How To Track Someone On Google Maps Without Them Knowing?

Are you concerned your partner or children are lying about their location? Don’t panic! With our tips, you will know their exact location at all times and be able to track them on a live-updating map!

Can I Track Someone On Google Maps?

You can track someone on Google Maps either by installing 3rd party tracking software on the target’s device. Or by accessing the target’s phone, opening Google Maps, and activating location sharing.

Both of these methods are highly effective and work on both Android and iPhone. Activating location sharing on Google Maps is 100% free and can be set up in just a few minutes. However, the downside to this method is that the target can easily tell they are being tracked by opening Google Maps and then, with one click, disable tracking. 

This is why we recommend installing spyware on the target device. Spyware runs in stealth mode, so the target will never know they are being tracked. Spyware also offers comprehensive tracking and allows you to read a person’s texts, view their browsing history, and even check out their Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and WhatsApp messages. Keep reading to learn how to secretly track someone on Google Maps and find the best spyware solutions!

Here’s How To Track Someone On Google Maps Without Them Knowing:

Now you know that Google Maps has a location-sharing feature. It is time to show you how to activate it! We will also explore the best spyware solutions on the market and how you can use them to track your children or partner.

Method 1: Turn On Location Sharing On Android

Google Maps has a great feature called location sharing, where you can broadcast your live location to anyone you desire. To track someone on Android using this feature without them knowing, follow these steps:

  1. Take the target’s Android
  2. Open Google Maps
  3. Select Profile Icon in the top right-hand corner
  4. Click Location Sharing
  5. Tap Get Started
  6. Select Until You Turn This Off
  7. Click your contact
  8. Tap Send link
  9. Open the message on your device and click on the link
Turn On Location Sharing On Android

Now you can view a map with the target’s live location, which will automatically update. This tactic is 100% free and can be set up in just a few minutes. The downside is you need physical access to the target’s phone, and they can easily detect they are being tracked by opening Google Maps. Keep reading to find out how to track someone on Google Maps while staying completely undetected!

Method 2: Turn On Location Sharing On iPhone

Google Maps on iPhone has the exact same location-sharing feature that you find on Android. However, the setup process is slightly different. Follow these steps to start tracking someone on Google Maps on iPhone:

  1. Take the target’s iPhone
  2. Open Google Maps
  3. Select Location Sharing
  4. Click your contact (add your Gmail to your contact if you haven’t already)
  5. Open your Gmail and the email 
  6. Click View on Google Maps
Turn On Location Sharing On iPhone

After opening the email and clicking View on Google Maps, you will be taken to a map and can track the target instantly! However, be careful they may catch you and disable the tracking!

Method 3: Try Localize

Localize app

Do you want to track someone undetected without installing 3rd party software? Then try Localize. To use Localize simply:

  1. Head to Localize
  2. Type in the target’s phone number
  3. Compose a text message
  4. Localize then sends the target a text with a link
  5. Once the target clicks the link, you can track their live location

You can use Localize for 24 hours for less than $1! The great thing about this method is that it requires no installation, and you don’t have to touch the target phone. The only downside is that it will only work if the target clicks on the link sent to them by Localize.

Method 4: Install Cocospy – Track Anyone Undetected!


Cocospy is a spy app that physically tracks any device and lets you know exactly what someone is doing on their phone. With Cocospy, you can read texts, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram messages, view call logs, and browser history. The best thing about Cocospy is that it is a hidden app, so you will never get caught tracking someone!

To install Cocospy on Android, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to Cocospy 
  2. Select Android
  3. Access the target’s phone 
  4. Open Settings>Lock Screen and Security
  5. Enable Unknown Sources and click OK
  6. Disable Play Protect (Open Settings>Google>Security>Google Play Protect>Disable Improve Harmful App Detection” & Scan Device For Security Threats)
  7. Click Install and Open the app
  8. Log into your Cocospy account
  9. Turn On System Service in Accessibility and Usage Data Service
  10. Enable System Service in Autostart
  11. Tap Hide App
installing Cocospy on Android

To install Cocospy on iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to Cocospy
  2. Enter the target’s Apple ID details
  3. Wait a few hours for the spyware to collect and transmit data
  4. Open your Cocospy account and view the target’s location and phone activity from your dashboard!
installing Cocospy on iPhone

Once installed, you just need to sit back for a few hours and let Cocospy get to work. To view the target’s live location and all their photos, images, and messages, simply sign into your Cocospy account! If you are looking for comprehensive location tracking without worrying about being caught, install Cocospy now for under $12 per month and find out what your partner or children are doing and where they are!

Method 5: Install uMobix – View Someone’s Live Location Without Them Ever Finding Out!

uMobix app

uMobix is another top-rated spy app that allows you to track someone’s live location on a map using GPS. It will even give you exact latitude and longitude! uMobix is more than a location tracker and transmits all of the target’s phone data, including texts, social media messages, call logs, and browser history, to your device. This app runs in stealth mode, making it ideal if you need to stay undetected!

You can have uMobix set up on anyone’s device in just less than 3 minutes! Once installed, all you need to do is log into your uMobix account, and you can track the person’s live location and real all of their Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, and Instagram messages! Try out uMobix for under $12 per month and know exactly where your family is at all times!

Method 6: Track Someone Using WhatsApp

If the target doesn’t have Google Maps installed on their device but uses WhatsApp, you can still track them! To use this method, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp on the target’s phone
  2. Open your conversation with the target
  3. Click the Attach icon
  4. Tap Location
  5. Click Share Live Location
  6. Tap Send
  7. Open the WhatsApp chat between you and the target
  8. Click View Live Location
  9. Click on their profile icon
  10. Tap Get Directions
  11. Select Google Maps
WhatsApp Share Live Location

Now you can open Google Maps and be able to track the target. The issue with this method is the target can quickly discover your spying ways by opening their WhatsApp and then turning off the tracking.

How Do I Secretly Track Someone On Google Maps?

The best way to secretly track someone on Google Maps is to install spyware on their device. Spyware runs secretly in the background of the target’s device and discreetly sends you their location. Two reliable and high-performing spyware solutions are uMobix and Cocospy.

Installing spyware only takes a few minutes and after installation, the person will never know they are being tracked! If you are installing spyware on an iPhone you don’t even need to touch the target device and can perform the setup remotely via the target’s Apple ID. Read our above section to learn how to use uMobix and Cocospy.


You can easily track someone for free on Google Maps by accessing their device and turning on location sharing. Unfortunately, the target will eventually discover they are being tracked and disable it. If you want to continue to monitor someone and find out exactly what they are doing on their phone without ever being detected, install spyware! Try out Cocospy or uMobix for under $12 per month and keep your children safe and your partner from cheating!


How Do I Track A Phone Number On Google Maps For Free?

To track a phone number on Google Maps for free, you need to:

  1. Access the person’s phone
  2. Open Google Maps
  3. Click Location sharing
  4. Select your contact (you need to add your Gmail to your contact if the target has an iPhone)
  5. On Android, message the link to yourself and click it
  6. On your iPhone, open the email sent to your Gmail and click View on Google Maps

Can You See When Someone Checks Your Location On Google Maps?

To see who is checking your location on Google Maps on your iPhone go to:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Click your Apple ID.
  3. Select Find My
  4. View the people who can see your location


To see who is checking your location on Google Maps on Android go to:

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Click on your Profile Image in the top right-hand corner
  3. Tap Location Sharing
  4. Now you can see a list of people you are sharing your location with

Can I Track My Husband On Google Maps Without Him Knowing?

You can track your husband on Google Maps without him knowing by installing spyware on his device, we recommend uMobix or Cocospy (set up time less than 5 mins). Alternatively, you use a number tracking service such as Localize.

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