uMobix Review – Is This Really the Best Spy App?

With uMobix, parents can now monitor their kid’s Android or iOS smartphone or tablet in real-time. You can monitor their App usage, calls, and messages, track location, or view items in their gallery.[…]

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Let us face it, our kids are outwitting us every time the sun rises when it comes to technology. This makes it quite challenging to protect them from numerous threats on the Web.

Having the ability to monitor everything that happens on their mobile devices, where they spend most of the time, is therefore crucial. Luckily, cell phone spy apps like uMobix came to our rescue.

With uMobix, parents can now monitor their kid’s Android or iOS smartphone or tablet in real-time. You can monitor their App usage, calls, and messages, track location, or view items in their gallery.

In this uMobix review, we will take a look at:

  • What is uMobix Mobile spy app
  • How does the uMobix mobile spy app work on Android?
  • uMobix mobile spy app Compatibility
  • uMobix mobile spy app Features
  • uMobix mobile spy app Installation
  • uMobix Price 

What Is uMobix Mobile Spy App

uMobix is a state-of-the-art mobile spy app meant for child monitoring and control. With this powerful tracking app, you can keep your child safe online. 

uMobix has features location tracking which parents can use to ensure their kids are in the correct place at the correct time. It also features social media tracking. Parents can look at what their child is saying with others to gain insight into their lives. 

There are many other advanced features offered by uMobix. More of them will be discussed in the features section of this review. 

The uMobix app is simple to use and you can be up and running in 3 simple steps.

How Does The uMobix Mobile Spy App Work On Android?

The uMobix tracking app monitors and gathers information from target android devices and uploads them to your userspace. This is your online account which can be accessed from any browser using your login credentials. 

The collected data is arranged in the form of comprehensive dashboards. To start using the uMobix mobile tracker on Android, follow these simple steps. Purchase the app>log in to your account> install uMobix on the target Android device, and start monitoring. 

How Does The uMobix Mobile Spy App Work On iOS?

The uMobix tracking app monitors and gathers information from target iPhones and iPads and avails them to your userspace. This is your online account which can be accessed from any browser using your login credentials. 

The collected data is arranged in the form of comprehensive dashboards. To start using the uMobix mobile tracker on iOS, follow these simple steps. Purchase a subscription>log in to your account> Enter iCloud credentials of your child’s iOS device in your user account, and start monitoring. 

uMobix Mobile Spy App Compatibility

The uMobix cell phone spy app works on all Android OS 4+.

All iPhones and iPads are also supported. 

uMobix has a neat feature you can check if your device is compatible on their website. Simply enter its model in the search field.

uMobix Mobile Spy App Features

uMobix has a multitude of advanced parental control and monitoring features for the modern parent. In this review, we’ll take a look at:

  • Call Tracking
  • Message Tracking
  • Messengers And Social Apps Tracking
  • Photos And Videos Tracking
  • Location Tracking
  • Keylogger

Call Tracking

If you are keen to know who your child has been conversing with, a great place to start is their call logs. Cell phone spy apps like uMobix enable you to have insight into your child’s life.

With uMobix, you can:

  • View all incoming and outgoing calls
  • View all missed and deleted calls
  • Check call durations, timestamps, and calling frequency
  • Monitor calls in real-time
  • View detailed contact info

All this information can be accessed remotely from the dashboard on your online user space. You can scroll down the page to see the full call list. 

Message Tracking

While text messages are getting unpopular by the day, many people including our children are still using it. It is therefore important not to underestimate the role of text messages in child monitoring.

Today, we receive confirmation codes, taxi booking details, passcodes, restaurant orders, and much more via SMS. By tracking text messages, parents can have a clear picture of where their child does and visits.

uMobix’s SMS and iMessages tracking feature grants parents unlimited access to all sent and received text messages as well as deleted SMS and contacts. You will be able to view contact info as well as the date and time stamps. 

Messengers And Social Apps Tracking

Children are spending a ridiculous amount of time on social platforms instead of school work. On these platforms, they are easy prey to scammers, bullies, and sexual predators.

It is pertinent that parents have access to their child’s social apps activities. uMobix can grant you access to popular social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It can also access messengers like Viber and Whatsapp.

uMobix gives you unprecedented access to social apps. BE KEEN NOT TO leave noticeable traces like posting comments or reading messages BEFORE the user.

Because uMobix runs silently in the background, if you avoid such mistakes, the user will never spot any suspicious activities.

Photos And Videos Tracking

As a parent, having access to what your shield is sharing, receiving, or downloading is crucial. Images and videos are stimulating and extremely corrupting to young minds.

Children have unprecedented access to adult content today just by stumbling upon them online. With uMobix, you can access your child gallery and check stored media files. Please note that you will not be able to categorize media in the gallery.

However, in uMobix’s other features like messengers and social apps monitoring, you can check exchanged media files in chats. 

Location Tracking

Location is a must-have feature for any parental monitoring app. Luckily most common cell phone spy apps have this feature.

uMobix’s cell phone locator finds the exact GPS-coordinates of a target device and points it on a map. You can see the target device’s exact location by the latitude and longitude. This information can also be recorded in the phone location history database. 

You can access all this remotely on uMobix’s user space from any browser on any device, including your desktop computer, iPhone, and Android devices.

uMobix Mobile Spy App Price 

uMobix employs a 4-tier pricing system. The prices are similar for both Android and iPhones. 

Please note that each pricing tier carries different feature sets. The higher the price, the more the features.

uMobix Mobile Spy App Installation

The uMobix cell phone spy app setup process can be completed in 3 simple steps. How long these take depends on the platform you are using Android or iOS. 

Create an account by Clicking/Tapping on TRY NOW on uMobix’s home page. Follow the step-by-step instructions after completion.

Step 1: Choose your subscription plan.

Head to the uMobix website and complete the purchase process to receive further detailed install/ set up instructions.

Step 2: Install or set up uMobix.

Access your child’s device/ iCloud credentials and install/setup uMobix on it following instructions in your user account.

Step 3: Start monitoring.

Go to your account through any web browser and log into your user space. Wait until the uMobix app starts sending data. Enjoy your tracking!

Do I Need To Root/Jailbreak My Phone To Install uMobix Mobile Spy App?

No. You do not need to root/jailbreak the target device to install the uMobix cell phone spy app. However, for some advanced features like social media monitoring to work, root is required. 

Is uMobix Mobile Spy App Detectable?

No. The uMobix mobile spy app is not detectable. It was designed to use minimal system resources to run. This means it does not drain the battery or require a lot of memory. This allows for stealth operations without triggering suspicion. The app icon can also be hidden. 

Is The uMobix Mobile Spy App Legal?

Yes. The uMobix smartphone and tablet software is designed for parents who wish to monitor and control their children under 18 years for safety. You are required to either own the monitored device, or you must have written consent from your child. 

It’s ILLEGAL to use uMobix for MONITORING the digital devices of your SPOUSE, GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND, OR PARTNER. It is your responsibility to adhere to the local laws of their country or region. Failure to do so could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. 

Can You Install uMobix Mobile Spy App Remotely?

Yes. You can install the uMobix cell phone spy app remotely on iOS target devices. Android users are not so lucky. Physical access is required to install the app on the target device. 


uMobix is an ideal option for parents with children using Android and iOS devices. The cell phone spy app offers impressive parental control features that are hard to come by in other spy apps.

We like that uMobix paid close attention to the end-user experience on the dashboard. The neat organization of information makes the user space a joy to use.

We did not like that some features are available on Android while not on iPhones. Also, the android installation procedure is slightly complicated, if you decide to root.

Nevertheless, the app delivers on most of its promises and is competitively priced. We recommend the app to parents who have simple child monitoring needs if rooting is not an option.

Expert’s verdict

Jason Thompson photo

Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson


While uMobix is a new name in the spy app marketplace, they have quickly established a solid name by providing a stable product backed up with solid customer support.

If you’re looking for an app that can quickly and easily be installed on a phone you need to monitor, uMobix is now my number 1 pick.

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