How Can I Find Someone’s Dating Profile for Free?

With millions of people of all ages now using dating sites and apps and over 30% of people cheating, there is a good chance your partner has a secret dating profile.

In this article, we will 7 easy and free methods you can use to instantly find out if your partner has a hidden dating profile.

Ask Your Partner

How can I find someone’s dating profile for free?

Start by asking your partner! This may seem a bit silly, but many partners will confess to their indiscretions if you confront them. The key to this method is not being aggressive or confronting your spouse. You need to calmly broach the topic and get an open and honest conversation started. 

If your partner feels like you aren’t judging them, you will be surprised at what they will reveal. Especially if you actually care about each other and your relationship is worth fighting for.

However, we are well aware that many cheating spouses will quickly deny any mention of having a secret dating profile and quickly change the subject. Don’t worry, we have other methods!

Perform an Advanced Google Search

Google is an amazing tool to find hidden dating profiles. It is incredible the amount of information this search engine can quickly pull up on virtually any person. To find dating profiles on Google, you need to perform an advanced search. This sounds more difficult than it really is! All you need to do is place your search term in quotes, then write “site”: and include the name of the dating site or app you want to search. Check out an example below:

  1. Write the name of the person you are searching for – “Alex”
  2. Type “site:”
  3. Write dating app or profile – Tinder
  4. It looks like this – “Alex”

Once you hit the search button, Google will then search the dating site and show you profiles that match your search term. This dating profile search trick is super fast and, best of all, 100% free. You can perform unlimited advanced Google searches until you finally uncover your partner’s secret dating profile.

You can also use Google to perform a dating site username search. In this method, you type the dating site name and then your partner’s username. For example:

With this method, you should try out your partner’s nicknames and include their favorite numbers. You may have to try a number of combinations until anything comes up.

Use Spokeo

Do you want to find someone on dating sites by email for free?

Try Spokeo, the number 1 dating profile finder on the planet!

Spokeo is a people intelligence tool that uses thousands of online and offline sources to create a database with millions of people across the US. 

Spokeo has a dedicated service for finding dating profiles. This awesome online tool allows you to find dating profiles by phone number and also username search dating sites.

Spokeo can instantly search over 100 different dating sites, including Facebook Dating, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and more. Another great thing about Spokeo is that all searches are completely anonymous, so your partner will never know you are spying on them! 

To use Spokeo, simply enter in your partner’s phone number or email, or username and hit the search.

Spokeo will then instantly search through its extensive database and cross-reference all major dating sites. If your partner has a secret dating profile, then this incredible people intelligence tool will find it!

Don’t spend hours browsing through dating profiles trying to locate your partner, let Spokeo handle the entire process!

Create Your Own Secret Dating Profile and Search For Your Partner

In this method, you sign up to a dating app or site and create a profile.

We recommend signing up to a few of the most popular platforms and creating a fake profile. You then take advantage of free search on dating sites and use filters to try and track down your partner.

Dating apps and sites now have extensive filters, which make it easy to find a specific person. You can use free username search on dating sites and also search by age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, location, profession, and more! If your partner has completed their dating profile and used accurate information, you should be able to quickly find them.

The downside to this method is that there are hundreds of different dating sites, so even if you can’t find your partner on a particular site, it doesn’t mean they aren’t using another platform. Also, your partner may not complete their dating profile or use false information, which means they won’t appear when you search for them. You could potentially spend hours browsing through thousands of different dating profiles and still have no idea if your partner has a secret dating profile or not.

Sign Up To A Dating Site Using Your Partner’s Email

Do you want to find someone on dating sites by email?

You can open a bunch of popular dating sites and apps, including Tinder, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, Bumble, and Hinge. Then click create a new account and, during the sign-up process, enter your partner’s email. If the dating site says this email is already in use, then it means your partner might be cheating on dating profiles. 

You can also use this method by clicking on the forgot password button and attempting to reset the password by entering your spouse’s email. If the dating site says it sent an email, this means that there is a dating profile connected to your partner’s email.

This is one of the best methods to find dating profiles by email for free! However, it won’t work if your partner is also using a secret email. Try it out now and see how you go. We hope you don’t find anything.

Ask a Friend For Help

If you don’t have a dating profile or don’t want to create one, surely, you must have at least one buddy that does.

You can ask your friend to search through the dating site or app and try to locate your partner. Make sure you set the correct location and age filters so you can speed up the dating website search process. If you are searching on dating apps like Tinder, this can be a lengthy process, but on other dating sites where you set specific search filters, you should be able to quickly find your spouse.

As this is a very sensitive subject, we only recommend you ask friends that you really trust. The last thing you want is your friend gossiping to everyone else about your unfortunate situation. If you don’t feel comfortable asking a buddy, we have another way to find hidden dating profiles for free.

Install a Spy App on Your Partner’s Phone

How to find someone’s dating profile? Install mSpy on their device!

mSpy is a spy app that records everything your partner does on their phone and sends it to your device. 

This incredible software lets you see your partner’s browser history even if they delete it or search in incognito mode. This is perfect if your spouse is using web-based dating sites. mSpy also reveals all of the apps that your partner is using and can send you his messages on dating apps, and social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

mSpy is loaded with additional features, including an in-built keylogger which is perfect for cracking your partner’s dating site password. This spy app is equipped with a GPS tracker, which you can use to determine where your spouse is at all times.

How mSpy works is that you secretly install it on your partner’s phone. If your spouse has an Android, you need to physically access their phone for 5 minutes. If they have an iPhone, you can install it remotely via their Apple ID. Once installed, the app will automatically record your partner’s activity, and you can access it via signing into your mSpy account.

If you want to search all dating sites at once and know for sure if your partner has a secret dating profile, then try out mSpy today. You can use this amazing app for under $10 per month on a 12-month plan.

How Can I Find Out If My Partner is on Tinder?

The best way to find out if your partner is on Tinder is to search their email on Spokeo. This awesome people search tool will instantly search through its massive database and reveal if your partner has Tinder. Alternatively, you could install mSpy on their device and view all of their apps, browser history, and messages!

How Can I Find Out If My Boyfriend is on a Dating App?

To find out if your boyfriend is on a dating app, you should start by asking him. If he denies it, try searching his email on Spokeo. If there are no results on Spokeo and you strongly believe he is lying, then install mSpy on his device. This spy app will show you all of his messages, browser history, and his apps.

What Dating Sites Do Cheaters Use?

If your partner has a secret dating profile, then they are likely using one of these apps or sites:

  • Ashley Madison
  • Tinder
  • Grindr
  • Adultfriendfinder
  • Seeking Arrangement
  • HushAffairs
  • Illicit Encounters

Many of these dating platforms are designed for cheaters and help them keep their affairs confidential.

Final Thoughts 

Cheating is incredibly important, with over 30% of men and women cheating while in relationships. The rise of dating apps and sites has only made it that much easier for people to cheat on their partners. There is no better evidence your spouse is being unfaithful than uncovering their secret dating profile.

Do you want to find a dating profile by phone number for free? Then it is time to use Spokeo! Spokeo is the number 1 people search website in the world. This incredible online tool aggregates over 1000 different online and offline sources to come up with reports on people all over the United States. Spokeo also has a dedicated online dating profile search section where you can type in your partner’s number, username, or email and instantly discover if they have a Tinder, Plenty of Fish, or even spy on their Facebook

Don’t waste your time manually searching through Google or creating a dating profile and swiping away. Instead, simply type your partner’s details into Spokeo and let this amazing tool instantly reveal if your partner has a hidden dating profile.

If Spokeo doesn’t have enough information about your partner, you can install a spy app such as mSpy on their device. You can install mSpy on your partner’s device in under 5 minutes, and then this awesome software will record everything your partner does on their device. This spy app will show you every website your partner has visited, reveal their call logs, social media messages, what apps they use, and even dating profile messages. 

To find out for certain if your partner has a secret dating profile, then install mSpy on their device right now! With this top-rated spy app, you will not only see their secret profile but be able to read their messages!

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