How to Catch a Cheater on Facebook

Facebook is amazing for connecting with long-lost friends and meeting new people. But, nowadays, many people are using Facebook Messenger to cheat!

It’s so easy for random men and women to contact your partner. So, you need to keep a close eye on your spouse’s Facebook messages.

How do you catch someone cheating on you using Facebook?

In this article, we are going to show you Facebook warning signs and break down how to use a spy app to read all of your spouse’s Facebook messages!

How to Find Out If Someone Is Cheating on Facebook?

To find out if you are dealing with a cheating partner, you need to be proactive.

You could demand to see your partner’s phone to read their messages or take control of their device when they are not looking. But this is often impossible as cheaters know how to cover their tracks and are very careful with their Facebook messages.

So, what can you do?

Install A Spy App – A Facebook Cheater’s Kryptonite!

Do you want to know if your husband is cheating on Facebook? Or maybe you suspect your wife is messaging guys on Facebook?

The best way to know for sure is to install a spy software on your partner’s device!

A spy app runs in stealth mode. It records everything your partner is doing on their cell phone. You will be able to read all of your spouse’s Facebook messages, including secret conversations. You will also be able to view your husband’s or wife’s browsing history, GPS location, Instagram DMs, call logs, and more!

To install a spy app, you need to access your spouse’s cell phone for around 5 minutes.

If your partner has an iPhone, you can install it remotely with just their Apple ID. After setting up the spy app, you just log in to your spy app account on your own device, and you can view exactly what your partner is doing whenever you like!

Interested? Currently, one of the best spy apps on the market today is eyeZy.

But, before installing the software, we recommend you look out for warning signs that your partner is actually cheating.

Facebook Cheating Signs

Do you suspect your spouse has inappropriate Facebook friends or is having secret conversations? Keep an eye out for these Facebook cheating signs:

1. Spending A Lot of Time on Facebook

Has your husband or wife been spending a lot of time on Facebook recently? This sudden interest in Facebook is a strong sign that they have new friends from the opposite sex.

You should keep a close eye on their Facebook friends list and try to see who exactly are they chatting with on Facebook Messenger.

2. Exhibiting an Unusual Behavior

Messenger allows cheaters to have secret conversations that can be deleted or fully encrypted.

So, it’s a massive red flag if you catch your partner using Facebook Messenger late at night, and they won’t tell you who they are talking to.

This is definitely an odd behavior, but using Facebook Messenger all the time does not 100% guarantee that your partner is a cheater.

So, we recommend confronting them first to see why they’re acting shady recently.

3. Hidden Facebook Friends

On Facebook, you can hide your friends list. It is definitely a red flag if your partner has decided to use this feature.

Why exactly are they hiding their friends list?

In our experience, a married person typically does this when adding profiles of the opposite sex, whom their spouse doesn’t approve of!

Unless your spouse has a business account and a personal Facebook profile, there is no excuse to have multiple accounts.

If you found out that your partner has a secret Facebook profile, the alarm bells in your head should be ringing. Clearly, they are trying to hide their online behavior, and there’s a high chance they’re cheating on you.

5. Deleting You from Facebook

Have you been blocked on social media or unfriended by your partner?

This is totally unacceptable and considered one of the most common signs of cheating! Your partner might be trying to prevent you from seeing who they are talking to and who they are friends with.

If this happens, you should ask your partner to show you their Facebook account, including all messages!

6. Facebook Secret Conversations

Facebook’s secret conversation feature is commonly used by cheaters. This feature allows them to have encrypted conversations that can be quickly deleted without leaving a trace.

If you catch your partner using this, and they’re actually cheating, they won’t be able to have a good excuse for it.

7. They Won’t Let You Near Their Facebook Profile

You can try to peek at your partner’s phone and see their reaction.

If they become incredibly defensive, they could be cheating on you. Cheaters will often hide their Facebook activity and go as far as hiding into other rooms or using Facebook only when you are fast asleep.

How to tell if someone is cheating on Facebook? Use eyeZy!

The only way to know if your spouse is cheating: Read all of their messages on Facebook.

But this can only be done by getting physical access to their device or using a spy app. Although, grabbing your partner’s phone and reading their Facebook messages without getting caught is close to 0!

Fortunately, this is where spy apps like eyeZy can help!

eyeZy runs in stealth mode, which means your partner will never know it’s there. This spy software records everything your spouse does on their phone, including their activity on Facebook messenger, allowing you to access all of their messages from your own device.

With its amazing features, eyeZy will surely catch a cheating partner red-handed:

1. Read All Facebook Messages Including Secret Conversations

With eyeZy, you can view every single message your partner has sent on Facebook Messenger – and even access their secret conversations and full contact list. Plus, it allows you to see all the files, photos, and videos they’ve sent and received.

2. Monitor Your Partner Without Being Caught

With eyeZy, you’re not going to get caught going while going through your partner’s device.

You only need to physically access your partner’s cellphone for a few minutes to install the software. Once installed, this spy app runs in full stealth mode, secretly recording every activity on the device without being noticed by the user.

To access all of their Facebook activities, you simply need to log in to your eyeZy account from any device. Then, open the app’s dashboard to see all the messages, contacts, files, and activities on your partner’s device.

3. View Your Partner’s Browsing History with Web Magnifier

eyeZy has a feature called Web Magnifier, which records every single website your partner visits. It reveals their most-viewed sites, how much time they spend on a certain website, including significant timestamps.

Wiping the entire web history or using incognito mode won’t matter; eyeZy will still record everything, letting you know if you partner is visiting dating websites, planning secret trips, or accessing explicit content.


Don’t spend another night wondering whether or not your partner is cheating on Facebook.

If you noticed any warning signs, it’s time to install a spy app on their device.

For as little as $9.99 per month on a 12-month plan, you can see everything your spouse is doing on their device. With eyeZy, you can easily uncover Facebook secret conversations, flirty text messages, unusual call logs, and other suspicious activities.

So, if your partner cheating on you? Try eyeZy now and find out!


How to catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook?

The best way to catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook is to install a spy app such as eyeZy on their device. This spy app runs undetected on your boyfriend’s device and records all of their Facebook activity, including messages, secret conversations, and friends’ list.

What messenger apps do cheaters use?

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are very popular with cheaters. These apps are 100% free, nearly everyone has them, and they allow cheaters to have encrypted conversations that can be quickly deleted. It is a red flag if your partner is constantly on these apps talking to random people.

How to check boyfriends Facebook messages?

To check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages, you can ask to use his phone, and then when he is not looking quickly open Facebook. Alternatively, you can find out his password and then access his Facebook when he is asleep or left his phone unattended. You could also hack his Facebook by resetting his password.

How do I know if my wife is cheating on social media?

The major warning signs that your wife is cheating on social media: She spends a lot of time chatting on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook; she doesn’t let you see her messages; and she doesn’t let you see her contact list. To know for sure what your wife is doing, you should install eyeZy on her device and read her social media messages.

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