How to Catch a Cheater on iPhone

Is your partner constantly glued to their iPhone? Are you suspecting they may be doing more than looking at cat memes or messaging their mom?

In this article, we will show simple and effective ways to catch iPhone cheaters. After using our methods, you will know exactly how to catch a cheater on iPhone!

What to Look For on an iPhone for Cheating?

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? To ensure you aren’t being paranoid or overly protective, keep an eye out for these cheating warning signs!

1. They are constantly on their phone

Nowadays, it is common for people to spend hours every day glued to their iPhones. However, if you suddenly notice your girlfriend or boyfriend spending extra time on their device, they may be up to no good. This is especially true if you consistently catch them on messaging apps when you walk into the room or late at night. 

Cheaters will often hide their affairs from their partners by using their phones when their partner is out or asleep. Run an experiment over the next few days and see how often your partner is spending on their phone. If it seems a lot longer than normal, then it is time to access their phone.

2. They have a second SIM or 2nd iPhone

Unless your partner has a dedicated business number, then there is no good for them having two SIMs or a 2nd iPhone. Cheaters will often buy a second SIM card so that if their partners confront them, they can show a clean phone that has inappropriate messages or contacts. 

If you notice your boyfriend or girlfriend has a second SIM, we recommend you ask them about it. If they can’t come up with a plausible explanation, you will have to figure out a way to access their second SIM and see what they are hiding. Most likely, you will find messages to other lovers.

3. Shady Location History

If your partner told you they were going to the mall to do some shopping, but somehow they ended up on the other side of town, you need to question them! To check recent locations on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Click “Privacy”
  3. Open “Location Services”
  4. Select “System Services”
  5. Tap “Frequent Locations”

Now you will be able to track the exact locations your partner has been frequenting. If you realize he has been lying to you about his whereabouts then he is probably cheating and needs to explain his behavior.

4. They Never Let You See Their Phone

Does your partner freak out every time you try to touch their phone? Will they never let you use their phone for anything, even to Google something or send a message? Then they are likely a cheater! 

It is extremely common among cheaters to be ultra-protective about their iPhone. It makes sense because their device is probably filled with inappropriate messages, videos, and pictures. They know if you even get a glimpse at their iPhone, you may uncover evidence of their cheating. While it is normal to be a little protective of your phone, if your partner takes it to the extreme, they probably have something shady to hide!

5. They Won’t Tell You Who They Are Talking To

Do you ask your partner who they are chatting to, and their reply is just a friend? Cheaters will often lie about who they are texting to avoid raising suspicions. Luckily, most cheaters aren’t very good at covering their tracks and will give vague answers like just a “friend” or a “co-worker.”

You should not accept these lame answers. Make sure you press your partner until they tell you the truth about who they are messaging. If they won’t give names and details, it is time to grab their iPhone and see for yourself!

6. They Delete Messages

Have you caught your partner quickly deleting messages, voice recordings, or videos? Cheaters are always trying to cover their tracks and prevent their partners from discovering their affairs. Deleting messages is common trick cheaters employ.

If you notice your boyfriend or girlfriend regularly deleting different messages and files, it means she has something to hide. And unless your partner is a spy, they are most likely having an affair. Don’t let your partner get away with shady behavior! We recommend you be proactive and recover their messages to learn the truth!

7. They Speak A Lot About Certain “Friends”

While some cheaters are very tight-lipped and don’t reveal anything about their new lovers, other cheaters can’t contain themselves. If your partner suddenly starts talking about how their new co-worker is or how they loved catching up with an old friend, alarm bells should start ringing!

You should pay close attention the next time your partner starts telling you about how incredible their friend is. This level of excitement is often a giveaway that your partner may share more than a platonic relationship with this “friend.” You may need to draw boundaries and tell your partner that you are not comfortable with them having friends of the opposite sex. If they are angry about your request, they are likely cheating.

8. They Aren’t Affectionate Anymore

Did your partner suddenly go from constantly kissing and hugging you to barely touching you at all? When a person is getting affection from another source, they often will stop being affectionate with their current partner. This big shift in behavior is a classic sign that your husband or wife has found another lover who can provide them with the physical attention they desire.

Another thing to keep an eye on is how many times a week you are having sex. If you suddenly went from making love every day to barely once a week, this is another major red flag that your partner has found somewhere else. To make sure you aren’t being paranoid, try to initiate affection with your partner and see how they react. If they reject you, they are probably cheating!

If you notice that your partner is guilty of at least a few of the above behaviors, you need to take drastic action. You can’t continue with the relationship, always wondering whether your partner is cheating. Read our next section to learn how to catch a cheater on an iPhone!

How to Find Out If Someone Is Cheating on iPhone?

Before you confront your partner about their cheating, you need to have concrete evidence first. But, after noticing several warning signs, we recommend you use one of the following methods to learn for sure if your husband or wife is being unfaithful. 

1. Install SpyBubble Pro

How to catch your girlfriend cheating on iPhone? Install SpyBubble Pro right now!

This spy app will show you everything your partner is doing on their iPhone, such as:

Text messages

Is your partner constantly texting unknown people? Then install SpyBubble Pro and instantly read all of their messages. You can view everything, including contacts, timestamps, images, videos, and texts. This spy app will send all of this information straight to your device!

Social media activity

Do you suspect your partner is flirting with new people on Instagram or Facebook? Or do you think your partner is secretly using social media to chat to their new lover? Find out instantly by spying on their Facebook with SpyBubble Pro!

Browser history

Do you think your partner is using hookup and dating sites or watching pornography? Install SpyBubble Pro and see every single website they have visited, even if they use incognito mode or delete their history.

Call logs

Is your partner making a lot of strange phone calls recently? Do they stay up late chatting on the phone? Find out who they are speaking with SpyBubble Pro. This spy will send you full call logs that include contact time, time, and length of the call.

View deleted data

Whether your partner browses in incognito mode, uses secret conversations on Facebook, or deletes images, it won’t stop SpyBubble Pro. This spy app will record everything and send it to your device.

GPS location

Do you suspect your partner is lying about where they have been going? Find out their exact location at all times with SpyBubble Pro! You can follow your partner in real-time on a map and even access street view!

Installing SpyBubble Pro takes under 5 minutes!

All you need to do is create an account at SpyBubble, follow the simple guided step-by-step process, enter in your partner’s iPhone model and type in their Apple ID. Once you have finished the installation, this spy app will record all of your partner’s iPhone activity.

To view your partner’s messages, browser history, GPS location, social media activity, call logs, and more, you just need to log in to your SpyBubble Pro account. Also, with this spy app, you never have to worry about getting caught because it runs in stealth mode, and your partner can’t find it!

Don’t waste another night worrying if your partner is a cheater. Get closure and download SpyBubble Pro now. Try out this leading spy app for under $10 per month on a 12-month plan!

2. Use Social Hacking

Social hacking refers to manipulating social interactions so you can achieve a predetermined outcome. In this case, you want to get access to your partner’s iPhone and find out if he is cheating.

Different effective social hacking techniques include:

  • Finding out your partner’s iPhone passcode and Apple ID by watching them enter it
  • Pretending to have forgotten your phone and asking to use your partners instead
  • Memorizing where your partner keeps their iPhone when they are asleep
  • Asking your partner’s friends and family to go through your partner’s phone
  • Claiming your phone is out of battery and telling your partner, you need to borrow their phone for an important phone call

There are so many different social hacking techniques you can use to get access to your partner’s iPhone. We recommend finding out your partner’s iPhone passcode and then waiting until he is asleep before quickly grabbing it and browsing through his messages.

The pros of social hacking are that it is completely free and doesn’t require any software or tech skills. The downside is that it can take time to pull off, and there is a decent chance your partner catches you, especially if they are careful with their iPhone.

3. Send Your Partner Malware

If you aren’t good at social interactions or your partner is too careful with their iPhone, you can infect their device with malware! Malware is a type of malicious software that allows users to record and even take control of another person’s device.

You can search online and quickly find a number of different malware programs which you can download and send to your partner. You can either take physical control of your partner’s iPhone and install the malware, or you can get your partner to accidentally infect their device by sending them a file that contains malware.

The problem with this strategy is it takes quite a lot of tech skills, and malware is not that easy to purchase. Also, it can be difficult to infect your partner’s phone, especially if they keep it safeguarded. The chances of your partner clicking on your malware-infected file are low, even if you disguise it in a seemingly legitimate email. We only recommend this method if your social hacking techniques fail and you have advanced tech skills.

4. Access Your Partner’s iCloud

How to catch boyfriend cheating on iPhone? Log in to your partner’s iCloud! iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage protocol and allows you to save all of your data on Apple’s servers rather than slowing down your own iPhone. If you want to see who your partner has been texting and if they have incriminating videos or phones, open their iCloud by following these steps:

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Tap “Sign in to your iPhone”
  3. Enter your Apple ID and password

After you have signed in to your partner’s Apple ID, you can access his messages, videos, and other files they have saved there. The major con of this method is that as soon as you log in, your partner will receive a notification from Apple that an unknown user has accessed their Apple ID. You should only use this method when you know your partner is not near his iPhone, ideally when they are fast asleep!

How to catch your wife cheating on her iphone?

The best way to catch your wife cheating on her Phone is to install SpyBubble Pro on her device. This incredible spy app will record everything your wife does on her phone, including messages and social media activity, and send it directly to your device.

Should I read my boyfriend’s messages?

If you strongly suspect your boyfriend of cheating and he won’t admit he is having an affair, then you should read his messages. Only by reading his messages will you learn the truth and be able to move forward with the relationship. The worst thing you can do is continue being with someone you can’t trust.

What apps do cheaters use on iPhone?

Cheaters regularly use hookup apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Ashley Madison to find new partners. To keep their affairs hidden, they use secretive messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

How do I get proof of cheating?

The best way to get proof of cheating is to install SpyBubble Pro on your partner’s phone. This spy app will automatically record everything your partner does on their phone and send it to your device. You will have overwhelming proof, thanks to text messages, social media messages, call logs, and even GPS locations.

How do cheaters hide their tracks?

Cheaters will often hide their tracks by deleting messages on their phones, saving contacts under different names, using the second SIM, getting a secret credit card, and even renting a secret apartment. Fortunately, it is very hard for a cheater to cover their tracks, and you will eventually catch them.

Final Thoughts

Cheating is something no one should have to go through. Unfortunately, with over 30% of partners being unfaithful, this is a very common problem. The absolute best way to catch a cheater on an iPhone is to install a spy app on their device.

We recommend SpyBubble Pro because it is super fast to set up and extremely reliable. This spy app also comes loaded with features and can record everything your partner does on their iPhone, including messages, social media activity, call logs, browser history, and GPS location. To catch your partner cheating right now, install SpyBubble Pro on their iPhone today!

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