5 Easy Ways To Track Your Boyfriend By Phone Number For Free

Do you think your boyfriend is lying about his whereabouts? Are you convinced he is meeting up with another woman when he tells you he is seeing his parents or going to a “friend’s” house? Find out exactly where your boyfriend is for free by using these simple tracking tricks!

Can I Track My Boyfriend By Phone Number For Free?

You can track your boyfriend for free, but you need more than just their phone number. If your boyfriend has an Android, you can access his location by logging into his Google account. For this method to work, your boyfriend’s phone must be switched on, and they must be connected to a network.

If your boyfriend has an iPhone, you can use the Find My Phone feature. Simply go to iCloud.com, log into your boyfriend’s iCloud, tap All Devices, select your boyfriend’s iPhone, and then you will see their location on a map.

You can track your boyfriend by just their phone number, but you will need to pay. Localize and GeoFinder are two paid options that send a text with a link to your boyfriend’s phone, and when he clicks the link will send you his exact location. GeoFinder costs $29 for unlimited 10-year membership, and Localize costs $0.89 for 24 hours and then $49 per month. We will explore all of these methods in detail below!

How To Track My Boyfriend By Phone Number For Free?

The best ways to track your boyfriend are: Localize, GeoFinder, mSpy, Find My Phone for iPhones and Find My Device for Android. See how these methods work below and why we think Localize is the best!

Method 1. Try Localize!

Localize is our top method if you want to track your boyfriend by phone number for free! This method is fast, simple, and costs just $0.89!

Track your boyfriend with Localize

Find out exactly where your boyfriend is by following these steps:

  1. Open Localize
  2. Enter your boyfriend’s number
  3. Compose a text message
  4. Localize sends your boyfriend a text with a link
  5. Wait until your boyfriend clicks the link
  6. Localize sends you your boyfriend’s location!

At just $0.89 for unlimited use for 24 hours, you won’t find more reliable and faster methods to track your phone. Unlike lots of other methods out there, all you need for Localize to work is just your boyfriend’s phone number. You need any passwords or physical access to his device. Simply enter his number and let Localize do its thing!

Method 2. Send Your Boyfriend A Text With GeoFinder

GeoFinder is another phone number tracking tool just like Localize. It works in a very similar way. The only difference is that GeoFinder costs $29 for a 10-year unlimited membership.

GeoFinder app

To use this tool, follow these steps:

  1. Open GeoFinder
  2. Enter your boyfriend’s number
  3. Pay for membership
  4. Enter your number
  5. Receive a text with your boyfriend’s location

If Localize doesn’t work, then we recommend trying GeoFinder; while it is not free, a one-time payment of $29 is a small price to pay to know if your boyfriend is being faithful! GeoFinder works on all devices and networks and only requires your boyfriend’s phone number!

Method 3. Install mSpy On Your Boyfriend’s Phone

While Localize and GeoFinder are great ways to see his location with a phone tracker if you only have his number, they are not suitable for long-term tracking and can’t reveal what he is doing on his phone. This is where mSpy can help!

mSpy tracking spyware

mSpy is comprehensive spyware that tracks your boyfriend at all times and lets you read his texts, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and TikTok messages. It will even reveal his call logs and browser history. To install mSpy on Android, you will need physical access to his device for 5 minutes, and on iPhone, you can install it remotely via your boyfriend’s Apple ID.

If you want comprehensive tracking and to find out everything your boyfriend is doing on his phone, then we recommend mSpy. Try it out for under $12 per month on a 12-month plan!

Method 4. Use Find My Phone


If your boyfriend has an iPhone, you can track his location for free via the Find My Phone feature. You just need to:

  1. Head to iCloud.com
  2. Enter your boyfriend’s Apple ID
  3. Click All Devices
  4. Select Your Boyfriend’s iPhone
  5. See his location on the map

This method is simple and 100% free. However, the issue is that you need to know your boyfriend’s Apple ID, and when you log into his account, he will get an alert that his account has been hacked and the IP address and the device you used. He will promptly change the password, and you won’t be able to track his location in the future. He may even know it was you who hacked his account if he recognizes your device or IP address.

Method 5. Sign In To Your Boyfriend’s Google Account

Find My Phone for Android

This method works just like the Find My Phone feature but for Android. All you need to do is:

  1. Open Find My Device
  2. Enter your boyfriend’s Google account details
  3. Select your boyfriend’s phone
  4. View your location on the map

This tactic only works if your boyfriend is logged into their Google account and you know their password. Unfortunately, cracking your boyfriend’s Google account details is not easy, and when you sign in, they will be altered that a new device has accessed their account.


If you don’t have physical access to your boyfriend’s phone and don’t know their Apple ID or Google account details, the best way to track him is using Localize. To use Localize, simply head to their site, and enter your boyfriend’s number with an accompanying text message. Once your boyfriend opens the text and clicks the link, Localize will show you his exact location. Don’t let your boyfriend get away with lying, use Localize for just $0.89 and find out the truth!


Can I Track My Boyfriend By Phone Number For Free Without Him Knowing?

Localize is an amazing way to track your boyfriend by phone number. You simply enter your boyfriend’s number on Localize and compose a message. Localize will send the message with a link. Once your boyfriend clicks the link, you will know his exact location. It is virtually free and costs just $0.89 

How To Know Where My Boyfriend Is Right Now?

GeoFinder is a great way to know where your boyfriend is. All you need to do is enter your boyfriend’s number, and then this tool will send you a text with his exact location. You can use GeoFinder for 10 years for a one-time payment of $29

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