GEOfinder Review — Is It the Best Mobile Tracker Tool?

Do you want to track someone’s location and all you have is their phone number? This could be your child or your partner. You might be worried about your child’s safety, or on the flip side, suspect that your partner is cheating on you. If you suspect that they lie about where they […]

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Do you want to track someone’s location and all you have is their phone number? This could be your child or your partner. You might be worried about your child’s safety, or on the flip side, suspect that your partner is cheating on you. If you suspect that they lie about where they go, you might want to find out their cell phone location. The best tool to do this is GeoFinder. Unlike a lot of spy apps that need to be installed on the target person’s device, GeoFinder is a service that runs via a web browser and allows you to track someone’s location using just their phone number.

In this GeoFinder review, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about this tool, how you can use it, its features, pricing, and much more. We also discuss its pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision by the end of this review.

What Is GEOfinder?

GEOfinder is robust mobile tracker software that identifies the exact location of any phone number worldwide on a map. This is a tool that relies on using the target’s phone number to send them a text message with a tracking link. The idea is that the target clicks on the link, which then reveals their accurate location on a map. Unlike a lot of spy apps that work only on Android devices or iOS cell phones, GeoFinder has no such restrictions as it’s accessed directly from a web browser.

Once the target person clicks on the link, the app shows you their location on Google Maps so you can figure out exactly where they are at any given time.

GEOfinder location tracker screenshot

Working with GeoFinder is quite simple and unique. The tool requires you to enter the target’s phone number and select a pre-set message with a tracking link which is then sent to the target device. Once they click on the link, GeoFinder’s location tracking services get to work and show you the target device’s location on a map. By the way, you can also track someone’s location with Facebook.

As soon as the target user clicks on the link, their location is synced to your GeoFinder account. Then you can easily view their accurate location remotely. Remember, you can track someone only if they click on the link in the SMS. 

GEOfinder Compatibility 

Unlike a lot of spy apps that are either compatible with Android or iOS devices, or both, the highlight of GeoFinder is that it doesn’t need to be installed on the target phone. This means you don’t need physical access to the target phone. This is because you can easily access this service from the GeoFinder website. All you need is an active internet connection, you can use easily send a text message to track someone’s location.

Key Features of GEOfinder

Let’s have a detailed look at the wonderful features of the GEOfinder mobile location tracker:

According to Legislation

GEOfinder service works in compliance with the Information Commissioner’s Office recommendations. In accordance with legislation, geolocation will only activate with the consent of the target person.

Precise Geolocation

The strength of the GeoFinder app is that it is an accurate tracking app that gives you the exact location of the target device. Once you enter the target person’s phone number, GeoFinder sends the target a text message with a link that can track a cell phone once the target person clicks on it.

Choice of Confidentiality

You can either request geolocation anonymously or identify yourself. If you make an anonymous request, the person will not know your identity. However, the other way is that the target person will be aware of your identity. GEOfinder doesn’t allow any online exchange. The service handles all the information itself.

Worldwide Coverage

The Geolocation Service of this wonderful app is accurate and available worldwide. The only requirement is internet access on the desired mobile phone.

Track All Mobile Phone Brands

Thanks to GEOfinder’s intelligent system. You are now able to trace any mobile phone, e.g., Samsung, Nokia, Apple, BlackBerry, and others. All smartphone brands can use this service. You can locate almost any smartphone with a SIM card and battery. You can also try different SIM card location trackers.

Trace the Location History

You can also use this app to track location history of the target phone. Geofinder shows both the target person’s current location and a record of their location history, which is updated every three hours.


  • GeoFinder works on a target device of any brand and all operating systems
  • Can track someone using only the phone number
  • You can accurately track the location of the target person
  • Use it to track someone’s location and location history of the target person
  • It is easy to use
  • It can be used for location syncing.
  • It offers a 48-hour trial for just $1.


  • It is a little expensive
  • It only offers one feature unlike a comprehensive spy app
  • You can only send one message with a link every three hours

GEOfinder Pricing 

Like other mobile tracking services, you’ll have to purchase a subscription to use the GeoFinder app. It offers only one payment plan worth $29.99 once for all mobile devices and operating systems. GeoFinder allows location tracking services for an unlimited number of locations without physical access to the target phone. What’s more, you can use this account to track someone’s location for 10 years.

However, if you want to try this service to track someone’s location, you can do so for a period of 48 hours for just $1. This way, you can find someone’s location using only a phone number for next to nothing. Further, the GeoFinder app also offers a full refund if you cancel your subscription 48 hours prior to the next billing cycle.

GEOfinder mobile tracker pricing screenshot

How to Use GeoFinder to Track Someone’s Location With Just Their Phone Number

If you want to try using GeoFinder’s location tracking feature, this section will take you through the various steps to do so. Using GeoFinder to track the target person’s location history starts with creating an account on the GeoFinder website. Here are the steps involved –

Step 1 – Open the GeoFinder website on any web browser.

Step 2 – Enter the cell phone number of the target person and tap Find.

Step 3 – The website will then take you to another page that contains limited information about the location of the target cell phone. You will be prompted to create an account and purchase a subscription to the service.

Step 4 – Once you pay for the service, your account will be created, and you’ll then be able to track the target’s current location.

How to Track the Target Phone With GeoFinder

Step 1 – Once you make a payment, you’ll be asked to select a text message to send to the target person to track location.

Step 2 – Note that the GeoFinder offers you a list of pre-set messages, but also the ability to draft a message of your own. However, the idea is that the text message must look genuine and not make the target person suspicious about someone wanting to track their cell phone.

Step 3 – Once you’ve selected the text message, enter the target person’s phone number and hit Send SMS. You must ensure that the number you enter is correct, as GeoFinder only generates one message every three hours.

Step 4 – Once the target clicks on the link, GeoFinder will update the location at your end. However, this location may not be the most accurate, so we suggest you refresh the page to get their accurate location.

You’ll notice that the GeoFinder app works brilliantly at showing you their exact location, and also shows you their location history below the map. This is one of the most discreet and reliable tracking app available in the market.

Other than their exact location on Google Maps, GeoFinder will also show you other details such as latitude, longitude, and the delivery and detection date. Additionally, it also shows you information about the target’s mobile network operators or carriers.

However, unlike a fully featured spy app, GeoFinder doesn’t show you all the target’s phone activities such as their messages, phone calls, social media apps like Facebook Messenger, and more. If you want such an app, especially one that offers you full control over the target’s Facebook Messenger and Instagram, you must check out uMobix, the parent company of GeoFinder.

GEOfinder  account settings screenshot

Final Thought

In this GeoFinder review, we’ve shown you that GeoFinder is a great way to track someone’s location with nothing but their phone number. The process is simple, and discreet, and offers you a 48-hour trial at just $1. What’s more, it shows you the target’s accurate location each time, so you can always be sure to get accurate results. You also don’t need physical access to the target device, unlike a lot of spy apps, which makes this app a secure way to find someone’s whereabouts.

At RealSpyApps, we put each app through rigorous testing before we review them, so you know you’re getting information you can rely on!


Is GEOfinder Safe to Use?

Yes, using GEOfinder on your mobile phone is completely safe and secure. It doesn’t harm your phone in any way.

Can I Track Someone’s Location Using GEOfinder for Free?

You can use GeoFinder to track someone’s mobile device using their phone number for just $1 for a period of 48 hours, which makes it almost free of cost. You can use it to find out how does GeoFinder work before you purchase a GeoFinder plan.

How Can I Track a Mobile Number Using GPS For Free?

While GeoFinder does offer a full-price plan that’s valid for 10 years, you can use its 48-hour trial at $1 to locate someone’s phone almost for free. The app uses GPS to track the user and gives you a map view of their location.

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