Spyier Review – Is This Spy App Worth Your Time?

Cell phone spy apps like Spyier enable you to keep tabs on their activities. You can then find the root cause of the problem and take the necessary action without much hustle. Spyier makes this possible by tracking locations, calls, messages, and app activities.[…]

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If your child, partner, or employee is giving you cause for concern, you might want to do something about it. Back in the day, this would be an uphill task, but not today. 

Cell phone spy apps like Spyier enable you to keep tabs on their activities. You can then find the root cause of the problem and take the necessary action without much hustle.

Millions of parents, employers, and people in relationships today use Spyier to keep their loved ones safe while protecting their interests. 

Spyier makes this possible by tracking locations, calls, messages, and app activities. In this review, we will take a look at:

  • What is Spyier mobile spy app
  • How does the Spyier mobile spy app work on Android?
  • How does the Spyier spy app work on iPhones?
  • Spyier Compatibility
  • Spyier Features
  • Spyier Price

What Is Spyier Mobile Spy App?

The Spyier cell phone spy app is an advanced licensed monitoring software. It is armed with a slew of bleeding-edge features for advanced spying. 

One such feature is advanced location tracking through GPS, wifi, and SIM. Spyier also features state-of-the-art stealth mode which makes spying 100% risk-free. Those are just but a few of the features that we will discuss further during this review. 

Spyier is easy to set up and use. 96% of their customers are satisfied with their product and services. The company also guarantees 24/7 Customer Service for round-the-clock help & troubleshooting. If you couple this to the 60-day money-back guarantee, it’s easy to see why subscribers are happy.

How Does The Spyier  Mobile Spy App Work On Android?

Spyier is one of the most cutting-edge Android cell phone spy solutions. With Spyier, you are not required to root the target device. This is unlike many other Android Spy Solutions.

Spyier also features a  modern dashboard with unique features. This makes for one of the best Android spy apps, especially for remotely monitoring an Android device. This can be done easily from your web browser.

Once you register for an account> get a subscription> link up a device, you can start monitoring in a matter of minutes:

  • Any Android device running OS 4 and up
  • Social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook
  • GPS Locations, SMS, Calls, and Contacts
  • Remain hidden thanks to Spyier’s stealth mode

How Does The Spyier Mobile Spy App Work On Iphones?

Spyier for iPhone is one of the best iOS cell phone spy apps. Thanks to extensive compatibility and top-of-the-line features, you can Monitor risk-free and anonymously.

You can easily set up Spyier without jailbreaking the target device. Also, unlike for Android, no app download is necessary!

Once you register for an account> get a subscription> link up a device, you can start monitoring in a matter of minutes:

  • All Apple iPhones and iPads running iOS 7 and up
  • Get access to 12+ unique phone monitoring features
  • Monitor risk-free and anonymously 100% undetectable
  • Remotely from your web browser

Spyier Mobile Spy App Compatibility

All Apple iPhones and iPads running iOS 7 and up

Any Android device running OS 4 and up

Spyier Mobile Spy App Features

Spyier has 12+ unique phone monitoring features for Android and iOS. In this review, we will take a look at:

  • Call Tracker
  • SMS Tracker
  • Location Tracking & Geofence Alert
  • Web history tracking 
  • Whatsapp Spy

Call Tracker

If you fear a shady stranger might be contacting your child, checking their call log remotely might be a useful feature to have in your cell phone spy app. With just a quick look, you will tell you if you should be concerned or not.

Call tracking is also important for knowing who your loved ones or employees are in touch with. With Spyier, you can do all this as well as:

  • View all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Look at popular callers and the call frequency
  • Access call duration and timestamps
  • Monitor remotely from your dashboard
  • Remain 100% stealth

SMS Tracker

Our children, especially in this digital age, make for easy targets of abuse. They are easily preyed on by bullies, toxic people, and sexual predators. The only way to protect them from such harm is to track their phone use.

Also, if you fear your employees are not loyal to your business, tracking their SMS can provide you with priceless information. 

With Spyier, whether you’re in a troubled relationship, a parent, or an employer, you can 100% anonymously track SMS. In under less than 5 minutes of setup time, you can: 

  • Read all incoming and outgoing texts and iMessages with timestamps
  • Read deleted text messages and iMessages with contacts info
  • View media files

Location Tracking & Geofence Alert

If you think someone is doing something behind your back, tracking their movements can be helpful. It could be a partner you suspect of cheating, an errant employee, or your child is not attending classes.

With Spyier, you can quickly and conveniently track any of their cell phones or tablets. In the Spyier dashboard, there is location-related info based on GPS and WiFi data.

Another neat addition is the feature can come in handy if the target phone is missing. If you suspect it has been stolen, you can track it remotely and discreetly from any web browser. This creates the potential to retrieve the device and catch the thief. 

In addition to location tracking, Spyier also offers geofence tracking and alerts. This feature allows you to mark out virtual zones on a map. You will be alerted if the target leaves or enters the zones.

Web History Tracking 

A quick look at one’s web browser history can tell you a lot, especially when they start acting up. Whether you are a parent, in a relationship, or an employer, you can gain insight into their thoughts and inner state.

If you are looking for a detailed overview of a person’s internet usage, look no further. With Spyier, you can access website URLs, title, visit frequency, and a time and date entry.

People are also fond of clearing their browser history. This is not a concern for Spyier which stores the browser history. Even if the browser history and cache are cleared from the target device, you’ll still be able to view it from your private account. 

Whatsapp Spy

If you fear your child is targeted by bullies, reading their WhatsApp messages can give you a lot of insight.

If you are an employer and fear an employee is being disloyal, you can legally track their work phones. You will know if they are trying to sell business secrets. You can then prevent them from stealing or flush them out.

With Spyier, you will see all their latest WhatsApp activity including:

  • Messages sent out or received
  • Added details like contact names
  • Display pictures, and phone numbers
  • Messages time and date stamps 
  • Deleted messages

You can do all this remotely from any web browser. Simply Log in to the Spyier dashboard to access the WhatsApp spy feature under the “Social Apps > WhatsApp” option in the selection menu to your left.

Spyier Mobile Spy App Price

Spyier uses a 3-tier pricing system for Android and iOS subscriptions. 

Android Price

iPhone Price

Spyier Mobile Spy App Installation

The installation process is very simple and easy. Here’s how it goes:

How To Install Spyier Mobile Spy App On Android 

Step 1: To install Spyier for Android, you will require:

  1. A paid account which will be used to access the Spyier control panel and all its features
  2. Physical access to the target Android phone or tablet for 5 minutes.

Step 2:

1. Go to the pricing page and choose a plan.

2. Install Spyier on the target phone.

3. Start monitoring from any web browser.

NB: The detailed installation process across different Android devices varies significantly. During your installation process, make sure to accept all permission requests for the app to work as intended.

How To Install Spyier Mobile Spy App On iPhone

Step 1: To set up Spyier spy on iOS you will need:

  1. A paid account which will be used to access the Spyier control panel and all its features
  2. An iCloud Account ID and password of the target iPhone

Step 2: Click on “Start Monitoring” on the email you received after purchasing Spyier to enter the Control Panel and start the remote installation process. On the first page of the Setup Wizard, enter the name of your target and select the OS “iOS(iCloud)” and click Proceed.

Step 3: Enter the iCloud ID and password in the next screen and click Verify. Make sure iCloud backup is enabled on the target iOS device and Two-Factor Authentication is disabled to successfully monitor the target iPhone/iPad without jailbreak.

Step 4: Select the target iOS device to be monitored and click Next

Step 5: Click the “Start” button to start monitoring the iPhone. Congratulations! You’ve set up Spyier remotely successfully.

Do I Need To Root/Jailbreak My Phone To Install Spyier Mobile Spy App?

No. you do not need to root/jailbreak the target device to install Spyier onto the target device. Simply choose the target platform (iOS and Android) and follow the on-screen instructions to get up and running. The setup only takes 5 minutes too because it’s easy. This would not be possible if rooting/jailbreak was required.

Is Spyier Mobile Spy App Detectable?

No. Spyier can be used to monitor phones and tablets 100% discreetly risk-free. The mobile spy app runs truly stealthy. It does not drain the battery or slow down the phone. Spyier won’t also cause erratic behavior which can make someone suspicious. Finally, the Spyier app uses negligible system resources.

Is Spyier Mobile Spy App Legal?

The Spyier software is INTENDED FOR LEGAL USES ONLY. Installing surveillance software onto a mobile phone requires you to notify users/ owners of the device that it is being monitored. Violating this requirement could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. It is recommended that consult your legal advisor concerning the legality of using the Licensed Software before downloading, installing, and using it.

Can You Install Spyier Mobile Spy App Remotely?

Yes. Spier can be installed remotely on iOS target devices. Once you have their iCloud credentials, simply follow our iOS setup process to begin monitoring. Unfortunately for Android users, one-time physical access to the target device is required to install the app. 

Pros and Cons


  • No root/jailbreak required to install
  • Easy setup and install process
  • Many advanced features at an affordable price
  • Remote installation for iOS devices
  • Lightweight full stealth Android app


  • Varying installation experience for Android users.


With over a million parents, employers, and people in relationships using Spyier, you can say it is a good cell phone spy app.

Many people today use the Spyier app to protect their interests by tracking locations, calls, messages, and apps. The app for iOS is also web-based making remote install possible, while remaining stealthy, and 100% secure.

Their pricing is relatively similar to competitors if not relatively affordable. We recommend the Spyier cell phone spy app to parents, employers, or people in relationships for novice and advanced spying needs.

Also check out our coverage of mSpy, which is the best cell phone spy app of 2021. 

Expert’s verdict

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We think Spyier is one of the best spy apps in the market right now, if not the best one. It offers industry-leading features and a hassle-free setup. The app is secure, easy-to-use, and convenient to access. You could do much worse than Spyier.

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