Need To Open A Snap Without Them Knowing? Try These 4 Simple Tricks!

Do you want to view a juicy Snap but don’t want to alert the sender? We will show you 4 effective yet simple tricks that let you open any Snap secretly! We will also show you how to use spyware to secretly view anyone’s Snaps without them knowing!

Is There A Way To Open A Snap Without Them Knowing?

There is no official way to open a Snap without the person being notified. Snapchat wants to create conversations and drive engagement for its app. They don’t want people secretly viewing Snaps and feeling no pressure to respond. 

Fortunately, there are some backdoor tricks that will allow you to read Snaps secretly! We will show you the airplane mode method, the old-school half-swipe trick, and even how to use mobile spyware. We recommend using spyware because it allows you to see all Snaps sent and received by the target device secretly!  

How To Open A Snap Without Them Knowing

To open a Snap without someone knowing, you can view it in airplane mode and then clear the cache. If you have an old version of Snapchat, you can half-swipe. Alternatively, you can install spyware on the target’s phone. We will show you how all of these methods work below!

Trick 1: Use Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode to view Snaps

The best way to view your Snaps without notifying the sender is to view them in airplane mode. To secretly view Snaps via airplane mode, follow these steps:

  1. Enable airplane mode:
    On iPhone – Go to Settings>Toggle Airplane Mode on;
    On Android – Go to Settings> Network & Internet>Turn Airplane Mode on
  2. Open Snapchat
  3. Click the Snap you wish to open
  4. Clear cache – Go to Settings>Apps>Snapchat>Storage and click Сlear
  5. Close Snapchat app
Clear cache at Snapchat

This is a simple, fast, and free method to view your own Snapchats without letting the sender know. But what if you want to view someone else’s messages? To do that, you need to install spyware on their device. Keep reading to find out how! 

Trick 2: Half Swipe (Only Works On Old Versions Of Snapchat)

If you are using an old version of Snapchat, you can use the half-swipe trick. This backdoor hack involves slowing swiping right from your camera tab to the message. This crafty little trick lets you partially see the Snap without alerting the sender. Try out by following these steps:

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Open conversations
  3. Place your finger on the bitmoji of the person’s message you want to see
  4. Slow swipe right until you can view the message
  5. Keep holding your finger on the screen
  6. Swipe left to close the message
half-swipe trick at Snapchat

Most users report this technique no longer works on the latest version of Snapchat, but if you are using an outdated version, it works perfectly! If you are desperate, you can even install an old version of Snapchat.

Trick 3: Install mSpy

mSpy app

mSpy is a brand of spyware. Once installed on the target’s device, it will record everything they do on their phone, including their sent and received Snapchats. It will then send these Snapchats to your device without the target knowing a thing.

To install mSpy on Android, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to mSpy
  2. Select Android
  3. Take the target’s device and disable Play Protect
  4. Open Google Chrome and tap the link mSpy sent to your email
  5. Click Download and Ok
  6. Open Settings and click Allow from this source
  7. Download the app and tap open
install mSpy on Android

To install mSpy on iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to mSpy 
  2. Agree to Terms and Conditions
  3. Select stealth mode
  4. Enter the code sent to your email
  5. Enable iCloud backup on the target’s phone
  6. Sign in to your mSpy account
  7. Enter the target’s Apple ID credentials
install mSpy on iPhone

Once mSpy is installed, it will automatically record all of the target’s Snaps. To view them, you simply sign in to your mSpy account. They are permanently saved to your account, so you can check them out anytime. Use mSpy for less than $12 per month and hack someone’s Snaps instantly!

Trick 4: Try uMobix

uMobix app

uMobix is another top-rated spyware solution similar to mSpy. With this awesome app, you just need access to the target device for 5 mins, and then you can see everything they do on their phone, from texts to browser history and all of their social media activity, including their sent and received Snaps!

Don’t waste your time trying to guess someone’s Snapchat password, simply install uMobix on their device and instantly check out all of their Snaps without them knowing a thing. Download uMobix for under $12 per month and find exactly what someone is sending and receiving on Snapchat now!


If you want to secretly view all Snaps sent to you without notifying the sender, then the airplane mode trick works well. Just remember to clear the cache and close the Snapchat app after you have viewed the Snap. However, if you want to see every single Snap someone has sent or received, you need to install spyware on their device. Try out mSpy or uMobix for under $12 per month and view anyone’s Snaps, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook messages! 


Did Snapchat Remove Half Swipe?

Half swipe has been removed from Snapchat. Previously, this feature allowed you to check out a Snap without responding. Snapchat decided this was bad for the overall app and discarded the feature.

Is There An App To See Other People's Snapchats?

Spyware lets you see other people’s Snapchats. These apps record a person’s Snapchats secretly and then send them to your device. We recommend uMobix or mSpy, which specialize in Snapchat, Instagram, Face, and TikTok monitoring.

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