How to Get Your Girlfriends Text Messages on Your Phone for Free?

Your girlfriend texting other people may be unusual, especially when she hides her phone or changes her passcode. Then, you may be wondering if she is cheating on you. Seeing who your girlfriend is texting can allay your fears. And you can do that by using backup files or third-party monitoring tools. So, how to get your girlfriend’s text messages?

Although checking your girlfriend’s messages can clear your doubts and let you know she is not engaging in inappropriate activities, snooping through her phone requires physical access. Moreover, if she catches you while she is innocent, it may strain your relationship. Therefore, you need to know how to get your girlfriend’s messages on your phone for free.

Several apps and software claim to allow you to spy on another phone and read text messages. But not all are effective. And if you are not careful, they could introduce malware to your phone. To save you the stress of checking these apps, our experts have tested them and can recommend the best for you. And that is why this article explores ways to check your girlfriend’s messages remotely.

Why Check Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages?

Spying on your girlfriend’s messages doesn’t mean you are stalking her; you may want to know who she is texting, especially if she is hiding something from you. Changing her password suddenly or throwing a fuss anytime you touch or want to use her phone are red flags.

You may also check your girlfriend’s messages if she keeps hiding her phone, is busier on the phone, unlike before, or keeps smiling whenever she is chatting on her phone. In addition, if your girlfriend puts her phone on airplane mode whenever she is around you or spends more time chatting with an unknown person, she may be cheating.

How to Get Your Girlfriends Text Messages on Your Phone for Free

How to Get Your Girlfriend’s Messages on Your Phone for Free?

Picking up your girlfriend’s phone for a few minutes to check through her messages is not an easy task. One, you may not have access to the phone, and two, you may not have enough time to check thoroughly.

Fortunately, there are two ways you can remotely check on your girlfriend’s messages – a spying app or backup files. These two methods effectively check your girlfriend’s messages, but they both have areas where they shine.

Can I Use an App to See My Girlfriend’s Texts Remotely?

As mentioned earlier, you can check your girlfriend’s texts remotely using apps. A spy app allows you to check your girlfriend’s messages without her detecting it. So, if you are wondering how you can read your girlfriend’s text messages without her noticing, a spying app is the best option.

Although there are numerous spy apps on the market, we recommend using mSPY. After testing several spy apps, we can safely say that mSPY is the most effective. Pay attention that you can choose spy apps for Android or spy apps for iPhone.

mSPY – the Recommended Spy App for Checking Your Girlfriend’s Texts

mSPY is a top mobile phone monitoring and tracking software. You can use this app to monitor the activity on your girlfriend’s phone or another target device like your child’s phone or employee’s device, as long as it is a company-issued phone. If you have been searching for how to see who my girlfriend is texting app, mSPY is great for you. It is compatible with iOS and Android software and can install on many devices. 

mSpy spy app

Key Features of mSPY

  • Text message monitoring: You can monitor incoming and outgoing messages on your girlfriend’s phone. The app lets you view messages’ content, receiver, sender, time, and date.
  • Email monitoring: mSPY lets you monitor incoming and outgoing emails. You can also view the content of each email, the receiver and sender, and the date and time of each email.
  • Call tracking: mSPY also has call monitoring features. You can view all incoming and outgoing calls, the phone number of the caller and receiver, the duration of each call, and the date and time of the calls.
  • Contact list and calendar monitoring: You can check your girlfriend’s contact and view the most frequently contacted. You can also monitor the schedule and to-do lists on the target phone.
  • Social media monitoring: you can monitor social media activity on platforms including Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, and any other online chat app. The app lets you check incoming and outgoing messages on the target phone.
  • GPS tracking: tracking a target phone’s location is another exceptional feature of mSPY. You can use the app to check your girlfriend’s past and current location on a map. The current location gives you the real-time location of the device.
  • Keylogger: mSPY’s keylogger feature is only available on android devices. This feature lets you see all the keystrokes and everything your girlfriend types on her phone. You can use this feature to get sensitive information like passwords and emails on your girlfriend’s phone.
  • Browsing history: Your girlfriend’s browsing history can tell you a lot about her activities, especially if she is cheating.mSPY has features that allow you to check your girlfriend’s browsing history. You can see all the websites she has visited and how much time she spends on each site.
  • Keyword notifications: You can save keywords in the mSPY app, and it will notify you whenever these words appear in a chat or an online conversation. You can set up words like “dating”, “sex”, or “love”. This feature also saves you the time you would otherwise use to go through chats and archives.
  • Stealth mode: mSPY becomes invisible after installation. The icon also disappears from the phone’s screen. Also, because the app’s icon is so small, your girlfriend will not know that the app is installed on her phone.  
  • Block calls and texts: You can block specific contacts’ messages and logs. That stops interactions between your girlfriend and those contacts.
mSpy features

Pros and Cons of mSPY


  • Compatible with many devices: you can install mSPY across several devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • You can track lost devices, increasing your chances of recovering them
  • mSPY offers multiple monitoring features. You can track text messages, social media, browser history, and calls. The app also allows you to see keystrokes on android devices
  • The app icon is invisible, and only you can see it
  • Real-time updates. mSPY updates you with the latest information every 5 minutes
  • Setting up mSPY is straightforward and doesn’t take up to 5 minutes
  • Customer service and product support. You can always contact support if you have questions. You can chat or call them for any problem


  • mSPY is not free. Therefore, some users may be unable to use the service
  • A plan only allows one device
  • mSPY is not officially supported for use on desktop

Try mSpy


mSPY offers basic and premium plans on rooted and non-rooted devices. The cost of basic plans starts at $19.44 per month. Access to mSPY features on a basic plan is limited. However, with a premium plan, you can access all the features on a basic plan and additional features.

  • $48.99/month – 1 Month
  • $27.99/month – 3 Months
  • $11.66/month – 12 Months

You can get more information about this app reading our mSpy review.

Steps to Install and configure mSPY

Installing mSPY on Android devices and iPhones is quite different. Nevertheless, both processes are pretty straightforward.

You can install mSPY on an android device using the following steps:

1. After purchasing a suitable mSPY subscription, disable Play Protect on the target device.

2. Go to Play Store on your girlfriend’s phone, tap on the three lines in the top left corner or the profile icon. Find Play protect and click on the settings icon in the top right corner. Turn off “scan apps with play protect”.

mSpy installation

3. Go to mSpy website. Download the app.

4. When you tap go; you should see a captcha security check. Check the box and tap download.

5. Click on the prompt that appears at the bottom of the screen, go to settings, and allow from this source.

6. Tap next and wait for mSPY to download.

7. Open the downloaded app, tap “allow” on all popups to give the app access to the phone’s data.

8. After completing all steps, enter the registration code you’ve received.

9. Tap complete installation and monitor your girlfriend’s text messages.

10. You can install mSPY on an iPhone using two methods – iCloud sync and WiFi sync.

iCloud Sync

iCloud sync

This method is suitable if you know your girlfriend’s iCloud credentials and can access her phone:

1. After purchasing an mSPY subscription, choose iPhone as the target device.

2. Select iCloud sync installation method.

3. Log in with your mSPY subscription.

4. Enter your girlfriend’s iCloud credentials.

5. You will get two notifications. One to the iCloud email address notifying a new login and the other to the target phone containing a six-digit code for two-factor authentication (2FA).

6. Enter the code from your target phone on your mSPY account to link the device.

7. It may take about 10-20 minutes to collect information from the target device depending on the amount of data on the device.

WiFi Sync

Wi-Fi sync

The WiFi Sync method requires physical access to your girlfriend’s phone:

  • After purchasing your mSPY subscription, it comes with an additional WiFi sync app.
  • Install the WiFi sync app on your MAC or PC.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the target iPhone to your MAC or PC.
  • The app will back up the data from the phone and once done, you should see the data in your account.
  • Disconnect the iPhone and monitor over WiFi.
  • You don’t have to connect the iPhone to your PC or MAC for future backups. You can back up remotely if the phone and your PC/MAC are on the same local WiFi.
  • You can monitor WhatsApp messages, call logs, text messages, videos, contact lists, notes, browser history, photos, and videos from your web-based dashboard.

uMobix – Remote Cell Phone Monitoring App

You can track your girlfriend’s activities using uMobix. The app is compatible with iOS and Android OS. besides messages, you can also track social media activity and call logs. uMobix offers numerous features, including tracking live phone calls, capturing screenshots, and viewing incoming and outgoing calls. 

uMobix spy app

uMobix also offers basic and premium plans. However, the basic plan does not include advanced features. In addition, a subscription plan only works on a single device.

Try uMobix

eyeZy – Remote Spyware for Cell Phones and Tablets

eyeZy is a great spy app that works in stealth mode. It allows you to view and track your girlfriend’s messages, especially on social media. The app provides a keystroke feature and allows you to view photos and videos on a target device. Furthermore, eyeZy works well on iPhones, Android phones, and tablets.

eyeZy spy app

Although you can use eyeZy on multiple devices, you must purchase a more extensive plan, which can be quite expensive.

Try eyeZy

SpyBubble – Remote Spyware for Tracking Deleted Messages

You can track your girlfriend’s incoming and outgoing messages with SpyBubble. This app also allows you to track deleted messages. You will also receive automatic updates on your girlfriend’s exact online activity and the duration of each app usage. 

SpyBubble app

Although SpyBubble offers support for Android and iOS devices, it is only compatible with smartphones. You can’t use the software on other types of phones or computers.

Try SpyBubble

Spy on Girlfriend’s Text Messages Free with Backup Files

Unlike spy apps, backup files are free to check your girlfriend’s messages. You also don’t need to go through any installation process. You can use this method on your girlfriend’s phone if she uses an android.

Spy on Girlfriend

Most android files back up SMS data and store it in an encoded format. After downloading this file, you can access it on your computer. 

Backup files are a great way to check who she is texting for free. You can view all messages, including all sent, received, and deleted. However, although using backup files is free, the process is a bit tedious and technical. You need to have previous knowledge of MS Excel to use this method. Other disadvantages of using backup files to spy on your girlfriend’s messages for free include the following:

  • The method is only suitable for android devices.
  • It is detectable. Your girlfriend will notice that you have accessed her backup files.
  • You cannot monitor your girlfriend’s messages remotely for a long time.
  • The messages in the column are incomplete; you can’t access the full messages.

How to Access Your Girlfriend’s Messages from the Backup File

how to spy on girlfriend (from the backup files)
  • Copy the backup file to your computer.
  • Open the XML file in MS Excel.
  • Choose the (*.xml) file in the file type dropdown.
  • Allow all permissions.
  • The data stored in the file is not readable. Enter the value: =([@date]/86400000)+25569 in a new column and copy it to all the rows.
  • Format the new column as a date. The data is now readable, and you can view your girlfriend’s messages.

Pros and Cons of Using These Types of Apps

If you are looking for how to check your girlfriend’s text messages for free, it is better to pay for a spy app. Spy apps can effectively monitor messages on your girlfriend’s phone. These apps give you peace of mind by eliminating doubts about your girlfriend’s activities. You can also use their location tracking feature during emergencies. 

A significant downside of spy apps is that they may be considered unethical or illegal in some jurisdictions. In addition, there is a high potential of misusing the apps and violating the rights of the owner of the targeted device. Also, not all apps are accurate or compatible with all devices.


Checking who your girlfriend is texting can let you know where you stand in the relationship. You can use spy apps and backup files to check your girlfriend’s messages. Although both methods are great, spy apps are more effective. mSPY offers several features at a cost. And because there are different plans, you can always choose one that suits you.

With mSPY, you can spy on your girlfriend’s text messages freely. You can also check call logs and location and even block specific contacts. However, before installing the software, you need one-time physical access. But once you are in, you can conveniently access all data from a single web-based dashboard. Clear your doubts about your girlfriend using mSPY.

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