How to Listen to Cellphone Conversations from Another Phone

How Can You Listen to Someone Else’s Phone Calls?

Listening to someone else’s phone calls remotely has been made easy with free and paid apps. Usually, apps that require a subscription provide additional features, including text messages, emails, and social media monitoring. These apps allow you to monitor frequently contacted numbers and the duration of each call.

Are you a parent worried about your kids’ activities, especially those they call? Do you think your partner is cheating? And if you run a mobile workforce, do you think there are trust issues among your employees? If you have any of these questions, you may want to know how to listen to cellphone conversations from another phone to give you peace of mind.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can listen to other people’s phone calls. Going through someone else’s phone may be risky and break trust. But there are third-party tools that allow you to listen to phone calls remotely.

Our experts have spent a lot of time researching and testing effective methods to listen to phone conversations. Therefore, this comprehensive guide covers the best cellphone listening methods, their benefits, and how to use them. We will also discuss what you need to know before listening to other phone calls and how to detect when someone is listening to your calls.

Can I Listen to Someone’s Cell Phone Conversation?

It is possible to listen to cell phone calls remotely. Although there are several methods for listening to phone calls, the most effective are paid spyware apps. Before choosing a method, it is best to consider the app’s features, its compatibility with your device, and how easy it is to install. 

How to Listen to Phone Calls from Another Phone?

As mentioned earlier, there are several methods on how to listen to conversations on others’ cell phones. These methods include;

Google Voice

Google Voice welcome screen

Google Voice allows you to listen to and record phone calls for free. This call-monitoring method is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Google voice is one of the simplest methods on how to listen to someone’s phone calls; you only need a Google account. After setting up your account, you can direct forwarded calls to your office, cell, or home phone. 

How to use Google Voice

  • Sign up for Google Voice using your Google account
  • Choose a google voice number
  • Verify your account using your current number
  • Click the gear in the top right corner and choose settings from the drop-down menu
  • Select the phone calls
  • Turn on the call recording option
  • Press number “4” during or before an active call to record 
  • You can stop the recording by pressing “4” again

Pros and cons of Google Voice

Google voice is reliable, free, and easy to use. However, physical access is required, and you can’t record ongoing calls. 

NoNotes App

NoNotes app image

NoNotes is popular for recording and transcribing calls. You can use the app to save calls in the cloud. 

How to use the NoNotes app

  • Download the app from the App store
  • Register your account and input your phone number, email address, and a six-digit pin.
  • Repeat this procedure on the target device
  • You can now listen to incoming and outgoing calls

Pros and cons of NoNotes

The NoNotes app is easy to install and use. The app allows recording, and you can back up your files to the cloud. In addition, the app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and you have access to top-notch quality call recordings. If you are looking for how to listen to conversation of others’ cellphones, the free version of the app allows you to record up to 20 minutes of calls for free. You can also learn about how to hack someone’s phone remotely.

The downside to NoNotes app is that it is detectable, and you have to pay to access unlimited calls.


phone image with dictaphone

TapeACall is a simple solution for listening to phone calls immediately. The app has an improved user interface, making it easy to use.

How to use TapeACall

  • Visit TapeACall’s website and purchase a subscription
  • Download the app on your phone
  • Tap the “record” button to dial in and the “merge” button to start recording the conversation.
  • Tap the “playback” button to listen to the recorded conversation

Pros and cons of TapeACall

TapeACall has an excellent interface for a great user experience. It also allows you to record phone calls and share the records on social media. You can also record both incoming and outgoing calls. However, the sound quality on the app is bad, and it only works if the phone’s service provider supports three-way calling.

mSPY – Recommended App for Listening to Phone Calls

mSPY is an efficient spyware app that listens to and records phone calls. You can also track other information on the target device to keep your child safe, monitor your employees, and know what your partner is up to.


mSPY dashboard general
mSPY dashboard
  • Call history tracking: you can track call logs on a target device and know who calls your spouse or child often. The app also allows you to know the time the calls took place and the duration of the calls
  • Social media monitoring: you can check all chats, including incoming and outgoing messages of a target device. mSPY gives you access to online chat apps, including Facebook messenger, Instagram DMs, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.
  • Browsing history: you can check the browsing history of a target device and know more about what they spend their time on. mSPY allows you to see the sites visited and how much time is spent on each website
  • Email monitoring: you can monitor incoming and outgoing emails on a target device. mSPY gives you access to Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail

Pros and cons


  • mSPY lets you spy on your boyfriend’s phone without touching it to know if they are cheating on you. Having proof of cheating can help you confront your spouse more efficiently
  • You can monitor social media activity on your child’s phone and keep them safe from cyberbullying
  • Listening to your employees’ phone calls can help you know if there are trust issues in your team and fix them appropriately
  • GPS location tracking in mSPY can help you find your phone if it goes missing


  • The app is not free. You have to subscribe to a package
  • mSPY only supports one device per subscription plan


mSPY offers several packages, including basic and premium plans. The basic plan costs $19.44 per month. The basic plan does not have as many features as the premium plan. The cost of the premium package, on the other hand, depends on how many months you purchase.  

Price Months
$48.99/month 1 Month
$27.99/month 3 Months
$11.66/month 12 Months

Installation and configuration

mSPY dashboard device activity

You can install mSPY on your phone by following these steps;

  • Purchase a suitable pricing plan on the app’s website
  • Choose your preferred device type and have your target phone handy
  • Choose the target phone’s features and disable play protect
  • Download the mSPY app and follow on-screen instructions to install
  • Log in to your mSPY web dashboard and allow the spyware record the target phone’s activities and transmit to the server
  • You can now check the call logs, including incoming, outgoing and missed calls

Installing and configuring mSPY on an android device is different from that of the iPhone. To install the app on an iPhone, you can use either iCloud or WiFi sync. The iCloud sync works if you have the credentials. Otherwise, it is best to use the WiFi sync to monitor phone calls on your target device.

Try mSpy

What You Need to Know Before Listening In On Another Phone?

You may want to listen to another phone, especially if you suspect your partner may be cheating or hiding things from you. You may also be curious if your partner suddenly changes their passwords, hides their phone, or has a sudden change in actions. Regardless of why you are listening to someone else’s phone calls, a spyware app may help you confirm your doubts and put your mind at rest. You may also find out if your partner is involved in illegal or shady activities.

However, listening to another phone call in certain jurisdictions may be considered unethical or even illegal. The target device’s owner may sue you for intruding on their privacy. In addition, spying on another person’s phone calls may pass you off as paranoid, break trust, and even ruin your relationship.

You should also note that installing spyware on a device makes the phone vulnerable to hacking. Furthermore, spy apps require an active internet connection to send you real-time data. Consequently, you cannot listen in on other people’s phone calls without an active connection.

Tips: How to Know if Someone is Listening to your Phone Calls

If you notice unusual sounds, including beeps and clicks, there is a high chance that your phone has been tapped. Someone may listen to your phone calls, record your activities, and transmit the information to a third-party app. Besides invading your privacy, cybercriminals may listen to your phone calls to obtain sensitive information, threatening your safety. Moreover, spy apps do more than just listen to your calls, they can view your information, including location, text messages, social media messages, and contact lists. Consequently, it is essential to protect your calls from being intercepted. 

You can know if someone is listening to your phone calls if you experience the following;

  • Performance issues: if your phone is sluggish, turns on and off itself, or is experiencing bugs, it may be a result of someone getting your information
  • High data usage: if your data usage increases dramatically, it may be due to spyware running in the background. You can check through your data usage, and if you can’t identify the reason, it may be because a third party is collecting your information. 
  • Unknown program icons: although many spyware apps run in stealth mode and have very small icons, you can still detect them. Or, you could install antivirus software to identify and remove the app.
  • Battery draining: spy software uses your phone battery to function properly. Your phone’s battery may get hot when many apps run in the background. However, spyware drains the battery much faster because someone may be listening to your calls.
  • Outrageous and unexplained phone charges
  • Unusual ads appearing randomly
  • Strange texts

You can protect your phone from possible call interception by;

  • Installing a spyware detector: A spyware detector can scan your phone and detect signs that someone is listening to your phone calls. The detector also removes spyware and other malicious apps to protect your phone.
  • Factory reset your phone: Resetting your phone can remove all spyware and malicious third-party apps from your device. After refreshing your phone, ensure you are careful about the apps you download to prevent encountering the same problems again. 


You can listen to someone’s phone calls and monitor their activities. Google voice, NoNotes App, and mSPY all allow you to listen to phone conversations. However, when choosing a suitable method for how to listen to someone else calls, mSPY is recommended. And that is due to its many features and benefits.

In addition, always remember that spying on another person’s conversations may be a breach of trust and illegal in your jurisdiction. In addition, installing a spy app leaves your phone vulnerable to hacking. Therefore, weighing the pros and cons before monitoring someone else’s phone conversations is best. Moreover, if you are afraid that someone can listen to your conversation, you can also use your phone to find the listening device.

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