iKeyMonitor Review – Is This Parental Spy App a Fraud?

iKeyMonitor is advertised as the ultimate parental control software. It’s a powerful tool that gives you the ability to track your child’s online activities, search history, social media conversations, and GPS locations with ease. […]

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iKeyMonitor is advertised as the ultimate parental control software. It’s a powerful tool that gives you the ability to track your child’s online activities, search history, social media conversations, and GPS locations with ease. 

Software like this can go a long way in keeping your children safe from harm, harassment, cyberbullying, and so on. 

If you’re wondering whether software like the iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App is legal to use, you have nothing to worry about. Gone are the days when they were used only by criminals; today, millions of people rely on software and apps like these to ensure their children’s safety and loved ones. 

This guide will take you through the following aspects of the iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App: 

  • The software’s purpose
  • Compatibility
  • Features
  • Installation procedure, and
  • Pricing

What Purpose Does the iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App Serve? 

Mobile spy apps and keylogger software are incredibly popular for tracking various activities on a particular device. Many people often tend to be unaware of the software’s features and abilities despite having them on their phones or other devices. Additionally, the reason why different people want access to apps like these also varies Given below are some of the reasons why people subscribe to apps like the iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App:

  • Some parents prefer having a degree of control over their children’s activities on their devices. 
  • Some people even use apps like these to find devices that are stolen or lost. 
  • Lastly, employers prefer software and apps like these to track and control the usage of the company’s devices like computers and smartphones. 

iKeyMonitor Compatibility

iKeyMonitor is compatible with both Android and iOS. These are the exact models and OS versions you can use with it:


iKeyMonitor is compatible with all versions of Android from version 2.3, and both rooted and non-rooted devices. While the list of features differs between the two, with rooted devices having access to a few more features, the good thing is that even non-rooted devices are devoid of only a few. Additionally, both setups will require physical access to the device to set it up. 


iKeyMonitor is compatible with all iOS devices with OS versions from 9.x to 14.x. Once again, you can use both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. However, the difference here is that jailbroken devices require physical access to install and set up the app. In contrast, non-jailbroken devices will require the iCloud ID and password and no physical access.

Windows and MacOS

iKeyMonitor is also compatible with laptops or computers running MacOS version 10.4 and Windows version 7 to 10. In both cases, you’ll need the system password to prevent any unauthorized use of the device. 

Features of the iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App

iKeyMonitor offers a variety of features to its users. Thee are listed below: 

Tracking Phone Calls and Messages

One of the most basic features that any spy app should offer is tracking all calls and messages on the target device. iKeyMonitor does this and quite well. You can track all text messages, including those made on applications like WhatsApp and Messenger. 

Additionally, you can also track all incoming and outgoing calls made to and from the target device respectively. 

Remote Control

iKeyMonitor also gives you access to various remote features, such as the ability to remotely update the app and agree to any changes in the license agreement. This feature can be useful for those who won’t have access to the target device to perform these functions. 

You can also use this feature to send logs to your email and even delete the account altogether. 

Monitoring App Activity

iKeyMonitor lets you monitor all the activity on the various applications installed on the target device. This includes search engines, where the user can track what their children or employees are searching for, social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Telegram, etc. 

GPS Tracking and Geofencing

iKeyMonitor offers you a reliable means of tracking the target device’s location. This can be especially useful when you need to track where your children are going after school, for example. As a concerned parent, it can be useful to know where your children are at any given point in time. 

iKeyMonitor takes this feature a step further, allowing you to create a geofence or a virtual boundary around certain areas that you’re okay with your children being in. This could be your home and immediate neighborhood, their school, or a trusted friend’s house.

iKeyMonitor will notify you immediately when the target device leaves these designated areas, alerting you if you need to take some action. 

App Blocking

The iKeyMonitor mobile spy app also lets you block certain apps or websites which you believe might be the source of harmful, dangerous, or inappropriate content for your children. This goes a long way in comforting parents that their children are not negatively influenced when they use their smartphones or computers. 

The Availability of Multiple Languages

People often face barriers in using certain apps as they aren’t available in a language they know, forcing them to look for other solutions. iKeyMonitor eradicates this issue by providing the app and its overall interface in various languages so that every person can benefit from its features.   

Installation Procedure

Setting up iKeyMonitor is a very easy procedure. We’ve listed the procedure for both iOS and Android devices below: 


  1. Sign up for an account on iKeyMonitor’s website. 
  2. Next, you have to log on to the control panel on the website. 
  3. Then, click on Download > iKeyMonitor > iPhone/iPad
  4. Enter the device’s iCloud ID and password. 
  5. iKeyMonitor is now ready to use. 


  1. Sign up for an account on iKeyMonitor’s website.
  2. Next, you have to log on to the control panel on the website. 
  3. Then, click on Download > iKeyMonitor > Android.
  4. Download and install the app on the device.
  5. iKeyMonitor is now ready to use.

iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App Pricing

The iKeymonitor mobile spy app is comparatively pricier than some of its alternatives. However, it does offer a good number of features. Here are the prices: 

  • Monthly license – $49.99 per month.
  • Yearly license -$199.99 per year. 


iKeyMonitor is one of the most reliable spy apps parents and employers can consider to track their children’s or employees’ devices. While it is comparatively on the pricier side, it offers great value in terms of features, some of which are even remote, as we mentioned above. 

It’s quite powerful and very trustworthy. The software helps track all the activities on smartphones or computers, including keystrokes and social media apps. Moreover, installing the app is also easy, making it a great deal overall. 

Last but not least, the app is undetectable on the target device. We’d recommend it. 

Expert’s verdict

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The program is safe, well-designed, and offers a good alternative to cell phone monitoring. There are many benefits to using it and you can mitigate any behavioral problems that may arise. There are some drawbacks. Spying is an uncomfortable thing to do even for the right reasons. All things considered, this is a great app to purchase and install.

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