy in the rare case that you want to cancel the mSpy subscription. However, the subscription is available for a two-week duration.

How to Remove mSpy from Android?

If you would like to remove the app, you have to perform a few important procedures. These include uninstalling it, and clearing browsers and app history details.

Final Verdict

Overall, this app provides various useful features you can use to keep track of unwanted behavior and interactions online. The internet is a platform where many activities occur today, and this app lets you take advantage of this.

The app is simple to use, highly intuitive and simple to use. While a few features require jailbreaking and subscription plans, investing in the app will be helpful.

Expert’s verdict

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I highly recommend mSpy for its extensive features, great price, and strong customer support. It is a valuable tool for parents who want to protect their children and watch what they are doing on their phone. It’s also helpful for employers who want to ensure that their employees are using their phone for business and are not creating a conflict of interest with their on-the-clock activities.

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