SIM Card Location Trackers

Top sim tracking tools trace the exact location of the sim card without rooting or jailbreaking. These hand-vetted applications, tested by our experts, allow you to acknowledge the details of any mobile number and sim information through the sim card tracker in real-time. It’s a facile, reliable, and quick way to view the network-based location of the targeted device from anywhere.

  • Easily access the sim card location remotely
  • Track IMEI number to find lost or stolen phone location
  • Locate the text messages and call records of the target’s sim card
  • Easy, quick, and cost-effective service
  • Additional monitoring system for Android and iOS devices
  • Access to almost 30 plus social media channels and enables you to view chats

SIM Card Location Trackers Android, iOS
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SIM Card Location Trackers Android, iOS
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SIM Card Location Trackers Android, iOS
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SIM Card Location Trackers Android, iOS
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SIM Card Location Trackers Android, iOS
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SIM Card Location Trackers Android, iOS
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SIM Card Location Trackers Android, iOS
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SIM Card Location Trackers Android, iOS
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SIM Card Location Trackers Android, iOS
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SIM Tracker app is the best monitoring tool that provides real-time location data on any desired cell phone. The application software enables you to access the locations, media files, messages, and calls of the target device.

Relationships are getting complicated these days, and if you doubt that your partner is cheating on you, these apps facilitate you in finding out the truth by sim trace. You can observe your partner’s activities through instant monitoring. 

Similarly, parents can keep a check on their children by using the best sim locator software. You can monitor their internet browsing activity, social media accounts, GPS location tracking on Google Maps, and many more. 

It is noteworthy to acknowledge that all sim trackers aren’t compatible with all mobile phone devices. Some can stimulate malware, and others are useful to steal personal details. So, before probing into these tools, it is significant to do proper research and only purchase them according to your need, preference, and cell phone requirement.

How do SIM Card Trackers Work?

You can perform the entire process to track sim card location without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. So, it is pretty easy to do sim trace without disrupting the mobile’s operating systems. The design of the software program is user-friendly and facile.

You must adhere to the following steps to track sim card location.

Step 1: Visit the online sim tracker website and create your account by filling in the required information to set up your user account.
You can access the dashboard by providing a customized email and password. 

Step 2: After creating an account, you need to input your desired device.
For this purpose, you need to provide a name you will use to access the target device. Then choose the mobile version, either Android or iOS and go for further settings. 

Step 3: Then select your subscription plan.
You can choose basic, premium, and ultimate plans according to your need. You need to pay different prices for different offers. Choose a plan that best suits your preference. 

Step 4: Login into your new account after subscription and operate your software according to the guidelines.
If you want to track your iPhone, you need to provide iCloud credentials for the targeted iPhone phone in your account. 

Step 5: Now, you’re ready to start instant monitoring of the target device.
Once the setup process is accomplished and successful, the sim card data should start updating on your web dashboard right away. Now, you are set to view the data via the tools.

In addition, some apps need further actions, so to track a lost phone or any target device. Let’s get into this.

Step 1: Sign up for a new user account after browsing the sim tracker tool’s website.
Don’t forget to memorize your login information, including your email and password, for the next verification steps. 

Step 2: Next, activate your desired phone’s details.
For an iOS cell phone, you need to give additional iCloud details to sync the data through the software.

Step 3: This data syncing step may take some time, so be patient and wait until the data is synced.
After that, browse the control panel and verify your login details. 

Step 4: Now, you are all ready to monitor your target device.
You can easily view others’ activities through these extraordinary sim card tracker applications.

How to Choose the Best SIM Card Tracker?

How can you track sim cards by choosing a particular sim locator?

You need to look for special features and reliability before plumping for a certain tool because all the apps are not compatible with all devices. Therefore, you must keep the following factors in mind before choosing a particular software. 

Affordable Cost

The prices for phone trackers vary from one to another based on features, compatibility, and other factors. Many tracking tools offer monthly subscription services and charge substantial dollars for only fewer offers.

So, before purchasing a particular plan, always do proper research about the significant features and then go for a cost-effective software service according to your need. 

Heightened Compatibility

Many sim card location tracker applications are available that are compatible with almost all popular platforms like mac, Android, iOS, Chromebook, Kindle, and other operating devices. But some are only reliable for a few devices. Hence, always choose a sim card tracker that is compatible with most operating systems. This is usually mentioned in the features of the particular tool. 

Ease to Set up

You may require to download the tracking app on your mobile phone; the installation procedure must be fast and facile. You may not want your child, spouse, or employee to find out that you’re tracking them.

For this purpose, choose software with a user-friendly interface that guides you to accomplish the ultimate steps proficiently. You can also try the free tutorials on its website to acknowledge how it actually works. It facilitates tracking your desired phone with proper knowledge of the software. 

Must Provide Technical Support

The software you are choosing must provide adequate technical support. Consider the speed, system accuracy, and efficient tracking availability before making a purchase. Try looking for error-free software that pledges a quick real-time location tracking feature.

Extensive Features Availability

A good sim card location tracker must have high network coverage, efficient monitoring capabilities, and quick location tracking with the protection of the security of your targeted device.

Always go for software that you can use without jailbreaking to remove restrictions from the phone you want to track. You need to consider these features to make a sensible choice of sim tracking software. 

How to Track a SIM Card Without It Being on the Phone?

If you know your mobile phone number, you can contact your mobile network provider. After getting approval, they can use geolocation to find out the exact sim card location.

Yes, you can also trace a phone without a sim card either by enabling built-in features such as Search My iPhone or Find My Device for Android or by using a sim card tracker application.

Can a SIM Card be Tracked Without a Jailbreaker?

Yes, you can track your sim card without rooting or jailbreaking your targeted device using sim tracker software. It helps you to trace your targeted sim card without compromising the integrity of the desired device.

What is the Best SIM Tracking Tool for iPhone?

mSpy is one of the best location tracking tools for iOS devices. It is also reliable for Android devices and offers you the best packages for real-time monitoring and tracking. With this application, you can also track sim card activities on multiple social apps. This sim card location tracker provides instant customer support right away if you experience any problem during operation. 


In a nutshell, sim card location tracking tools assist you in monitoring your desired mobile device. With these apps, you can find sim card details, real-time location, phone call logs, photos, videos, and activities through the web browser. Some applications offer a message monitoring feature as well. Consider many factors before choosing particular software.

Go for a phone tracker tool that pledges easy and user-friendly setup, higher network coverage, efficient monitoring, and cost-effective subscription plans. So, what makes you wait so much? Choose the software that best suits your targeted device and preferences.

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