How To Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone To Mine?

Are you convinced your boyfriend is up to no good, but you don’t have any proof? You have come to the right place! We are going to show you 4 ways to sync his phone to yours so you can read all of his messages and be certain whether he is cheating or not!

Can I Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone To Mine?

You can easily sync your boyfriend’s phone to yours! On an iPhone, you simply go to Settings on your boyfriend’s device, sync everything to the iCloud and then sign into their iCloud and add your device. On Android, you open your boyfriend’s Settings, select Accounts, add your Gmail account, and click Sync.

We will explain in-depth how to perform both of these methods below! However, the problem with these two tactics is your boyfriend can easily discover that you have synced his phone, quickly disable the syncing and confront you about your spying ways. This is why we recommend using specialized spy apps such as mSpy and Cocospy.

These apps run secretly in the background of your boyfriend’s device and send you everything he is doing on his phone, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok and text messages, GPS location, browser history, and more! Check out how to use these apps below!

How To Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone To Mine?

Do you want to know if your boyfriend is faithful? Then stop umming and ahhing and use these tricks to sync his phone and read all his messages!

Trick 1: Enable iCloud – Free iPhone Syncing Method!

You don’t need to be a tech genius to sync your boyfriend’s iPhone to yours. All you need is access to his phone for a couple of minutes and his Apple ID login! Follow these tips to read all of his texts for free!

  1. Open your boyfriend’s iPhone Settings
  2. Click your boyfriend’s name directly under Settings
  3. Tap iCloud
  4. Toggle on Messages
  5. Sign in to your boyfriend’s Apple ID from your device
iPhone Settings

This whole process can be completed in under 5 minutes, and before you know it, you will have all of your boyfriend’s texts on your phone. While this method is free and simple, it has a few major downsides!

With this trick, your boyfriend can easily detect that his phone has been synced with another device and disable it. Even worse, he will realize it is your device and will likely want to know why you have been spying on him. The last thing you want to do is cause a huge fight, especially if you discover he is not cheating!

The other major downside to this method is you won’t be able to see your boyfriend’s social media activity. It is possible that he is talking to other girls on Instagram or TikTok, and you would have no idea. This is why the only way to truly know if your boyfriend is faithful is to install spyware on his iPhone so you can see everything!

Trick 2: Sync With Google Account – Free iPhone Syncing Method!

If your boyfriend has an Android, you can sync his device to yours by accessing his device’s settings. All you need to do is:

  1. Grab your boyfriend’s Android phone and click Settings
  2. Tap Accounts 
  3. Add your Gmail account
  4. Click Account Sync 
  5. Tap Sync Now
Sync With Google Account

The great thing about this method is that it is fast and free. However, it has the same problems as the iPhone iCloud tactic. Your boyfriend is very likely to discover that you have added your Gmail account to his device and will quickly delete it and start screaming at you. If you want to avoid detection, then check out the methods below. You can easily install spyware via text message right now!

Trick 3: Install mSpy On Your Boyfriend’s Device!

mSpy app for spy

mSpy is a spy app that can record all of your boyfriend’s phone activity from images, videos, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, call logs, browser history, and of course, text messages. 

How mSpy works is that it constantly runs on your boyfriend’s phone, and whenever he connects to the internet, it secretly transmits all of his data to your mSpy account. You then can log into your mSpy account at any time from any device and see exactly what your boyfriend is doing, open a Snap without him knowing, even his exact location! 

mSpy works on Android and iPhone and can be set up in 5 minutes. You can install it remotely on his iPhone using your boyfriend’s Apple ID and set it up on Android, you just need physical access to his device for a few minutes (no jailbreaking required)! Use mSpy for less than $12 per month and find out if your boyfriend is a cheater instantly!

Try mSpy

Trick 4: Install Cocospy On His Phone!

Install Cocospy On His Phone

Cocospy is another highly rated spy app that is incredibly user-friendly and is packed full of awesome features. Cocospy has been designed to catch even the craftiest cheaters. So your boyfriend will be no match for this powerful spyware. You also don’t have to worry about him finding out because Cocospy is a master at staying undetected!

Cocospy works on Android and iPhone and has a super-fast setup process, including remote installation on iPhone! Once installed on your boyfriend’s device Cocospy immediately gets to work and records everything from TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, see Snapchat undetectable to images, videos, call logs, and texts and will even show you your boyfriend’s GPS location.

Don’t spend another day wondering if your boyfriend is a cheater. Use Cocospy for under $10 per month and read all his messages now

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Will My Boyfriend Know That I Have Synced His Phone?

Your boyfriend will know that you have synced his phone if he logs into his Google account or iCloud or opens his phone’s settings. He will be able to see what device is synced to his phone and disable it.

Your boyfriend will never know that you have synced his phone if you install spyware on his device. It runs in stealth mode and is virtually undetectable. This is why we recommend spyware if you want to monitor your boyfriend discreetly and for a long time. The added benefit of spyware is you can also monitor other things your boyfriend is doing on their device, including social media activity!


If you want to see everything that your boyfriend is doing on their phone, monitor their activity in real-time, and never be caught, then install mSpy or Cocospy on their phone now! These spy apps run in stealth mode and send everything, including your boyfriend’s social media activity, call logs, texts, and browser history, directly to your device. Try mSpy or Cocospy for under $12 per month and be 100% certain your boyfriend is cheating!


How Can I See Everything On My Boyfriend's Phone?

The easiest way to see everything on your boyfriend’s phone is to install mSpy or Cocospy. These spying apps, once installed, can secretly record everything your boyfriend does, including browser history, social media activity, photos, and texts, and send it directly to your device without him knowing!

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