Glassagram Review – Is This Instagram Viewer Worth It?

You can secretly access anyone’s Instagram posts and stories just by adding one app to their phone. How? With Glassagram, you may download someone’s stories and posts there for free and anonymously. However, should you spend your time and money on Glassagram? Additionally, does it c[…]

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You can secretly access anyone’s Instagram posts and stories just by adding one app to their phone. How? With Glassagram, you may download someone’s stories and posts there for free and anonymously.

However, should you spend your time and money on Glassagram? Additionally, does it capture user data like some other hacking tools? Read out the complete article to find the answers!

In this Glassagram review,  we will provide in-depth detail on how Glassagram operates in a variety of areas, including user privacy, accuracy, number of data uploads, price value, and many others. Then, you will be able to decide whether Glassagram is a good fit for you or not.

Let’s begin.

About Glassagram

glassagram app

It is an Instagram monitoring app you can use to see someone else’s Instagram stories secretly. It’s common practice to browse personal Instagram stories anonymously to keep the target individual unaware.

Glassagram also allows you to watch the target’s personal messages and download Instagram stories. In addition, you can access real-time user data for the target. For Glassagram to function, you don’t need to install a phone tracker program; you can manage anything from a web dashboard.

Glassagram is an excellent option if you want to track somebody’s Instagram stories in an inconspicuous manner.

How Does Glassagram Work?

Glassagram is particularly an online tool to keep a check on someone’s stories without their consent and download them on your device for free. The Glassagram dashboard makes all of this accessible.

To access more sophisticated features, though, you’ll need a paid Glassagram membership and to download its app onto the target’s phone.

Accessing direct messages, seeing secret Instagram profiles, and tracking someone’s Instagram without their knowledge.

Follow these steps to install Glassagram:

Step 1. Register with Glassagram, select a plan, and access your account.

Step 2. Set up Glassagram on the intended smartphone in step two.

Step 3. From the Glassagram web dashboard, begin keeping an eye on the target person’s personal account.


For Glassagram’s free edition, you only need a desktop computer with a browser. You may download someone else’s Instagram stories anonymously using this free basic edition. It only allows you to utilize its web dashboard.

However, you must install Glassagram on the intended device if you choose a premium plan. And Glassagram only supports Android-based smartphones, and is suitable for Android 4 and higher devices.

You’ll still need to use a browser to access the Glassagram interface after installing the app on an Android smartphone. So it’s essential to have access to a reliable internet connection.

It is compatible with Android mobile devices with OS 4 and higher.

The Free Version of Glassagram 

glassagram story viewer

You can immediately obtain a free version of Glassagram from its website.

1. Visit the website and Select Try Now.

2. To set up a free account, provide your email address and check the box.

3. Type the username or full website address of the target individual. View Instagram stories by entering your login or website URL 

4. Click Watch Now after that.

5. Glassagram executes various commands and takes some time.

6. Click Go to Account after the account has been restored. 

glassagram setup

7. Visit Glassagram’s Instagram Story Viewer account. You may view the target’s Instagram stories, posts, and profile there. They only share these things secretly with their followers. Browse Instagram stories and posts without even letting them know.  

glassagram setup

8. You may also save their Instagram stories and posts in videos and image forms with Glassagram’s free trial.

Is Glassagram’s free version suitable for regular users?

The free Glassagram plan works well for downloading open accounts’ Instagram stories and posts. It does not, however, permit the viewing of personal accounts or their direct communications.

The paid edition of Glassagram is the only one that offers functionality like accessing a private Instagram profile, watching Instagram by downloading the app on the victim’s smartphone and monitoring ongoing conversations.

You can begin with a free trial and further upgrade to a paid membership to overview the app’s features.

Easy Steps To Install Glassagram App

Use these steps to install and configure Glassagram on the target device,  

Part 1 – Sign up for Glassagram

1. Go to the official Glassagram website and select Try Now.

glassagram try now

2. To establish an account, enter your email address.

Part 2 – Select a plan and register

1. Select an appropriate strategy for Glassagram.

2. Make a plan payment.

3. View the transaction confirmation email and log on to Glassagram with the credentials supplied.

Part 3 – Download Glassagram on the target device 

1. Allow entry to the Android phone being targeted.

2. Use the steps to install the Glassagram software on it. You can easily integrate Glassagram on the target phone thanks to the installation procedure.

3. Launch the app and finish setting it up.

Part 4 – Continue monitoring 

Once Glassagram has been set up on the target Android device, you may track their personal account by logging into your Glassagram dashboard. 

Instagram Story Viewer Dashboard 

For tracking Instagram apps, Glassagram provides a straightforward dashboard with little clutter. You can see device details on the dashboard’s home page.

  • Battery capacity
  • Timezone, device name, Android version, etc.
  • Tap the Check button over social just on the left sidebar of the Glassagram dashboard to browse private Instagram accounts privately.
  • To access your private account, choose Check Glassagram. It alerts you each time the target user logs into Instagram.

This dashboard area allows you to view their personal profile, save content, and keep tabs on direct messages. The best thing is that Glassagram instantly updates your Glassagram account with the most recent information from the target Instagram account.

After that, let’s look at its features in more detail.

Features of the Glassagram App

glassagram features

Glassagram’s premium package comes with a tonne of monitoring tools. The intriguing thing about Glassagram is that it screenshots the majority of the actions of the target Instagram account. The program is configured to periodically take screenshots of the target device. The software, in my experience, is precise and does not really miss any Instagram screens.

These screenshots allow you to see Instagram users’ stories, videos, and posts. Further, you can monitor the target device’s Instagram location and likes.

Additionally, Glassagram continuously refreshes the information on your Glassagram account so you can always see the most recent data. Many Glassagram features are described in depth below:

Download and view Instagram stories

glassagram stories watching

Story viewing is Glassagram’s main function. The target individual typically recognizes and can easily locate who watched their Instagram story if you view it from your account. Therefore, the intended user wouldn’t be aware if you used Glassagram to access the stores of a personal Instagram account. You will just need to open your Glassagram account and check the stories of the targeted account. You will always see the most recent stoies on the dashboard

Additionally, Glassagram enables the anonymous download of Instagram accounts’ stories directly to your device. Also, you may use screenshots to keep tabs on the posts that the targeted personal Instagram account has been seeing.

Reels, and Posts Viewer

Glassagram records every video, reel, and post that the targeted Instagram profile views.

For parents who are willing to shield their children from online adult content, this option usually works well. Parents may keep an eye on their children’s videos and reels history using Glassagram to learn what type of stuff they are watching.

DM Tracker for Instagram

Glassagram’s direct communication tracker works effectively for both spouse and parental supervision.

It allows users to eavesdrop on their partners’ Instagram private messages and determine whether or not they are having an affair.  Parents may use Glassagram in a similar way to determine who their children are talking to and whether it is suitable for them or not.

Instagram Like Viewer 

glassagram like viewer

Glassagram gives you the ability to discover someone’s Instagram interests by looking at the items they follow and like. Glassagram may be useful if you want to keep a watch on your partner or prevent your child from accessing inappropriate stuff online.

Location Tracker

Instagram accounts frequently share content with a location incorporated into it. In fact, the majority of creators allowed their publishing GPS location to remain public.

Therefore, if you could simply follow someone’s Instagram posts, you could maintain tabs on their whereabouts. Using Glassagram makes it possible. The function would only be useful if the intended user frequently posted on Instagram with the location set on it.

Glassagram Plans & Pricing

glassagram price

Based on your needs, Glassagram provides both free and premium packages.

You can download and view a private Instagram account’s stories secretly with the free plan. The premium package, however, is the real thing for the majority of consumers. It provides the following primary attributes:

  • Follow a private Instagram account
  • Track reels and videos
  • Peruse the discussions in your DMs
  • Follow their whereabouts
  • Browse stories

Nevertheless, the premium plan offers a choice of two subscription lengths: a one-year plan or a month-to-month plan. The costs are shown below:

  1. One-month membership: $59.99/month
  2. $14.99/month for a one-year subscription
  3. Private Instagram story viewer plans
  4. Savings with the long-term strategy.

Glassagram Client Support

glassagram support

We put Glassagram’s customer service to the test and found it to be efficient. Within a few minutes, we were connected to a support representative who quickly assisted us in solving our problem. According to our observations, Glassagram’s customer service is competent, cordial, and efficient.

Tap te chat support panel in the bottom right corner to start a conversation with Glassagram’s customer service. You’ll need to enter your name, email, and a description of the problem. Once you’re finished, a support representative who is on duty will respond right away.

Target smartphones are not harmed by Glassagram. It doesn’t take users’ data, in contrast to several other espionage programs. However, it results in a quicker-than-normal battery discharge on the target phone. And, the battery backups prior to and after installing the app do not significantly alter.

Final Conclusion

We rigorously examined Glassagram to ascertain its reliability, usability, and correctness. We tested its paid version and discovered it to be among the top Instagram anonymous browsing applications available online.

You may quickly and privately read someone’s personal tales, posts, and reels with Glassagram.

You should be aware that the free and paid plans for Glassagram are slightly different. You can only view a “public” account privately with the free version while the premium subscription is the best choice to monitor a private profile. It enables you to check its direct messages and capture screenshots. You just need to download software to the targeted device and link it to your Glassagram dashboard online.

Glassagram’s paid subscription is priceless if you want to keep tabs on your partner’s or child’s private account. Going with the free version is still a wiser option.


Does The Glassagram App Affect The Target Phone In Any Way?

Apart from that, Glassagram is designed to use the least amount of hardware resources possible. As a result, overheating or performance variations are avoided.

Are There Real Instagram Viewer Apps?

Apps like Glassagram to view Instagram do exists.The secret Instagram tracker from Glassagram allows you to keep tabs on personal accounts, one‘s stories, other posts, and even private conversations. Additionally, it allows you to keep track of the posts that the target account has liked.

Is It Free?

Every public Instagram profile can be tracked with Glassagram’s free edition. However, it is deficient in certain tracking features, including those for viewing follower posts, Instagram story watchers, and monitoring private accounts. Premium membership to Glassagram’s Instagram profile viewer is required for that.

Can Glassagram Be Detected?

Glassagram can’t be found. It connects its data with the Android OS files when it is installed on the target phone. In this manner, Glassagram is hidden from the smartphone or other spy monitoring applications. Also, Glassagram will not appear in the apps list on the target phone.

Does Glassagram Monitor Personal Instagram Accounts?

You can easily keep tabs on a private Instagram profile with Glassagram. The account’s personal stories, updates, and personal discussions are also available for viewing. In addition, Glassagram enables you to see which posts a private Instagram user likes.

Why Is Glassagram A Superior Instagram Story Viewer To Others?

Glassagram stands out among the Instagram tracking apps that we have evaluated over time. Because Glassagram values its consumers, it regularly releases updates that repair faults and enhance functionality.

It provides efficient, knowledgeable, and round-the-clock available customer service.

Another significant advantage of Glassagram is its low cost. With the 1-year membership, you may take advantage of fantastic savings. Glassagram is designed with secret Instagram tracking in mind. Therefore, the target user is unaware that Instagram is being watched.

Is Glassagram Value For Money?

In light of the sophisticated private profile viewing options, Glassagram is unquestionably worthwhile. You can get a better deal than the monthly plan if you choose a yearly subscription.

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