iPhone Spy Apps

Monitor iPhone activities on your childs’, employees’, or spouses’ devices with the help of free iPhone spy apps. All apps mentioned below have been extensively tested and vetted by our team of experts. No jailbreaking required.

  • Easy and quick setup
  • Remote installation
  • See all photos and videos
  • See deleted messages
  • Track iPhone’s location
  • Access 30+ social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Tinder, etc.
  • Screen recording
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iPhone spy apps are surveillance software that secretly monitors and relays information about the target’s activities on their phone. The information can range from:

  • Recording calls
  • Monitoring social media accounts
  • Monitoring browser activity
  • Tracking GPS locations

You might need to install some iPhone monitoring apps on the target’s phone to spy on them. For some, however, installation is not a must if you have the target’s iCloud credentials.

It is important to note that spy apps for the iPhone do not have equal features.

Some are simple to use while others require you to be tech-savvy. Moreover, some monitoring apps have plenty of features unlike those with basic functionality.

How Do iPhone Spy Apps Work?

As stated above, iPhone monitoring apps have different features. Nevertheless, for them to work, they follow a similar pattern as the one stated below.

Step 1: Visit the iPhone spy app website. Choose ‘Try Now’.

Step 2: Create an account. 

Step 3: Select your targeted device.

Step 4: Choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan that suits you.

Step 5: Log in to your account.

Step 6: Set up the monitoring app according to the instructions given and start spying.

On the other hand, some spying apps for iPhone work in the following way.

Step 1: Carefully select the best iPhone spy app.

Step 2: Download and install it on the targeted iPhone.

Step 3: Input the target’s iCloud details to get started.

Step 4: Start Monitoring from your dashboard.

How Can One Choose A Perfect iPhone Spy App?

The market is flooded with numerous spy apps for iPhones. But that does not necessarily mean that they all are perfect for you.

Therefore, before making a purchase, it is wise to check that the iPhone monitoring app meets the following criteria:


A perfect iPhone monitoring app needs to be compatible with the iOS version. It is important to note that some spy apps are specifically designed for Windows or Android, making them incompatible with the target’s iPhone.

However, how can you tell that a spying app is compatible with iPhone users? By reading the information on the ‘Features’ section on the website or the ‘FAQs’ available at the footer. 

Easy to Use

A great iPhone spy app should be easy to use too. Even though spy apps have similar features, their user interface designs are much different.

Therefore, open the ‘Free Demo’ displayed on the homepage to familiarize yourself with the features, settings, layout, and options. Click on ‘Free Trial’ too for better acquaintance.

Need for Jailbreaking

Before choosing an iPhone spy app, confirm whether it requires you to jailbreak the target’s phone. Not only does jailbreaking decrease the phone’s security, but it can also result in data loss.

However, jailbroken phones are free of certain restrictions. This gives them maximum control to perform advanced spying activities such as:

  • Intercepting calls 
  • Monitoring third-party apps
  • Taking screenshots.

If you are knowledgeable about jailbreaking, you are free to choose apps with this feature. But if you have no clue, then the best iPhone monitoring app for you is one with no jailbreaking.

Tracking Features

When purchasing an iPhone spy app, it is important that you keep in mind the reason why you are monitoring your target. 

For example, the perfect iPhone monitoring apps for parents are those with screen restrictions, web filters, and panic buttons.

The best iPhone spy apps for jealous partners should include calls, texts, and media monitoring. They should also provide location surveillance and real-time data tracking.

How about employers? The perfect iPhone spying app should report the daily activities of the employees and have a keylogger to monitor what they are saying.

Customer Support

Perfect iPhone spy apps can have glitches, malfunctions, or errors in the system. When this happens, you will need to contact customer support.

How can you tell that an iPhone’s monitoring app has the best customer support? One way is through reading other customers’ reviews. These honest critics will give a better understanding of how the company handles its clients.

On the other hand, find out whether they have a ‘Live Chat’ feature or 24/7 customer assistance.

Can I Use iPhone Spy Apps Without Jailbreaking?

Sure, you can. There are plenty of iPhone spy apps that have specialized versions of spying without the need for jailbreaking.

What’s more, with iPhones, you can gain access to the target’s iCloud storage without jailbreaking their phone.

However, keep in mind that jailbroken iPhones have more features compared to iPhone spy apps without jailbreaking.

Are iPhone Spy Apps Undetectable?

Most spy apps for iPhones monitor in secrecy and relay information without alerting the target.

They do not affect the iPhone’s performance or battery life. The spy apps are well-hidden from the Home screen and operate in the background.

However, the fact that they are invisible does not make them undetectable. Even when the spy apps disguise themselves with names such as ‘Service Updates’, they can be discovered by a watchful target.

Can I Use iPhone Spy Apps Without Installing Software on the Target Phone?

Yes. Since iPhones backup their data on Apple’s iCloud service, you can access the target’s data without installing software.

You only require their iCloud credentials to retrieve this information.

Is It Legal to Use iPhone Spy Apps?

If you are using iPhone spy apps for ethical reasons, this is regarded as legal. However, if you aim to compromise someone’s privacy, you may face legal consequences. 

It also depends on where you live, different states have different laws on spying. Some countries have strict regulations against spying compared to others.

What Are the Best Spy Apps for the iPhone? 

mSpy is the best spy app for the iPhone today. The company prides itself in offering iPhone tracking features, with or without jailbreak. 

The mSpy app helps you, monitor:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls 
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Media files
  • Location through the GPS

It is easy to install and use this monitoring app as it features a user-friendly interface. Besides, it operates silently in the background, relaying information from the target’s iPhone without raising red flags.

Can I Find iPhone Spy Apps Free of Charge?

The only free iPhone spy app is the built-in ‘Find my iPhone’ program. This free monitoring app helps you track the location of the target.

However, this feature is limited and unreliable as it only monitors location. Besides, you need to activate the program for it to work.

On the other hand, iPhone spy apps require you to purchase a subscription plan. They, however, offer ‘Free Demos’ and ‘Free Trials’ to help you test the application before making a purchase.