WhatsApp Spy Apps

Spy on WhatsApp messages without installing anything on the target phone. All apps mentioned below have been extensively tested and vetted by our team of experts. No rooting & jailbreaking required.

  • Easy and quick setup
  • Remote installation
  • See WhatsApp media – photos, videos, voice memos
  • View sent and received WhatsApp messages
  • See all WhatsApp contacts
  • Track WhatsApp calls
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As the name suggests, WhatsApp spy apps help you monitor a target’s activity on WhatsApp Messenger. This includes their conversations, multimedia, deleted texts, call logs, contact details, and the location of the target.

Most spy WhatsApp apps work in stealth. Once they are downloaded on the target phone, they spy on WhatsApp messages without the user ever knowing.

The WhatsApp conversation spy app runs discreetly in the background. They do not drain the target’s battery life making them undetectable. 

Besides, most WhatsApp spy apps can monitor WhatsApp Messenger with no rooting or jailbreaking. Others, however, require jailbreaking for the user to access advanced monitoring features. 

Why People Use WhatsApp Spy Apps

With WhatsApp spy apps, parents get to protect their children. They feel reassured when they know whom their child is speaking to.

On the other hand, spy apps help partners improve their relationships. For example, assume you suspected your partner was cheating on you and decided to spy on their WhatsApp conversation but found no proof.

How will that make you feel? You will be at peace knowing that your relationship is safe.

How Do WhatsApp Conversation Spy Apps Work?

Now that you know what WhatsApp spy apps are, how do they work exactly? 

Step 1: You need to create or sign up for an account with a spy app. Alternatively, you can download an app.

Step 2:  Add your login details. They may include your email address and passwords.

Step 3: Access your target’s phone. 

Step 4: Download the WhatsApp conversation spy app on their phone.

Step 5: Once downloaded, install it and delete the browsing and downloads history to hide it. 

Step 6: If the spy app requires you to jailbreak the phone, do so. When completed, install the app.

Step 7: Log in to your spy app account for WhatsApp monitoring. 

Since there are a variety of WhatsApp spy apps in the market today, there may be variations in how they work. Nevertheless, they have a similar pattern as the one stated above.

How Can You Choose A Perfect WhatsApp Spy App

WhatsApp spy app

Not all spy apps are great for monitoring a target. So how can you find a perfect WhatsApp spy app? Well, look for the following features:

  1. Functionality: When choosing a spy app, go for one with more than 10 features. These include monitoring location, contact details, timestamps, social media surveillance, among others.
  2. Does not require access to the target’s phone: A perfect spy app helps you monitor your employees, partner, or child remotely without touching their phone.
  3. Stealth: What good would a spy app be if the target knew you were monitoring them? Therefore, look for a WhatsApp spy app that is discreet.
  4. Easy to use: A great spy app is user-friendly and does not require you to be tech-savvy. You should feel ready to use the spy app after watching a free demo.
  5. Versatility: Even though your top priority is spying on WhatsApp messages, a perfect spy app will give you access to other social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and Skype.
  6. Compatibility: It would be pointless to install a WhatsApp spy app for Android on an iOS device. Therefore, choose a spy app that is compatible with the target phone.
  7. Evaluate Reasons for Tracking: Tracking features differ between spy apps. Therefore, if you are a jealous spouse, an SMS tracker with screen and call recorders is the perfect fit. If you are an employer, you require an app with a keylogger to monitor what your employees are typing on the company’s phones. How about parents? The best fit is a spy app with screen limitations and web filters. Understanding who and why you are spying will help you choose the perfect spy app.
  8. Customer Support: It is normal for software to develop glitches, errors, or malfunction. This is where good customer support comes in.

Great WhatsApp spy apps have great customer support. They are available 24/7 to provide feedback, explain products, and assist.

Reading consumer reviews on a specific spy app will help you determine whether or not their customer service is great. 

  1. Usability: Are you an employer looking for a spy WhatsApp app for more than 10 devices? Choose a spy app package for business. This allows you to monitor up to 25 phones at once.
  2. Price: As much as you want to spy on WhatsApp messages, choose a spy app with a reasonable subscription plan.

Can I Use WhatsApp Monitoring Apps Without Rooting or Jailbreaking? 

Well, the truth is that it all depends on the WhatsApp monitoring app. Some spy apps require you to jailbreak the phone.

These WhatsApp spy apps cannot access advanced options if the target’s phone is not rooted or jailbroken. However, when this is done, the phone can spy on 3rd party applications, intercept phone calls, and monitor social media.

On the other hand, some spy apps do not require rooting or jailbreaking. Instead, they run on the cloud.

This means that you only need to be connected to a browser to monitor the target’s phone. The monitoring spy app synchronizes data from the victim’s phone to your monitoring screen through the cloud.

Are WhatsApp Spy Apps Undetectable?

Yes, to some extent. Some spy apps leave no trace of their existence on the target’s phone. However, if the victim knows what they are looking for, they will find these undetectable apps.

For example, if you own an Android phone, here is an easy way to detect WhatsApp spy apps.

Click on ‘Settings’ > ‘Applications’ > ‘Running Applications’.Your phone will list all the running applications and you can delete any that you did not authorize.

How Can I Read WhatsApp Messages Online for Free?

The honest answer is, you cannot. Some spying apps advertise that it is possible to download WhatsApp spy apps for free but that is a scam. 

All they offer are free demos for a limited time. Once the free-trial period expires, you will need to purchase a subscription plan. 

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How Can I Spy WhatsApp Messages Without a Target Phone?

If the target device runs on iOS, it is possible to install a spy app remotely. All you need is the target’s iCloud credentials.

On the other hand, you require physical access to the target’s phone to install Whatsapp spy apps on Android devices.  

What Do WhatsApp Conversation Spy Apps Do? 

They relay all data from the target’s WhatsApp Messenger to your monitor. This includes WhatsApp calls, text messages, media files, and location surveillance. 

Is It Legal to Use WhatsApp Monitoring Apps?

It depends on why you are spying. WhatsApp monitoring apps are considered legal if they are for ethical reasons. For instance, there’s nothing wrong with a parent tracking their child’s device.

Additionally, it also depends on where you live. Different countries have different laws. Therefore, it is wise to find out what your state laws say about monitoring someone’s phone. 

What is the Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android?

mSpy is one of the best spy apps for Android. It is easy to install and use, allows you to read WhatsApp messages including deleted chats, has a keylogger and comes with geofencing capabilities.

Also, mSpy can work on non-jailbroken devices too. This makes it available to just about anyone. The customer support is great too and is available round the clock.

What if you are wondering about how to get the WhatsApp chat history of others online? mSpy can help you retrieve this information too. 

If you have any doubts about mSpy, sign up for their 7-day free trial before purchasing the subscription.

How Can I Spy On WhatsApp from PC?

There are two distinct ways to spy on WhatsApp from your computer. You may choose to install a WhatsApp spy app on the target phone.

Alternatively, you can use WhatsApp Web. This spying tool is free and effective when the target phone is within range. Sadly, it is easy to get caught.