How to Find Out If Spouse Has Another SIM Card?

One of the biggest warning signs that a partner is cheating is the use of a second sim card. Cheaters use dual sim cards to secretly communicate with lovers without leaving any evidence behind. Luckily, there are proven methods you can use to quickly find out if your partner has a second SIM. Check them out below!

How Can You Tell If Someone Has 2 SIM Cards?

How to find out if a spouse has another SIM card? To find out if a spouse has another SIM card, simply:

  • Install SpyBubble on their device
  • Search their name in a people lookup database
  • Access their bank statements
  • Physically access their phone and look for multiple carriers

Let’s explore each of these methods in detail. So you can easily catch your cheating spouse!

Use SpyBubble – Number 1 Rated Spy App!

Use Spybubble - Number 1 Rated Spy App!

The easiest way to tell if someone has 2 SIM cards is to install SpyBubble. SpyBubble will instantly alert you every time the target changes their SIM card. This method is incredibly effective if your spouse is good at hiding their secret SIM card.

The great thing about SpyBubble is that not only will it alert you when your spouse changes their SIM card, but it will let you read all of their texts, social media messages, browser history, and even track their real-time location. If you are serious about catching your cheating spouse, SpyBubble is an amazing tool designed to catch even the trickiest cheater! 

If your spouse has a second SIM card, SpyBubble will find out! SpyBubble has a special feature that alerts you every time your partner changes their SIM card. This spy app won’t just reveal if your spouse has a dual SIM card, it also provides comprehensive tracking. Thanks to SpyBubble, you can read all of your partner’s Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and TikTok messages. You can view every single website they have visited even when in incognito mode, access call logs, and even see their live location!

To use SpyBubble on Android, you just need physical access to your partner’s phone for 5 minutes so you can install the app. If your spouse has an iPhone, you can install it remotely by using their iCloud credentials. Once installed, SpyBubble will automatically record everything your spouse does on your phone, and you can instantly access it via your SpyBubble account.

Try out SpyBubble for less than $15 per month and learn exactly what your partner is doing. This incredible tool will inform you if your spouse has a second SIM and let you read all of your partner’s messages. Even the smartest cheater can’t outfox SpyBubble!

Try Spokeo – Amazing People Lookup Tool!

Try Spokeo - Amazing People Lookup Tool!

If you don’t want to install 3rd party software on your spouse’s phone, you can still find out if they are using a second SIM card, thanks to Spokeo. Spokeo is a premium people lookup tool and has one of the most extensive mobile number databases in the world. This lookup tool can pull names and numbers from a multitude of web and public records. Spokeo excels at matching names with numbers! With millions of listed names and mobile numbers, if your spouse has a secret SIM card, then there is a good chance this tool will catch them!

To use Spokeo, simply head to their website, click on the Name button above their search bar, enter your spouse’s full name, and hit the Search Now button. Spokeo will then instantly reveal all of the phone numbers associated with your spouse. You can call these numbers and see if your partner picks up! You can also use this tool to search based on email and physical address.

Try out Spokeo right now, and with a click of a button, see if your spouse has multiple SIM cards. While this method is quick and simple, it is not 100% accurate. Spokeo is not capable of detecting everyone’s mobile number, but it is still worth trying out.

View Your Spouse’s Bank Statements!

View Your Spouse’s Bank Statements!

In this day and age, everyone is shopping online and using cards to pay for goods, and that includes purchasing second SIM cards! If you share a bank account with your partner or have access to their account, it is time to start searching for evidence of their cheating. There is a high chance that your partner wasn’t clever enough to use cash to buy their second SIM card. They most likely used a card which means their purchase is recorded!

All you need to do is log in to your spouse’s online banking platform and open their bank and credit card statements. If you can’t find these statements, you can contact the bank. Once you have access to the statements, it is time to meticulously pour over every single purchase. You need to look for any unrecognized phone-related charges. If you spot any odd charges, contact the seller and see what was bought. When going through your partner’s bank statements, you may also find evidence of outright cheating, such as charges for dinners, hotel rooms, and presents!

While this method has caught millions of cheaters over the years, it is not 100% effective. Some cheaters are extremely tricky and buy second SIM cards using cash or have bank accounts you have no idea about. Even if you find no evidence of their affairs, you can’t sleep easy because there is still a chance they are cheating. This is why we recommend SpyBubble because this is the only method that will tell you for sure if your partner is cheating!

Search Their Phone For Multiple Carriers!

If your spouse was silly enough to leave their second SIM card on their device, you can easily detect it by inspecting their phone. Simply take your partner’s device and click on the screen. If you see multiple cellular signals in the top left corner, they have a second SIM card on their phone. You don’t even need to unlock their phone for this method to work.

We also recommend browsing through your partner’s phone apps and seeing if they are using a virtual number service. A popular app among cheaters is Burner. Note down any strange apps you find and then search them on Google. If your partner has installed virtual number apps, then this is a major red flag! 

Can You Track a SIM Card on Another Phone?

You can track a SIM card on another phone. The easiest way to track a SIM card in a new phone is to sign in to the target’s Google Account (Android) or iCloud (iPhone). If the target’s phone is signed into their accounts, you will be able to track their live location.

How to Track a SIM Card in Another Phone on Android:

  1. Open Find My Device website
  2. Enter your boyfriend’s Google account details
  3. Select your boyfriend’s phone
  4. View your location on the map
How to track sim card in another Android phone?

How to Track a SIM Card in Another Phone on iPhone:

  1. Head to
  2. Enter your boyfriend’s Apple ID
  3. Click All Devices
  4. Select Your Boyfriend’s iPhone
  5. See his location on the map
How to track a sim card in another phone on iPhone?

Both of these methods are fast, free, and allow you to see your partner’s location in real-time on a map. Unfortunately, they only work if your spouse has signed into their iCloud and Google Account from their new device. You will also need their passwords.

Do Cheaters Use Dual SIM Cards?

Almost 20% of cheaters use a dual SIM card to hide their affair from their partner. 12% even take it a step further by buying a second phone. Using a dual SIM card makes it very difficult for a cheater to be caught. Incredibly, more than 50% of cheaters who use a second SIM card are not caught and continue having affairs.

Cheaters use dual SIM cards because it allows them to communicate with their secret lovers without their partner catching them. With a second SIM card, your partner can easily text and call their lover, and when you check their phone, there will be no evidence of their indiscretions.

If your partner has a second SIM, this is a serious red flag that they are cheating. While it does not prove for sure, they are cheating because they may need the SIM card for work or better phone coverage. However, they better have a very good excuse to explain this behaviour!

Wrapping Up

The most reliable way to find out if your spouse has another SIM card is to install SpyBubble on their device. With SpyBubble, every time your partner changes their SIM card, you will receive an alert. This amazing spy app also records everything your spouse does on their phone, including texts, call logs, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram messages, and sends them to you! Try out SpyBubble for less than $15 per month and instantly find out if your spouse is cheating!

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