How Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

In 2021, Health Testing Centers quizzed 441 adults in monogamous relationships. The poll’s result showed that a little over 46% of the people currently cheat or have cheated on their partner in the past. By approximation, this research result proves that one in every two relationships currently suffers or has suffered infidelity problems.

Another research from the Institute for Family Studies supports this fact after examining men and women who are currently in or have been in a relationship. They found out that cheating in men and women increased with age.

Infidelity as an act is as ancient and prevalent as the institution of romantic relationships, and statistics have helped to prove it. Sadly, many people find it difficult to tell when their partner is cheating, and that’s because the cheating partners find ways to keep the external affair(s) private.

Those days are over now. This article exposes how cheaters hide their tracks, how to study your partner’s behavior to know if they’re cheating, and how to catch a cheating partner.

How to Know If You Have A Cheating Partner

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Cheating partners exhibit certain signs when they start seeing someone outside their relationships. These signs can sometimes be misconstrued as red flags or personal issues needing attention. But if you don’t resolve the root cause (cheating), obliterating these signs would be impossible. 

 Let’s look at five signs to know if your partner is cheating.

Increased Privacy With Their Devices

Many cheaters use their devices – phones, tablets, and laptops – to communicate when they are having an external affair. So when they are around you, they fear they might get caught and hold these devices suspiciously.  A cheating partner will spend significantly more time on their phones and refuse to let you in on what they’re doing or who they’re discussing with. 

If your partner is not letting you check their phone or being overly private when they’re around you, they might be planning a surprise for you with your friends. However, there’s a higher probability that they’re cheating, so check for these other signs of a cheating partner to confirm. 


You know that period at the beginning of a relationship where you are your partner get so fond of each other? You are hardly out of each other’s sight, and even when you’re not together physically, you’re together on the phone. 

Those moments begin to decline as the relationship ages, but you and your partner will still retain constant communication.  If this communication reduces drastically without a valid explanation for your partner’s absence, they’re probably cheating. 

Cheaters spend more time with outside partners and become unavailable in their main relationships. If your partner is beginning to keep a distance, they might be seeing tough times or seeing someone else.

Reduced Sexual Interaction

If you are in a sexually active relationship, you would agree that it is absolutely normal to have a low sex drive sometimes. While other times, you’re raging like a stallion and smashing like a tennis player. 

You will experience a similar issue for longer if you have a cheating partner. Research proves that cheaters can lose most or all of their sexual interest in a partner when they start seeing someone else. 

Alternatively, your partners might become overly interested in having sex and trying out new positions. Being with a new person can increase their sex drive, and sometimes, they want to perform new kinds of sex they learned from the outside relationship. 

So if your partner’s drive becomes higher or lower than usual, they’re probably cheating.

Anonymous Acquaintance

Your partner’s friends and family are people you should know before you begin the relationship.  And it is easy to know these people because your partner will often talk about or spend quality time with them. 

Once they spend time chatting or calling someone, they could be cheating on you with such a person. It gets worse when you confront them, and they refuse to explain who they’re chatting with or give you some unsatisfactory explanation. Just they’re probably cheating. 

Cheating Accusations

It is not uncommon for cheating partners to falsely accuse you of cheating. The accusation happens because they feel guilty, and rather than apologizing, they expect you should also be cheating. Hence, they wrongly accuse you.

Sometimes, they even get paranoid and reply to your questions with questions or sound defensive during conversations.  Projecting their behavior on you is one of the ways how cheaters hide their tracks. They make it seem like you are at fault while they lead a double life. 


Individually, each of these suspicious activity explains how cheaters hide their tracks and keep their affairs a secret. On the flip side, they might also be a pointer to another issue in the relationship. So, before you proceed to monitor your spouse, ensure they exhibit most of these five signs. 

How Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

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If you read the last section and most signs reminded you of your partner’s behavior, they’re likely cheating. Now, you probably have already begun to feel deceived and heartbroken. But you need solid proof to confirm that your partner is cheating before confronting them.

Cheating partners will consciously hide their tracks and prevent you from finding evidence of their infidelity. This section aims to put you five steps ahead by exposing how cheaters hide their tracks. Here goes nothing.

Incognito Windows

Browsing in incognito mode is a perfect way to tread the streets of the internet without leaving any trace. The incognito mode does not record your browsing history or track internet data.

Your partner might be using incognito mode to access online dating sites, and you won’t know about it even if you check their search history. The whole data gets wiped off as soon as they close the webpage. 

A Second Phone

A cheating partner trying to keep their affair from prying eyes could have a second phone or another SIM card used exclusively for their nasty hobby.  With a second phone, a cheating spouse would not need incognito to hide their tracks. They can also act freely around you, knowing there’s no skeleton in that cupboard. 

Some mobile phones even allow users to create a second space. This second space allows users to switch to another storage space and environment entirely different from the main space. People who want to work on their phones without distraction can switch to a second space and do all their tasks before coming to the main space. 

However, cheaters explore this feature to separate their main activities from their promiscuous life. An easy way to catch such people will be to check if your partner’s phone has a second space. Then check if they’re using it and what they use it for. 

Hidden Social Media Accounts

Having multiple social media accounts is another way cheaters hide their tracks. Since you’re following them on their main accounts and you can see their interactions, their solution is creating fake accounts for private activities. 

Typically, these social accounts will have a profile that shows their single and available to mingle. It will likely be opened with a fake name and new phone numbers, so they are untraceable. They can also be operated on the burner phone discussed in the previous section. This way, cheating is safer and reduces the chances of the cheated partner finding out. 

Oversharing or Undersharing

Infidelity takes its toll on the cheating partner, especially when they’re not used to the activity. One of the ways that cheaters hide their tracks is in the level of information they’re willing to share with you. 

Some people may begin to withhold information. They become mindful of their words, hide photos, and even have alibis for how they spend every minute of their day. It’s quite ironic how they find it easy to share their affection yet find it difficult to share information. 

On the other hand, a cheating spouse might start oversharing information once they start oversharing affection. They give you too many details about their day, but the information will be mostly vague, making it easy to hide their illicit activities. 

Oversharing is typically a better option for many cheaters because it prevents the cheated partner from getting suspicious and insecure. 

Private Financial Life

Being a cheating partner requires more than just spending extra time and affection on someone else. You’ll also have to spend money – planning dates, booking hotel rooms, shopping, etc. When cheating spouses begin to spend extra on their external affairs, they make their financial life a secret and hide it from their actual partner. 

Being extravagant is a red flag for many people in relationships. So, when a cheating partner begins to spend money they cannot account for, they tend to hide their finances to avoid questions about their bank account. 

How to Track a Cheater’s Locations and Social Media Accounts

Girl peeking at her partner's phone

Increased privacy is one of the first signs of a cheating partner. They hide their text messages, call logs, and chat apps and browse the internet in incognito. They also have increased visits to private locations and refuse to tell you where they’re going if you ask. 

Cheaters hide things: it’s in their nature. If your partner fits into three or more scenarios in the first subsection, you need to find a way to track their activities, and there are several ways to go about this. Below are five ways to track a cheater’s locations and social media accounts. 

Background Check

If your partner is cheating, there’s a huge possibility they’ve done it in past relationships. Humans tend to exhibit a certain pattern, and doing a background check can help you realize if your partner has a history of infidelity. 

Your check will focus on records like past marriages or divorces. Some partners tend to hide such information about themselves, but they belong to a public record, and you don’t have to be a law enforcement officer to access them. 

You can also research their past addresses and ask why they left the address. You can also check for criminal records: you never can tell what you will find when you go down the rabbit hole. 

Private Investigation

Conducting a background check yourself can be tedious and time-consuming. You might even become distracted in the relationship, or your partner might get wind of your mission before your come up with something tangible. Hiring a private investigator is another way to track sneaky cheaters without their knowledge. 

When people cheat, they leave traces. Cheaters can keep their external affairs a secret from their partners but can’t hide their tracks from unsuspecting strangers. From the hotel receptionist to the restaurant attendant, strangers will know about the relationship. This simple flaw makes it easy to hire a private investigator to track a cheating partner without their knowledge. 


Hiring a private investigator can be quite expensive, and if they come up with no proof that a person is cheating, it feels like a waste of money. Another option to track your partner is to get acquainted with their acquaintances. Meet their friends in real life and make online connections with the ones you cannot physically meet. 

Send them text messages often and try to find other people your partner might be associated with. By connecting with your partner’s friends and trying to get into their circle, you’ll easily know if they have other friends or relationships they’re hiding from you. 

One thing cheaters do is lead a double life. While some of these acquaintances will know about your partner’s secret, they might not know how to hide it from you as well as your partner does. One day, they’ll slip, and you can get the information you’re looking for.

This option might take time, and you might come up with nothing. But the silver lining is you’ll have created a good bond with your partner’s friends and built trust in the relationship.

Spy Apps

eyeZy spy app dashboard

Another clever way to track your partner’s activities is to use parental monitoring software (spy app). Several spy apps share trackable data from a target device (the child’s) to the monitoring device (the parent’s).  These apps perform various functions like GPS tracking, location sharing, screen recording, WiFi Network Tracker, etc. They also provide access to the social media accounts of the target device. 

Eyezy is an example of such an app; the dashboard is shown in the picture above. On the dashboard, you can see windows showing information about a target device – its name, model, location history, and current location on the map. 

Using spy apps will be ineffective if the cheating partner uses a burner phone for their external affairs. The app needs to be installed on the target device; if you do not know the target device, it’ll be impossible to monitor your partner’s activities remotely. 

Phone Lookups

Thanks to modern technology, cheaters can no longer hide their affairs a secret for too long. How? You can use a search tool like Phone Lookup to get information about a person. All you need to do is provide the person’s number. The search tool will reveal all the available information about the person – their full name, phone numbers, social media accounts, associates, friends, and family. 

The search tool will also reveal if they have more than one cell phone number or social media accounts. Phone lookup is another way to expose cheaters and all their secrets.

How To Deal With A Cheating Spouse

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As tempting as having multiple partners might seem, no one likes to be cheated on. If you catch your partner sending romantic text messages to another person, there’s a need to worry about your relationship. 

Sadly, you need to do more than worry. Taking action is critical, and if you don’t know what to do, here’s a list of things you do to a cheating spouse. 

End the Relationship 

Cheating is more than a red flag for many people; it’s a deal breaker. Remember that if they’re cheating now, they’ve probably cheated before; no matter how sorry they are, they’re likely to cheat again. So instead of putting yourself through this heartache again, you can save yourself from future hurt and end the relationship immediately. 


No one is perfect, and everyone deserves a second chance – even your cheating spouse. If you have bought your partner cheating and want to allow them to repent, the best thing to do is communicate with them. 

Sit them down and let them know you’re aware of their relationship. You can forgive them if they sober up and apologize for their actions. This moment would be ideal to let them know about other red flags they’re showing that need correction.  

Sometimes, the partner might deny it even after giving them hard evidence. If you find yourself in this situation, it would be in your best interest to end the relationship immediately and avoid being gaslighted. 


Your relationship situation at any time significantly affects your happiness and overall well-being. Infidelity threatens this happiness and can make you a shadow of yourself. This article has exhaustively explained how to catch a cheating spouse and deal with them. If the situation becomes too much for you to handle, you can also seek professional help. But whatever you do, always put your mental health first!

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