How to Check Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone for Free

Do you need to access your boyfriend’s text messages now? We will show you a range of different methods and help you see who your boyfriend is texting for free!

Signs You Need To Check Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages

Do you suspect your boyfriend is cheating?

Before you grab his phone and breach his privacy, we recommend you keep an eye out for these signs. If you notice 2 or more of these signs, then we think you have grounds for reading his text messages.

  1. Always on his phone – Is your boyfriend glued to his phone 24/7 and constantly messaging different people? Then he may have more than one girlfriend!
  2. Is very defensive – Does your boyfriend get angry and defensive when you try to look at his phone? Then he is probably doing something shady!
  3. Talks to people you don’t know – If your boyfriend is constantly messaging mysterious people, then he is likely chatting to different women.
  4. Messages people late at night – Does it seem like whenever you go to sleep, your boyfriend is up texting? It is unlikely these late-night chats are innocent!
  5. Won’t give details about his conversations – Have you tried to find out who your boyfriend is talking to and what they are talking about? If he can’t answer these simple questions, he is likely talking to his new girlfriend.
  6. Deletes messages – Have you caught your boyfriend deleting messages? Then he is probably covering his tracks and stopping you from seeing inappropriate messages or images.
  7. Goes into other rooms to text – This is a classic cheater behavior. Only someone who is hiding something would act this way.

The last thing you want to do is break your partner’s trust and read all his messages only to find out he is being unfaithful. This will make you feel bad and may cause your boyfriend to freak out.

To avoid this situation, you should only read your boyfriend’s text messages if you strongly suspect him of cheating. To find out methods that are proven to read, keep reading below! 

How to Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Online for Free

Is your boyfriend’s behavior setting off red flags? Then it is time to take drastic action! Use the methods below to read your boyfriend’s messages for free and find out for sure if he is a cheater!

Get Someone You Know To Access His Phone

If you can’t personally touch your boyfriend’s phone, you can ask someone close to him to grab his phone and take a look. For example, you could explain the situation to one of your boyfriend’s family members or one of his friends, and ask them to help. They could ask your partner for his phone to make a quick phone call, then step out of the room and quickly scroll through your boyfriend’s text messages.

The great thing about this method is that it is completely free and doesn’t require any fancy software. Also, as you are not the one going through your partner’s SMS messages, you can deny any responsibility. Unfortunately, for it to work, you need to find people who are willing to help and are capable of getting physical access to your boyfriend’s cell phone. Another downside is that your helper will probably only have a few minutes to sift through your boyfriend’s messages, which may not be enough time to find evidence of cheating.

Send Your Boyfriend Malware

Do you want to know how to find out who your boyfriend is texting for free? A sneaky trick is to send him an email or file containing malware. Malware is a type of computer virus that infects devices, including cell phones, and lets you see what a person is doing, records device activity, and even lets you take control. 

You can find free malware online, which you can download and then send to your boyfriend. The tricky part with using this technique is you have to research malware, find one and learn how to use it. And once you understand how it works, you then need to figure out how to install it on your boyfriend’s phone. 

The most common way to infect a device with malware is by sending emails that look legitimate with malware attached files. You need to come up with an email that not only will your boyfriend read but will click on the malware-infected file. This can be a real challenge, and it is why scammers send out millions of malware-infected files hoping at least a few people will click on them. If you can successfully infect your boyfriend’s device, this is one of the best ways to find out who he’s texting for free!

Access His iCloud On Your Own Phone

If your boyfriend has an iPhone, you can read his messages by logging in to his iCloud from your own device. iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage system and allows people to store images, files and messages on Apple’s servers without taking up space on their own devices. 

If you’re still asking “how to read my boyfriend’s text messages online for free”, then access his iCloud by following these steps:

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Tap “Sign in to your iPhone”
  3. Enter your Apple ID and password

Once you are logged in to your boyfriend’s Apple ID, you will be able to read his messages. Unfortunately, your boyfriend will receive a notification that someone has signed into his Apple ID, so we recommend using this method when he is not using his phone, such as late at night. The major issue with this method is that you will need to know your partner’s Apple ID details.

Download Your Boyfriend’s iCloud Contents On Your Computer

How can I see who my boyfriend is texting without his phone? Download his entire iCloud on your computer now! With this method, all of your boyfriend’s iPhone files, including messages, videos, and images, will be sent directly to your computer. You can then browse through them whenever you want!

To download your boyfriend’s iCloud on your Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Finder or iTunes.
  2. Connect your boyfriend’s device to your computer and enter his password
  3. Select your boyfriend’s iPhone on Finder of iTunes
  4. Click Restore Backup
  5. Select the latest backup date
  6. Tap Restore and wait
  7. Keep your device connected after it restarts and wait for it to sync with your computer

After you have completed the backup, you now have all of your boyfriend’s files safely saved on your computer and can check them out at your convenience.

Although technically, you do need access to your boyfriend’s phone briefly for this method to work, once you have performed the backup, you can view all of his text messages without touching his phone. If you want to see everything your boyfriend has been up to, including SMS messages, videos, and pictures, we recommend this tactic. 

After you have completed the backup, you now have all of your boyfriend’s files safely saved on your computer and can check them out at your convenience.

How to Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is Texting? Use uMobix

Do you want to instantly read your boyfriend’s SMS messages? Install uMobix on his device!

This spy app is designed to catch your boyfriend cheating and records everything he does on his device, including:

Text messages

Are you convinced your boyfriend is texting other women? Then read all of his text messages and find out he is cheating with uMobix. This spy app will send all of your boyfriend’s messages directly to your device.

Social media activity

Is your boyfriend up all night messaging people on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp? Does he refuse to tell you who he is talking to? Then read all of his messages, including secret conversations and deleted chats with uMobix.

Browser history

Do you suspect your boyfriend is meeting women from dating sites? Or maybe he is visiting explicit websites? Find out for sure by installing uMobix. This spy app will show you every single site your boyfriend has visited, even if he deleted his history and uses incognito mode!

Call logs

Are you curious who your boyfriend is calling? uMobix will send you full call logs that include contact time, time, and length of the call.


Thanks to uMobix you have access to your boyfriend’s camera and microphone at all times. This means you can see what he is doing and listen in on his conversations.

View deleted info

It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend tries to cover his tracks by deleting inappropriate messages or explicit content, uMobix will still find it! This spy app retrieves every deleted message, call, and contact.

GPS location

Do you think your boyfriend is not telling the truth about his whereabouts? Find his location down to his exact latitude and longitude with uMobix! This spy app also has an awesome map feature so you can track your partner’s movements in real-time!

Using uMobix could not be easier! All you need to do is sign up at uMobix, grab your boyfriend’s device for a few minutes and install the app. If your boyfriend has an iPhone, you can install this spy app remotely by entering his Apple ID. After you have completed the setup process, uMobix will automatically record all of your boyfriend’s SMS messages.

To access your boyfriend’s cell phone history, you just sign in to your uMobix account and will be greeted with all of his text messages, social media DMs, browser history, and more! And don’t worry about getting caught because uMobix runs in the background of your boyfriend’s phone, and he will never find it!

If you need to know if your boyfriend is a cheater, download uMobix now. You can use this 5-star rated app for under $12 per month on a 12-month plan!

What is the best who is he texting free app?

Free apps are not reliable. We recommend using a top-rated paid spy app such as uMobix. With uMobix, you will be able to read every message and see your boyfriend’s social media activities, videos, images, and more!

How can I get my boyfriend’s text messages sent to my phone?

The best way to get your boyfriend’s text messages sent directly to your phone is to use a spy app. We recommend uMobix because it is easy to use, fast to install, and allows you to see everything your boyfriend is doing, including text messages, browser history, call logs, and more!

How can I see my boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing for free?

To see your boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing for free, you need to get physical access to his phone, infect his device with malware or hack his Apple ID. Alternatively, you can use a spy app like uMobix and, for a small monthly fee, be guaranteed to read all of your boyfriend’s texts without being detected.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it!

Free apps to see who your boyfriend is texting are not reliable. The only effective way to see who your boyfriend is texting is to use a spy app.

We recommend uMobix because it is not only very simple to use, but it also guarantees to show you all of your boyfriend’s text messages. This top-rated spy app will send to your device all of your boyfriend’s call logs, browser history, and social media activity so you can find out for sure if he is cheating. Don’t spend another stressful night wondering if your boyfriend is faithful, download uMobix and learn the truth today!

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