How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend?

Do you think your boyfriend is cheating? Then, we are going to help you find out! In this article, we will look at signs your boyfriend is cheating and even show you the best cheating boyfriend apps that you can use to catch him! 

How To Find Out My Boyfriend Is Cheating?

Fortunately, there are so many different ways to find out if your boyfriend is cheating. Check out the most effective methods to catch your cheating boyfriend.

How to Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating with a Tracking App

Do you want to know where your boyfriend is really going when he is claiming to be going to a “work meeting” or “seeing friends”? Then use a tracking app! These apps will give you the exact GPS location of your boyfriend’s phone, including timestamps. If he claims to be visiting his parents, but you catch him on the other side of town at a mysterious person’s house, you know he is cheating!

Install mSpy on his device! This spy app is programmed to record every single thing your boyfriend does on his phone, including:

  • Browser history – Are you convinced your boyfriend is hooking up with girls from dating sites? Then install mSpy and view every single website he has visited even if he deleted his history and uses incognito mode!
  • Text messages – Have all of your boyfriend’s text messages sent to your mSpy account, which you can view at any time. If your boyfriend has a secret girlfriend, you will find her number and see all of the messages your partner has sent her.
  • Social media activity – Is your husband glued to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp? Is he up all night chatting away to mystery people? Then it is time to read all of his DMs and messages, including secret conversations, thanks to mSpy!
  • GPS location – Do you suspect your boyfriend is lying about his location? Pinpoint his exact location with mSpy! This app will show you in real-time on a map where your boyfriend is and even reveal his latitude and longitude.
  • Call logs – Find out exactly who your boyfriend is calling and for how long. You will instantly know if he is calling his female co-workers outside office hours!
  • Images and videos – Are you convinced your boyfriend has pictures and videos of his new girlfriend on his device? mSpy will record every image and video on your boyfriend’s phone and send them directly to your device. If your boyfriend is receiving or sending explicit pictures, you will find out!
  • Keystrokes – mSpy comes equipped with a complimentary keylogger. With this feature, every keystroke your boyfriend makes on his phone will be recorded, including when he signs in to Facebook and Instagram. With this tool, you will be able to instantly find out his passwords!

To use mSpy, you simply create an account, then access your boyfriend’s phone for under 5 minutes and install the software. If your boyfriend has an iPhone, you can install this spy app remotely with just his Apple ID. Once installed mSpy will start automatically recording everything your boyfriend does on his phone. Check if your phone is compatible with mSpy below:


Check your device compatibility

Great! Your device is compatible.

To view all of your partner’s phone activity, you simply log in to your mSpy account, and via the dashboard, you will be able to check out Facebook messages, call logs, GPS location, and more! Also, this spy app runs in stealth mode, so your boyfriend will never find out he is being tracked.

If you are serious about catching your cheating boyfriend, then install mSpy today. You can use this amazing spy for under $10 per month on a 12-month plan!

Check Cloud Storage  

Does your boyfriend have an iPhone? Then you need to check out his iCloud and see what messages and pictures he is hiding there. If you know his Apple ID login, you can download your boyfriend’s iCloud onto a new device and instantly view his files or use mSpy to help you out. Unfortunately, this strategy is risky because your boyfriend will be alerted to what you are doing and block you before you have the chance to complete the download.

View His Browser History 

Are you convinced your boyfriend is using dating sites or viewing explicit content? If he refuses to tell you what websites he is visiting, you can find out by checking his browser history. Unfortunately, most cheaters are very careful with their devices and browser history. Your boyfriend may wipe his history or use incognito mode. mSpy extracts all browsing history with ease, in under five minutes.

You can still view every site your boyfriend has visited by installing mSpy on your partner’s device. This is specialized software that has the ability to track all of your boyfriend’s phone activity, including his browser history. It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend deletes everything, mSpy will still record and send it to your device. To find out the exact websites your boyfriend is using, install mSpy on his device now! 

Install a Keylogger Program 

Are you dying to know what your boyfriend is doing on social media? Then you may need to hack his Facebook or Instagram account, but how? Use a keylogger! A keylogger records every keystroke your boyfriend makes including when he is logging in to different accounts. With this software, you will easily be able to find out his username and password for all online accounts, including social media. 

There are numerous keyloggers out there, but many are unreliable or very expensive. We recommend mSpy because not only is it accurate and fast to set up, but it won’t break your budget. Install mSpy and get immediate access to your boyfriend’s social media profiles and learn who he is talking to!

Try a Sound Recorder App  

This is not the most effective method but it still has caught a few different cheaters. All you need to do is install an app on your boyfriend’s device. Then sit back and relax as it records everything your husband does on his phone.

Install A Secret Camera 

Let’s face it, if your boyfriend is cheating, he is probably doing it right under your nose! To catch him in the act, simply place a few hidden cameras around your house. Then all you need to do is wait. If your boyfriend is unfaithful, his secret girlfriend will probably show up at your boyfriend’s house or apartment eventually. And when she does, you will have video evidence that your partner will have no chance of arguing against.

Interrogate Your Boyfriend

If you don’t have any evidence that your boyfriend is cheating, you need to confirm your suspicions. This can be done by asking specific questions about where your boyfriend was at particular times, who he is spending time with, who he is texting. If he refuses to answer basic questions, then you can be pretty certain he is acting shady and likely cheating. 

Look For Physical Signs

If your boyfriend is cheating, he may come home with unexpected marks on his, smelling like women’s perfume, or even have gifts. We recommend you search his bag and pockets and look out for any incriminating physical evidence that could prove he is a cheater.

Create a Fake Social Media Profile

A classic way to catch a cheater is to create a fake social media profile and then add your boyfriend. You should then start flirting with your boyfriend and see how he responds. If your boyfriend starts flirting back and wants to meet up, you know he is a cheater. This method may seem a little crazy, but it is a common tactic police use to catch drug dealers and terrorists. 

Access Your Boyfriend’s Phone 

All of your boyfriend’s secrets are tucked away in his phone, including images, messages, contacts, and more! If you can just get access to his phone, you can find out if he is faithful or not. The problem is cheaters are usually extremely careful with their phones and won’t let you near it. They also know how to cover their tracks and delete information. Don’t worry, in the next section, we will show you how to use a cheating boyfriend app designed to let you view every single thing on your boyfriend’s phone! Try mSpy here and gain full access to your cheating boyfriend’s phone without him ever knowing.

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

Before you start playing the role of detective and breaking into your boyfriend’s phone or following as he goes to “work,” keep an eye out for these cheating signs:

  • He is far less affectionate. If your boyfriend starts hugging and kissing you less and isn’t excited about going on dates with you, he may be getting that connection from other women.
  • Your boyfriend has changed his daily routine. For example, he starts leaving the house earlier or coming home from work a few hours later. Or maybe he claims he has started a new hobby. These are signs he is secretly seeing another woman.
  • He won’t answer questions directly. Does your boyfriend like to change the subject or give vague answers? He may be hiding information about his new lover!
  • Your boyfriend spends a lot of time on his phone and social media. Does it seem like your boyfriend is glued to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? He could be using these apps to flirt with other women and even organize dates.
  • He is suddenly taking excellent care of himself. Did your boyfriend suddenly start hitting the gym? Did he upgrade his wardrobe? The sudden change may be in response to wanting to impress his new secret girlfriend.
  • He won’t stop talking about his co-worker or one of his friends. If your boyfriend is suddenly very excited about someone else and spends a lot of time telling stories about them and praising them, then there could be something more than friendship going on.
  • You aren’t having as much sex. Did suddenly go from a daily routine to only happening once a week? Your boyfriend may be getting some action somewhere else.
  • Your boyfriend won’t let you touch his phone. If your boyfriend freaks out every time you go near his device, then he is probably hiding something very shady on there, such as inappropriate messages and pictures of his new girlfriend.
  • He is spending a lot of money. Did you check your boyfriend’s account balance recently and notice something odd? He may be spending all that extra cash on someone else! 
  • Your boyfriend is always angry and irritable. Was your boyfriend previously happy and sweet to you but is now always annoyed? This is a classic sign that he is seeing another woman and is no longer attracted to you.

If you notice any of these warning signs, it is time to catch your man red-handed. But how to find out my boyfriend is cheating? We will show you proven ways to know for sure if your man is being unfaithful!

Why Do Boyfriends Cheat On You?

It is estimated that 30% of boyfriends are unfaithful to their girlfriends. This is an incredibly common problem that psychologists have been trying to figure out for decades. Here are some of the top reasons why boyfriends cheat:

  • Get revenge – If your boyfriend feels like you have disrespected him or embarrassed him, he may try to get revenge by sleeping with someone else. When engaging in this type of cheating, your boyfriend may try to sleep with someone you know, such as a friend.
  • They want to end the relationship – Some men are too cowardly to break up with their girlfriend, so they will sabotage the relationship and force the girlfriend to end things. Boyfriends won’t even try to hide this type of cheating.
  • Mental health and substance issues – When people are going through tough times, their decision-making becomes impaired, and they are seeking thrills. This can lead to impulse-driven behavior such as cheating.
  • Seeking validation – If your boyfriend does not feel wanted or desired by you, he may look for other women to provide this validation. Men with low self-esteem are also more likely to cheat.
  • They are Narcissistic – Your boyfriend may have narcissistic traits which prevent him from caring or empathizing with your feelings. He may only be focused on his own happiness.
  • Looking for an emotional connection – Your boyfriend may be looking for affection and friendship, which you aren’t providing. Men looking for connection will often form friendships with co-workers before actually cheating.

There are so many different reasons why your boyfriend may be cheating. However, it is important to realize it is not your fault. If your boyfriend was unhappy with elements of your relationship, he should have talked to you about it, and you could have come up with a solution. Cheating is never acceptable. If you are still unsure if your boyfriend is being unfaithful, check out these classic warning signs below.

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Who Is Cheating 

Now you have successfully used mSpy to catch your cheating boyfriend and hopefully ended the relationship, it is time to figure out what happened. To help you achieve closure and understand what caused your relationship to break down, we have come up with a list of questions to ask your boyfriend. You can ask as many questions as you like, but our recommended ones should give you valuable insights into your boyfriend’s behavior.

Prior to grilling your partner, you should take a few days to calm down and let your anger subside. The last thing you want to do is get into a screaming match and end up doing something crazy like smashing his apartment or car. When you have collected your thoughts, ask your boyfriend to talk. 

Dealing with a cheating boyfriend is a horrible experience. However, you must not let it define you or poison future relationships. To effectively move and find your true love, you need to achieve closure, and asking these questions is a good start:

  • Why did you cheat?
  • Did you think about my feelings when you were cheating? 
  • Did you love this new person?
  • What did this person offer that I wasn’t providing?
  • Are you sorry for your actions? 
  • What were you not happy about in our relationship?

You can use your boyfriend’s answers to close this chapter of your life and ensure that your next relationship is a success!

Final Thoughts

Dealing with a cheating boyfriend is horrible but what is even worse is suspecting him but not knowing. To give yourself closure and find out right now if your boyfriend is cheating, you need to install mSpy on his phone. With mSpy, you can instantly view all of your boyfriend’s text messages, call logs, social media activity, track his physical location, hack a Discord account and view his browser history. If your partner is being unfaithful, mSpy will let you know. Download this incredible spy app today!

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