How To Track Someone’s Location Via Text

Are you worried that your significant other may be cheating on you? Well, by tracking their phone, you can quickly prove or disprove your theory.

Even better, tracking someone’s location can be as simple as sending a text, and you can do it without them knowing that you are tracking them.

Tracking Someone’s Location Via Text – A Step-by-Step Guide

The best way to track someone’s location is via text. A text will register on the nearest cell phone towers and will allow you to get a general idea of where someone is at – using triangulation technology.

Then, there are apps that allow you to get a more accurate location through text such as LocationTracker and Localize.

Tracking Someone's Location Via Text

Step 1: Register Online and Purchase a Subscription

The first step is to create an account on the website of the location tracking service. For example, if you’re using Localize, you need to create an account with your email address and pay for a monthly or an annual subscription. You can also try the service for 24 hours at a mere $0.89

Step 2: Enter the Phone Number of the Person You Want to Locate

Next, after downloading the app or registering online, you’ll need to enter the phone number of the person you want to locate. 

If you don’t have their phone number, then it is possible that it can be found online. Searching their social media accounts, websites, or even their sign-off at the end of an email are all great places to start.

Step 3: Send a Text

Lastly, all you have to do is send the target a text message You can choose from a standard text or send a custom message. Depending on the app, it may be an image or link that the person on the other end has to click so that you can see their exact location.

Other apps work instantaneously but may be less accurate. After sending a text, it will register on multiple nearby cell towers and triangulate the approximate location of the phone.

Best Apps for Tracking Someone’s Location Via Text

Two apps that give you an accurate location tracker (down to the address) and the ability to stay anonymous at the same time are Location Tracker and Localize.


The LocationTracker app

The LocationTracker app will track the desired person without them realizing it. While there is an app, you can also register online and start tracking right away.

In order to track someone, you will have to upload a picture of your choosing to their site or app. Then, LocationTracker will convert that picture into a link.

Lastly, all you have to do is send that link to the person you want to track and once that person opens up the link, you will have access to their exact location while remaining anonymous. 


Localize Helps Track Someone’s Location Via Text

Localize works a bit differently from LocationTracker. First, you need to enter the phone number of the person that you want to track as well as a text that will act as inconspicuous bait for your significant other.

Then, Localize will send your text message along with a tracking link. As soon as your significant other opens the link, you will have instant access to their location without them knowing.

Is It Legal to Track Someone’s Location Via Text?

It is illegal for a citizen to track an adult person electronically without their consent. However, you can track your children without their consent as well as your phone if someone took it.

So, as long as you have someone’s consent or if it is your property, then it is not illegal to track an adult.

Why You Would Track Someone’s Location Via Text 

One of the most common reasons to track someone’s location is to ensure that your partner is not cheating on you. 

In other words, you would want to track someone to make sure they are where they are supposed to be.

The three most common reasons to track someone are to:

  • Keep track of a child
  • Ensure that an employee is on time at the right place (during work)
  • Make sure that a spouse is not cheating on you

Keeping Track of a Child

If your child is going on a field trip or is going to be out on his own, then it can be important to know where he is at all times to ensure that he is safe.

So, learning how to track someone’s phone is essential to keep your children safe.

Keeping Track of an Employee

Location apps are great for businesses that send their employees out to different locations for work. 

Knowing where your employees are will not only help you make sure that everything is on track but will also ensure that your employees are not wasting time and are at the designated location.

These apps also help keep the employee accountable and responsible during the workday because you can hack into their screen time

Keeping Track of a Spouse

If you believe that your spouse or significant other may be cheating on you, then a location finder app can either help you prove your belief or give you some peace of mind.

Location finder apps can give you a way to track your spouse without them knowing. So, you can monitor their movements without them knowing that you are doing so.

Final Thoughts

Relationships are hard enough, and suspecting that your partner may be cheating on you and having any way to know for sure is no way to live. Thankfully, location finder apps are easy to use and are especially great if you need to ensure that your significant other is not cheating on you.


How to Track Someone's Location via Text Without Them Knowing?

As long as you use location finder apps like LocationTracker or Localize, then no one will know that you are tracking their location via text.

Can I Track Someone’s Location via Text for Free?

You can track someone’s location via text for free; however, higher-end apps that keep your tracking activities a secret will cost money. Typically, a subscription will cost around $30 to $50 a month.

If I Text Someone, Can They See My Location?

It is not possible for someone to see your location when you send them a text. However, if someone sends you a message with a link using a service like Localize, they can see your exact location if you click on it.

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